The Decline of the English-Speaking World

I will defend all Western countries but I feel especially close to Britain, which makes it all the more sad to see how humiliated this once-great nation currently is. The English language once conquered the world. Now the rest of the world is conquering the English-speaking countries. If current trends continue, people in Singapore will know English while the nation that created the English language will cease to exist.

At the same time as sharia law has gained official recognition as a part of the British legal system and Muslims proudly talk about conquering the Western world, a British woman was arrested because of a supposedly "racist" doll she kept in her window. In al-Britannia a Muslim man can claim benefits for children with multiple wives and brag about subduing the country and reducing its traditional inhabitants to second-rate citizens or worse, but you cannot have a "racially insensitive" doll in your own home, at least not if you're white.

In my book Defeating Eurabia, I have a chapter about the situation in Britain. Since I'm already here I can again repeat that the book, which is available online as well in a printed version, can be republished for free online or in print and translated to other languages by anybody who wants to, as long as they do not represent a totalitarian ideology. I actively encourage people to do so.

In a survey published in April 2008, one in three medical doctors in Britain said that elderly patients should not be given free treatment if it were unlikely to do them good for long. At the same time, Muslim men with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits. Baroness Warnock, an influential government "ethical" adviser suggests that elderly dementia sufferers may have a "duty to die" because they are a financial burden to the state. Elderly Brits have to die, with or without "encouragement," so that the state can afford to pay for all the Nigerians and Bangladeshis who flood the country. The "welfare state" now means that the natives should watch grandma die because she's getting old anyway and we need the money to pay Muslims with multiple wives and numerous children so that they can feel comfortable while they colonize the country.

These incidents may seem unrelated, but they are not. Make no mistake about it: Harassing the natives in order to crush them mentally and destroy any ideas they might harbor about defending their country against foreign colonization is a deliberate strategy on the part of the authorities and the ruling Multiculturalist oligarchy, whether you identify this as the British Labour Party or the European Union (both are correct). Of course, this is about the entire Western world, not just Britain, but Britain is arguably the worst example of all. I am not aware of arrests for "racist" dolls even in Sweden, Belgium or al-Canada, and they are bad cases of suicidal Multiculturalism. Britain in 2009 is no longer the nation that gave us Shakespeare, Newton or Adam Smith; it is the world's largest open-air prison, an enlarged Marxist reeducation camp, a horror story where the authorities wage cultural and demographic warfare against the indigenous people of the country. The only good news is that I sense that native Britons are getting angrier by the day, and will not go quietly into the night.

These destructive trends are not limited to Britain, however. In a comment to Takuan Seiyo's latest essay in his terrific series "From Meccania to Atlantis" at The Brussels Journal, American blog reader Queen made the following comment about the situation in California:

"San Francisco is a Third World toilet. It has a higher per capita murder rate than New York, and one almost as high as Chicago's. It smells bad (the sewers have been malfunctioning for years), and is dirty and shabby. The city budget is 450 million dollars in the red, but they recently spent several hundred thousand dollars on a campaign to provide illegal immigrants with a city ID card so that they could 'access' free city services. Seiyo doesn't mention the worst aspect of the Bologna family slaughter: the illegal immigrant killer was protected from deportation by a taxpayer funded program that paid to ship under-age illegal immigrant crack dealers/gangbangers to 'group homes' in other parts of California so that the feds could not find them and deport them. Those in the 'group homes' simply walked away from them and returned to a life of crime and murder in SF. Too bad for the Bologna family which lost their father and two sons. One wonders how a city that depends on tourism for most of its economy cannot see that it won't survive its descent into Third World toiletude."

It used to be said that trends that start in California today will be evident in the rest of the United States tomorrow. If this remains true, I guess that means that the United States will soon be a Third World entity. I see no reason to expect that this decline will stop under the administration of President Obama, who has for a generation been a member of an organization of anti-white Marxists dedicated to hating the majority population of the country. This only happens in white majority Western countries, since white people have been publicly demonized for so long that many of them believe that they deserve this kind of abuse.
Contrary to the absurd claims about "Eurocentrism," Europeans are traditionally the least ethnocentric people on the planet, which is why we invented sciences such as archaeology because only we possessed the scholarly objectivity to do so. So we are the least ethnocentric peoples on Earth, yet the only ones constantly attacked for ethnocentrism.

