From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 10: Tale of the Two Buglers


Bugler among somnambulists

Of all the law-enabled crimes that the ruling elites of the West have perpetrated on their subject populations in the last 40 years, none has been as grave as the demented stuffing of 55 million imported Muslims into Western Europe, another 5 million into the white Anglosphere countries, plus unknown millions of illegals in both. This has shattered the common cultural, moral and religious social capital of the Euro peoples, dissolves bonds of community and civil society, and led to strife, violence, terrorism and anti-West genocidal plots by Muslims – all of which, we shall argue, could have been avoided had the West remained the West and the East remained where it properly belongs, in the Crescent Moon East. 

The Dutch MP Geert Wilders has spoken often of the dangers Europe faces from Muslim colonizers. He has described a parallel society out of bounds for indigenous Europeans, governed by deeply alien customs, oppression of women, tribal violence, and sharia justice according to a 7th century moral code. He has cited thousands of mosques across Europe, European cities that are already one-quarter Muslim, Muslim majorities in the under-18 bracket, and Muslims as 25% of Europe’s population by 2020. 

Wilders evokes the self-imposed falsification of the European culture in order to accommodate Muslim sensibilities: the banishment of pigs from children’s literature and school menus, the avoidance of bedrock Western authors like Voltaire, Diderot and Darwin, and the burying of inconvenient history like the Holocaust. He has talked about the self-imposed avoidance of prosecuting Muslims for violent crimes against women, homosexuals, Jews, Muslim apostates, the police, bus drivers, even ambulance workers. 

Muslims do not come to integrate in Europe, but to force Europe to integrate in Islam. And the traitor class that rules Europe is happy to oblige, says this European politician. 

“Muslims demand what they call 'respect'. [snip] Our élites are willing to give in. To give up. Surrender. [The Netherlands has] gone from calls by one cabinet member to turn Muslim holidays into official state holidays, to statements by another cabinet member, that Islam is part of Dutch culture, to an affirmation by the Christian-Democratic attorney general that he is willing to accept sharia in the Netherlands if there is a Muslim majority. [snip] Politicians shy away from taking a stand against this creeping sharia. They believe in the equality of all cultures.” 

Wilders has become the West’s bugler, calling Reveille morning, noon and midnight to Western peoples intent on deep torpor even when it’s time to rise and confront Islam’s menace. He has trained the public spotlight on the Koran’s incitement to hatred, murder, terrorism and submission of the infidel

Wilders has pointed out that Muhammad, as a warlord, mass murderer and pedophile [ibid.] could have given rise only to a religion that doubles as a totalitarian system intent on world domination, holy war, cruel archaic law, slavery of women, and theocracy

But perhaps the most important part of Geert Wilders’s wake-up call is in his reminding that there is no such thing as moderate Islam.  To Muslims, every word in the Quran is Allah’s word and therefore not open to interpretation or amendment. It is binding for every Muslim for all times, even though it was written by a 7th century barbarian desert dweller. 

Not content just to talk, Wilders has produced the film Fitna, to convey the essence of Islam in images. For this he has been sued by the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF), with an Amsterdam appeals court ruling that Wilders should face charges of inciting hatred and discrimination. The judges characterized Fitna as a "one-sided, generalised phrasing characterized by a radical nature, constant repetition and increasing ferocity". The court further ruled that Wilders’s prosecution would not conflict with the right to freedom of expression.  

Geert Wilders has been restrained in directing his censure not at Muslims but mainly at the religion of Islam, therefore evading the capital crime of overt “racism.” He has stated, “I have a problem with Islamic tradition, culture, ideology. Not with Muslim people.”  Nevertheless, the white, cowardly dhimmis at the helm of Holland set out to destroy the bugler in their midst, lest he awaken too many of his compatriots. The rest of the Body Snatcher cabal, from the UN Secretary General to Great Britain’s horrid Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, to the usual suspects at Newsweek (taken apart here) have reacted as expected per the imbedded programming of their Pod chip. 