I could add that I don't gloat over the plight of the United States. As indicated in my essay Barack Hussein Obama and the Triumph of Marxism, I was apparently one of few Europeans who didn't support the election of Obama. I'm tired of seeing Europeans gloat over the fact that the USA is sinking, just as I am tired of seeing some Americans gloat over Europe's decline. The entire Western world is currently in decline, not just in relative terms as a percentage of the global population or economy, but in real terms as functioning societies.

That being said, although all Western countries without exception are sinking under the weight of Third World mass immigration and in the process becoming a part of the Third World, they are not sinking equally fast. With the exception of France, Belgium and possibly the Netherlands and Sweden, the English-speaking world is leading the disintegration of the West, ideologically and demographically. The entire West is sick, but the Anglosphere is sicker than most. The English-speaking countries still have the most dynamic military traditions of the West, but that counts for little as long as they are used for promoting global Multiculturalism rather than for protecting the home country.
I cannot see that the Anglosphere has more freedom of speech than Continental European countries, either. The USA with its First Amendment does, which is great (we'll see what their new President does about that), but al-Canada is plain nuts and Britain is a Multicultural banana republic. Australia and New Zealand could be a part of Greater China by mid-century. Maybe they will be more prosperous than France will be as a part of Greater Algeria or the United States as a part of Greater Mexico, but by then they will be Asians, not Westerners.
I'm not sure why the Anglosphere is so bad. In the case of Britain, I strongly suspect it's partly caused by a Post-Imperial Stress Syndrome for a nation that once ruled much of the world and now cannot even rule its own suburbs. Empire was their identity. Much of the same can be said about the French. Indeed I suspect that one of their motivations for supporting the awful EU project is for them to resurrect some of their past imperial glory in another form.
Yet this cannot explain the actions of the United States, which is still the world's greatest power although that may not last forever. There is some form of universal proposition nation idea with roots dating back to the Enlightenment at work here. It's the concept that a country is not a nation based on a shared heritage, but an abstract entity which can be joined by absolutely anybody, a bit like an enlarged video club. If you claim that the United States is a "universal" nation and that Hamas-supporting Muslims, with which Westerners have absolutely nothing in common, can and should be imported to the USA, then you are a supporter of the concept of a proposition nation. This idea will eventually kill the United States as we once knew it.
Western elites are committed post-national Globalists. The EU oligarchs want to import 50 million Africans, in addition to expanding the open borders of the EU to include Muslim North Africa and the Middle East. As I've documented in my essays, this is a planned destruction of all European and indeed Western nation states through transnational organizations such as the EU and the UN, in cooperation with local Multiculturalists. There is nothing accidental about this. We need to support, as a matter of principle, all European patriots who fight for their country and their dignity, provided that they do not champion totalitarian ideologies. We're all in the same boat.
Suppose the natives in some Western European countries actually start to seriously resist the organized destruction of their countries, halt mass immigration and reverse Multiculturalism. How will American authorities and media react to this? Frankly, I wouldn't be too surprised if they turn out to be actively hostile to the European natives. Europeans should reach out to American individuals. They are victims of the same Multicultural war against European civilization as we are. But we should expect no sympathy from the American elites. They are a hostile entity just as much as the EU elites are.
As we know, a "Nazi" these days is not one of the Muslims and their Leftist cheerleaders who shout "Death to Jews!" in the streets of Europe; it's any white person who doesn't lie down and die on command. If we don't lie down, we must be Nazis. We are after all Europeans.
Europeans have learned the wrong lessons from Nazism. For instance, the European Union is now actively and deliberately promoting Islamic immigration to Europe by the tens of millions, knowing fully well that they will gradually displace the original inhabitants of the continent. They also know that the people who move in have a culture of extreme anti-Semitism and despise Christianity, just as the Nazis did. Eurabianism has disturbing similarities with Nazism in some ways and with Communism in others. The EU is promoting Lebensraum for a new master race in Europe, just like the Nazis did. They only disagree on which master race to promote. The resurgence of violent anti-Semitism is directly caused by the policies of the EU and the national political elites. To hear them denounce others as "Fascists" is the ultimate fraud.
The EU is currently the planet's most evil organization, an institutionalized attack on the very existence of the native peoples of an entire continent, the most influential and creative civilization in human history. The EU is an organized crime against humanity and we should support absolutely everything that can undermine it as well as Globalism and Multiculturalism throughout the Western world.
That being said, the English-speaking world, and the United States in particular, is responsible for championing one of the most dangerous ideas of our time: the proposition nation. Everybody from Saudi Arabia to Somalia can supposedly be imported to the USA and the American political system should be exported to other cultures, by force if necessary. The USA is supposed to be a "universal nation," but there is no such thing. Under Obama, I fear that the USA will no longer be the land of the free, home of the brave, but rather a global enforcer of non-discrimination and Diversity, the Multicultural Empire. Some would argue that this was the case already under Clinton and Bush, but it certainly will be the case now.
The European Union is a different kind of Multicultural Empire, although it, too, champions a form of proposition nation. I suspect that the idea ultimately dates back to some of the worse strands of Enlightenment thought. The French, who to a great extent have created the ideological and bureaucratic basis of the EU, have their own ideas about assimilating people from all around the world. Those of us who live in Western Europe thus have the misfortune of being exposed to the influence of no less than two Multicultural Empires at the same time.
The "conservative" French President Sarkozy, who praised Arabic as the language of science and high civilization after millions of Frenchmen voted for him in the hope that he would defend France and French culture, has stated that it is a duty for the French to become less French, culturally and genetically, and that the state should aggressively promote this agenda. The goal of Multiculturalism is to destroy a once-great European nation and turn it into an Islamic-dominated Third World entity. Make no mistake about it: This is what Multiculturalists have in store for all of us, if we do not stop them.

civile (2)

You're right of course. The great Zulu nation fought in battles at places such as Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift not to free their ancestral homeland from the 'yoke of their European oppressors', they did it for the right of future generations of brave Zulu warriors to obtain Green Cards and legal immigration status to the Netherlands and beyond, seeing this as the Zulu nation's 'Manifest Destiny'no doubt, so that they might be exploited for a second time in the birthplace of their melanin challenged oppressors. Thank you kappert for opening my eyes to these historical realities.


Btw. I find it interesting if somewhat bemusing that, although you are quick to show your 'true colours' each and every time you post a comment, with skin colour being a particular fetish of yours, you appear ashamed to share with the rest of us the secret of the colour of your own sorry carcass.


Why the reticence?

Anglo-Saxon Perspective

@ kappert


Nurse: [W]hen a blood transfusion is being given the family background is of no consequence.


Anglo-Saxon: Oh, come now, surely you don't expect me to believe that? After all, east is east...


Nurse: And blood is blood all over the world... It is classified by groups and not by accident of birth


Anglo-Saxon: I did not come here for a lecture on Communism young lady!




Doctor: You're AB negative


Anglo-Saxon: Is that bad?


Doctor: Oh no - you're rhesus positive


Anglo- Saxon: Rhesus? They're monkeys aren't they? how dare you! I didn't come here to be insulted by a legalised vampire!



Think about this, kappert, think about it.



1- Funny civilization you mention. Keeping people like caddle, enslave them, deport them, gather them in new build urban hubs, exploit them and their lands, make them speak our language.
It's a pity that Africans don't treat Europeans the same civilized way.


No, Kappert, I defend Europe's record in civilising much of Africa, object to the de-europeanising of Europe and would wager that I have more in common with and would obtain greater respect from the Zulus than you ever could.


"The time comes in the life of a people when there is only one way out - the way of challenging oppression by force and violence".



You agree with that Zulu perspective do you, kappert, you agree with that?


PS You neglected to answer my original question. Are you white AND 'yellow'?

europeans in africa (2)

@ kappert


Well, are you?


Does your left testicle hang lower than your right?


Does  your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?


Are you aware of the heroic deeds of 'ordinary' men like Joshua Lodge?


I believe my questions are just as relevant to this debate as yours, particularly my first one.

no doubts

You defend the European exploitation of Africa and the policy of colonialization.
You hate African workseekers coming to Europe.

I do not have any doubts about your testicles!

europeans in africa

"Immigrants were expected to assimilate to the [Anglo-Saxon] way of life and they resisted it." What a pity you could not say that in the 16th century, when Europeans invaded Africa.

The Tao of the Dude

I've read about civilisations going downhill before, but this sounds more akin to a  toboggan ride on the Cresta Run! However, chins up and goggles on, as it would  appear that we do have a choice of sorts.






Yes, I bet I know what you're thinking.


 Some choice there.

At a Loss

I am loathe to continue to rationalize America two-times-over bailing out you limy assholes "over there." Tell me totalitarianism, Hitler-style, would be any worse than THIS. My God. We should have let his jackboots crush your worthless fucking necks.