Wilders does not shy from placing the blame where it belongs, “the sick and evil surrender ideology of cultural relativism.” He states further: 

“Muslim immigration is even a source of pride within ruling liberal parties. Academia, the arts, the media, trade unions, the churches, the business world, the entire political establishment have all converted to the suicidal theory of multiculturalism. So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of Islamization as a ‘right-wing extremists’ or ‘racists’. The entire establishment has sided with our enemy. Leftists, liberals and Christian-Democrats are now all in bed with Islam.” 

Wilders sees hope only in the people, abandoned though they are by their elites and opposed by the entire political, legal and media establishment. He adduces as proof the public opinion shift in the Netherlands relative to the mass immigration of Muslims, the growth of his own PVV party and of immigration restrictionist parties elsewhere in Europe. And he sees the establishment of an American-style Freedom of Speech and the abolition of “Hate Speech” laws as the way for “the voices of anti-Islamization [to] swell like a mighty chorus across Europe.“  

Perhaps. But criticism of the unhinged behavior of the West’s Muslims may already be seen in the media, and it’s muddled, timid and obfuscatory.  Eight years after 9/11, after Theo Van Gogh and the Muslim doctors’ plot in Glasgow, and the London Subway plot, and the Muslim pizza commandos in New Jersey, and the Pakistani-American Ph.D. in neuroscience and mother of three who worked for Al Qaeda, and numerous other cases of Muslim immigrant foes imbedded deeply in Western science and security institutions, and a Somali with a Canadian passport found dead in August 2008 with a pound of extremely toxic sodium cyanide in a Denver hotel room, and other American Somalis disappearing and resurfacing on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and British Muslims foaming at the mouth at British soldiers returning from Iraq, a Telegraph article about hostile Western Muslims, ends with the silly whimper, “If the West wants to prevent further terror attacks, we must first distinguish between those who are on our side, and those who are not.”  

This is pitiful, and it’s 25 years too late. What about the 60+ million – soon to be 100 million-- legal 1st and 2nd generation Muslims already in the West?  What about the possibility that it’s not Islam but Muslims that are the problem? After all, 1400 years of following an unchanged totalitarian dogma and marrying each other’s cousin, and 500 years of disdaining science and creativity, has at least as much to do with the character of a people as its religion does. 

The strange dimensions of Bodysnatcherland (1) can be seen even in Finland. According to statistics quoted by a Finnish blog, Somalis, who constitute 0.2% of Finland’s population, commit 12% of reported robberies. The Somali community in Finland, of course, lives at the taxpayers’ expense just as is does in every Western country where it’s present. 

To import Somalis to such a singularly unmixed white and monocultural nation as Finland is a symptom of a galloping psychopathology. Not only that; the Finnish legal establishment actively prosecutes ethnic Finns who publish politically incorrect statements about Islam or Muslims. A blogger named Seppo Lehto was sentenced to long imprisonment and a large fine for “incitement against an ethnic group” and “disturbing religious worship.”   To do this, the Finnish Body Snatchers had to dig up a blasphemy law so old that the first attempt to overturn it was made in 1914. And now, a Helsinki councilman and blogger Jussi Halla-aho will be tried for blasphemy, for having written that Muhammad was a pedophile. 

Predictably, True Finns is the fastest growing political party in Finland. But who knows how much of the true is left to be rescued. 


The mistaken transposition 

The Muslim apostate Dr. Tawfik Hamid wrote in “The Trouble With Islam”, “There is much that is clearly wrong with the Islamic world. Women are stoned to death and undergo clitorectomies. Gays hang from the gallows under the approving eyes of the proponents of Shariah, the legal code of Islam. Sunni and Shia massacre each other daily in Iraq. Palestinian mothers teach 3-year-old boys and girls the ideal of martyrdom.” 

Hamid, a former Islamic terrorist, states flatly that Islam teaches and promotes violence and that the Muslim majority refuses to condemn Islam’s barbaric aspects. He blames the Western ruling elites for their cultural cowardice and appeasement toward their restive Muslim communities, and admonishes:

“Progressives need to realize that radical Islam is based on an antiliberal system. They need to awaken to the inhumane policies and practices of Islamists around the world. They need to realize that Islamism spells the death of liberal values.  And they must not take for granted the respect for human rights and dignity that we experience in [snip] the West.”