Stanley, we are almost to the point of the US breaking up do to immigration across our southern border, don't point fingers at the British.

"Yet this cannot explain the

"Yet this cannot explain the actions of the United States, which is still the world's greatest power although that may not last forever. There is some form of universal proposition nation idea with roots dating back to the Enlightenment at work here. It's the concept that a country is not a nation based on a shared heritage, but an abstract entity which can be joined by absolutely anybody, a bit like an enlarged video club. If you claim that the United States is a "universal" nation and that Hamas-supporting Muslims, with which Westerners have absolutely nothing in common, can and should be imported to the USA, then you are a supporter of the concept of a proposition nation. This idea will eventually kill the United States as we once knew it."

The idea that America is a "proposition nation" without an ethno-cultural identity does not date back to America's founding. America's founding fathers saw themselves as Englishmen and through the early 20th Century, America was viewed as an Anglo-Saxon country which included descendants of other Europeans who were expected to assimilate into Anglo-American culture. Persons not of European ancestry were not considered real Americans by most people even though they were granted citizenship by the 14th Amendment and were not given full civil rights.

The "proposition nation" idea was originated and promoted by ethnic minority activists in the early 20th Century. There was a struggle between the Anglo-Saxon establishment and this new group and the new group eventually won. Since then, the idea that America has no identity has been adopted by all elite institutions in America. But it was not the way America was viewed by its founders or most Americans through most of America's history.


Immigrants were expected to assimilate to the Anglo-Saxon way of life and they resisted it. 

Take the best, leave the rest.

I have nothing against migration. Resisting migration is like resisting the tide. I myself am an immigrant in Sweden. But I have one significant property that differentiates me from the commonly hated "invandrare" scum. A job.

So I say "Let them come." Why not? Let in simply anyone who can: 1) get a job 2) accept the local law. Take the best, leave the rest. Let the free market choose who is worth importing and who shall stay. That, of course, requires declining ASYLUM to all those "poor, poor" people of hungry countries, who later spend the rest of their lives eating up the taxes I slave for. Simple rule could be "if you can't sustain yourself, try to get support from the country that gave you your passport".

Let's stop recognising people into "locals" and "immigrants" and apply the same simple rules for everybody. Trust me, it wouldn't be the Europeans, who would be put into disadvantage by such move. We are being put into disadvantage because of our colour and nationality already, not them.

Gramscian Piccola di pollo

"But Obama has ensured that this natural reassertion will never occur,..."


Please, I know there is a tendency here to sit on our Tatami mats and decry the end of the West but why swallow the One's, and his followers,' assumption of his omnipotence?

It's not over until you stop swinging and stop breathing. And even then, there will be others to carry on. So cheer up Rob, go light on the Gramsci; remember historically the only guy who really successfully served that plate up is nothing more than a ball of wax sitting in a display case on Red Square.

It's not Obama's ominpotence but his corruption

Look at Chicago, the Cook County Democratic machine that has ruled the city since the 1930s. That is where Obama got his political education and if you look at what's he doing to consolidate power, it's straight out of the handbook of the machine that has managed to say in power for 80 years and counting. Once he controls the census, he controls how Congressional districts are drawn; this is why the census has not been directly under the auspices of the president; look at the spoils system he's creating with this trillion dollar spending bill; look at how sadly ignorant Americans believe we can just borrow a trillion dollars to spend on the left's pet causes without consequences.

I'd also say if you want to look at a Gramscian success, just take a look at modern Western Europe. Is there any credible right-wing movement in the sense that we in America understand it? I know UK conservatives are in many ways further to the left than US Democrats. And the global warming hysteria, the left's Jew hatred, the open borders, the political correctness, the inability and unwillingness to address the issues with a growing radical Muslim population, where do you think these come from? How do you think these irrational beliefs have become so ingrained in the culture? Gramsci.


Right now in Africa a significant minority of the population is receiving international food aid. 

The era of US dominance is over

I say this as someone here who previously has gloated over the decline of Europe; but, I'm not blind to know when it is happening in my own country. Obama, in less than two weeks after assuming power, has assured leftist dominance in this country for a generation. Look at the trillion dollar spending bill that will be passed this week. We are going to drown in our own debt. But, beyond that, we are going to become more reliant on the state for our livelihoods. His spending bill is all about rewarding his followers and creating a system of patronage that will make people dependent on government. This is the Chicago way. Just as an example, he is giving billions of dollars to ACORN, a group that has been indicted in several states for electoral fraud in helping him get elected. He has done this in the same way all tyrants have done it: by filling people with fear. We are all going to be out of work if we don't give billions of dollars to ACORN! And we've swallowed it. Bush would have been branded a fascist if he tried to use fear this way. And just as ominously Obama has taken control of the census, which is used to partition Congressional districts, in a clear abuse of his power. And no one has spoken up about it. This is just in his first weeks of office!

Over the past couple of generations, US politics and the world followed a fairly predictable pattern: a left-leaning president would get elected, the bad actors would feel free to get out of their cages, and there would be a series of foreign humiliations visited on the US, the world would talk about US decline. Eventually, one humiliation would occur that would be too much (i.e., the Iranian hostage crisis), and there would be a snapback to a right-leaning president, who would be aggressive and reassert the US's dominance, and the world would hate us. But Obama has ensured that this natural reassertion will never occur, in fact, even if it did, it's questionable whether we could afford it, because of all the new debt we're taking on.

As I've said here before, we are in the late stages of a Gramscian revolution; the left has leveraged its dominance of culture through control of the academy and the media into political dominance. It is the end of the US era. And it will be even worse for Europe.

Can It Be This Bad?

Fjordman's latest post is descriptive of a world seemingly gone mad. Having followed Europe's marching masses, sans effective leadership, for many months now, I too, sense the malaise that has set in on the continent. Albeit true, it is quite like looking at the howling storm from behind a protecting window, within the confines of a warm and cozy home.

Detestable multi-culturalism, and the equally detestable multi-culturalist acolytes, appear hell bent on changing the societal face of many nations the world over. What I find odd, is the unassuming nature of their blind allegiance to the tenets of their guiding doctrine.

Any reasonabe person at all, bearing witness to the incalculable harm being done, must surely understand the ramifications inherent in the changes they wreak upon western civilization. Some have called it a "suicidal pact" born of white guilt, and hence, a lack of directional awareness. Ergo, the term seems to fit exactly, falling neatly into place like the last puzzle piece for the happy, yet tired child.

Sitting here in my own home, I am aware of the trials endured by Mark Steyn in his native Canada. Yes, though amusingly absurd, these trials are endemic, and they are extremely dangerous to the health and to the vitality of western man and woman.

When I think of England, I think of my ancestral roots, and wonder if the old family tree is about to be consumed by the gypsy moths in Arabic disguise. It makes one want to cry out "Wake up, people of England, your house is on fire!" The wild fires consume, and they change the face of the landscape forever. Is no one willing, or able to sound the alarm?

President Obama, fresh off his innaugural "press conference" tonight, is as determined to implement his socialist plans for America, as were the nation's Founders to establish a free nation that men could call home for themselves, and their families.

Unlike Europe, President Obama will never succeed in changing the scape of this country. American society is just too open, and inviting of honest, and honorable dissent. Millions are currently making themselves heard, both in the Congress, and in the White House, also. Just two years ago, a move to legalize tens of millions of trespassers, not immigrants, failed under the weight of unbearable opposition. It is no dfferent today.

This is what so perturbs me, at least, about Europeans, and their unwillingness to publicly engage the elitist lberal foes doing them, and their countries the greatest of harm.

Call it an inbred subservience, call it what you will, it is so diminishing of old world charm.

I read the BJ religiusly, and if Fjordman is right, then we certainly have more to fear than just fear itself.

War on the West

Most eloquent essay yet by Fjordman, at least the closest to the heart of an American.  The war on the West conducted by the West's own elites threatens to destroy the Western peoples.  I take the liberty of re-posting the following:

Western man is free because Christianity acknowledges his transcendental identity that cannot be monopolized by any worldly power. Hence the doctrine of government by consent, a fundamental Western principle whether the government in question be monarchical or republican. Out of self-interest or ideological fervor, the Western elites now seek to place their governance beyond the reach of Western self-government, self-determination, and liberty. Westerners must renew their jealousy of infringements on constitutional order and reestablish individual, local, and national jurisdictions in their proper relations. Any international jurisdiction should be peripheral, trivial, and revocable.

The present economic downturn exposes the risk to nations of placing all their eggs in the international basket. The elites will use it as an excuse to aggrandize their power. The Western peoples should resist in the name of liberty and self-determination, as well as simple prudence and self-respect.