I admire the good doctor for his courage, and wonder whether he is imprudent enough to write under his real name. Theo van Gogh is already dead, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan live in hiding under armed protection, Bat Ye'or, Hugh Fitzgerald, Christoph Luxenberg (2), Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina, Fjordman and others who speak the truth about Islam hide their names or identity, on penalty of death. But Dr. Hamid’s and other such prescriptions stipulating that “progressives” need, should, must, have to -- awaken, realize, understand, undertake, change etc. amount to nothing but an exercise in polemics. 

Body Snatchers will not wake. Legume pods, whose original biological programming was erased and replaced by an ideology from outer space, cannot awaken. They have only one pre-programmed command, forward, toward “progress.” They will continue to progress  in the manner of the windup toy that waddles forth until it falls off the edge of the table. 

The problem is that they have the rest of Western society in tow. And the proof of how close this society has been towed to the edge is that ethnoconservative parties like Geert Wilders’s PVV, the Flemish VB, the Swiss SVP and FPS, and civic associations like Pro-Köln and Cities Against Islamization have been waging a valiant and often-losing fight for every inch of ground for over 20 years now, and still suffer stones and brickbats from the very people they are trying to save. In addition, Western patriots have spent millions of uncompensated man-hours pro bono to enlighten their peoples about the folly of suicide-by-Muslim-immigration. They run webzines and conferences and write for blogs like Brussels Journal, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, View from the Right, or burn midnight oil to write books. This can even take the form of desperate appeals like this.  All to little effect, so far. 

Why is all this necessary? How could massive Muslim colonization  have happened on the continent where monumental battles –-Toulouse (721), Tours (732), 750 years of the Iberian Reconquista, Manzikert (1071), Kosovo (1389 and 1448), Lepanto (1571), Chocim (1621 and 1673) and Vienna (1683) – had been fought for 1000 years to halt Muslim colonization? How can this be when there have been hundreds of additional such battles, and heroes such as Marco Antonio Bragadin whose name once every European schoolboy knew? 

A case of collective amnesia so profound that it would allow for the influx of tens of millions of Muslims and the rise of Islam on this continent, that would lead to planned political unions with Turkey and the Maghreb, is no trifling matter. 

Jihad is not the cause. It’s a symptom. Aggressively separatist Muslim communities in the West are not the cause. They are a symptom. 

The symptom, in the West, is as old as the Goths and the Huns. But the disease is as old as the end of the Roman Empire, and before that, the Babylonian one. Flowering followed by decadence, followed by a partial population replacement with imported barbarians, followed by chaos, internal war, and wilting. 

Addressing the solipsistic degeneracy of the American Empire and the despairing self-asphyxiation of post-national Europe are a precondition for disposing of the symptom. Fighting the symptom as if it were disembodied cannot bring cure, since the body’s maimed autoimmune system recognizes Islam and Muslims as its own, and its own – the anti-Islamization dissident – as the invading disease. 

It should be none of our business whether Muhammad was a pedophile, nor should we be digging for damning quotes in the Koran or making damning movies about Islam. That we do so is the normal and spontaneous reaction of the scant remains of Western society’s nearly atrophied autoimmune system. It’s the autoimmune rejection of a foreign and deeply incompatible substance, forcibly injected into the West’s body as though phenol into a vein by the West’s insane ruling shamans.  

Islam is everything bad its critics say it is. But one who has visited extensively in Muslim countries – and I have – returns home from some of them wishing he’d been able to import some of their features. Consider this: 

- Which Muslim country is sick enough to encourage immigration by Christians, let alone welfare-consuming Christians, subsidize Christian churches, cower before Christian dissidents who despise their host society and its religion? 

- Which Muslim head of state or potentate is so gelded as to state that if enough of his state’s subjects want to institute Christian (or just Western) jurisprudence instead of the law of the land, he sees no reason to object? 

- Which Muslim country is lunatic enough to adopt on a wide scale the prima facie madness of denying the most obvious truths about racial,  gender and cultural differences – and spending trillions (in euros, dollars, anything) to build a sham palace of cards in public education, employment and immigration based on those mad presuppositions? 

- Which Muslim society is stupid enough to fail to understand how profoundly it differs from the West and from the West’s “infidel?” Which is ravaged by the Western virus to such an extent it fails to understand that its identity, its soul, depends on a vigilant rejection of the West’s culture and values, while recognizing that its economic wellbeing depends on playing a game of cooperation?

- Find a single Muslim head of state who goes out of his way to explain that Christianity is the religion of peace, and that Crusader really means someone who likes to cruise. 

- Show me a Muslim country crazy enough to place its foreign relations, security and military matters in the hands of women, or to put women in the combat units of its military. 

- Take a walk on the beach in Qatar or Abu Dhabi at 2 AM, and observe how a crowd of families with little children picnics happily and safely under the open skies. Then go back to Marseille or Rotterdam, Coney Island or Santa Monica, bring your wife and kids and two sets of old parents for a 2 AM picnic on the beach, and see what happens. 

This does not imply that Islam is the cure for the West’s ills. The West has its own nonpareil system of recognizing and acknowledging reality. It’s called empiricism. The West had its own immune mechanism, its own unequalled culture, its own historical laboratory where the tried turned true. And all these were better than what Islam offers.  

But we have allowed our own ruling elites to destroy these mechanisms here, whereas the Muslims preserved theirs.  Some measure of respect is called for, concomitant with recognizing how indispensable it is that the West shake off its entire Mad Legume top layer. 


The bugler in the steeple 

Europe has another bugler, on its eastern flank. And were the soul and brains of the Western peoples less contaminated by their own elites, this is all the discussion about Islam and all the self-defense from Islam that the West would need. 

Every hour, on the hour, a bugler climbs to the steeple of the Church of St. Mary in Krakow, and plays the dirge. The dirge is cut off abruptly mid-note. This commemorates a mid-13th century bugler who saved Krakow from being overrun by Muslim Tatar hordes from the Asian steppes. 

Standing high in the tower of the grand church, the bugler saw a large force of Tatar invaders approaching on horseback toward the royal city, and gave the alert to close the gates. In the middle, a Tatar arrow pierced his throat. 

Once a day, at noon, this dirge, cut off as though by a Mohammedan’s arrow, is transmitted by Polish radio throughout the country. The radio transmission has been going on daily since 1927, but the dirge has been heard in Krakow daily since at least 1399, with only a half-century pause in the late 18th century. This is how a European people remembers the meaning of Islam.  

G.K. Chesterton, who admired Poland as the staunch eastern bulwark of the Christian West, said that the “St. Mary’s dirge” was for him the call of a besieged civilization. And so it is. 

Poland is nowadays quite relaxed about Islam. But there are only 25,000 Muslims living among a population of 38.5 million. Of those, about 5,000 are descendants of some 13th century Tatars who tired of the nomadic Mongol existence and asked for permission to settle. They were useful as a superb light cavalry, so successive Polish kings granted them citizenship privileges. The Tatars in turn fought in many wars for the Christian country that had given them shelter. 

It’s all a question of scale and common sense. If 600,000+ instead of 60+ million Muslims were living in the West, there would have been no renascence of jihad. In turn, there would have been no Muhammad cartoons or Christian “blasphemers” of the Koran either. 

There is no harm in accepting a small number of useful foreign exotics, even as different as the Tatars. The madness begins when a mental virus erases the distinction between a Mongol Muslim nomad and a European Christian pipefitter. The European West has succumbed to this madness. The European East has not. 

It’s in the East where one can find proof that Europe used to be sane relative to Islam. In Kamieniec Podolski, once part of Poland and now Ukraine stands the Polish Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul. In 1672, a large Turkish army under Sultan Mehmet IV invaded the area and conquered the Kamieniec Podolski fortress (3). The Turks then converted the Catholic cathedral into a mosque and appended a minaret to it. But 27 years later, following a defeat of the Turks and their allies in that area at the hands of Jan Sobieski, plus more of the same in 1683 Vienna, in 1699 the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Karlowitz. As part of the treaty, the land of Podolia, and with it Kamieniec Podolski, returned to Poland. 

And the Turkish mosque returned to Christians. They respected their foes and left the minaret intact. But they topped it with a 4.5m gilded statue of St. Mary. It stands like this to this day, while in Western Europe churches are turned into shelters and community centers for Muslim colonizers.


The minaret topped with a figure of St. Mary. Polish Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul, Kamieniec Podolski 



Because of that bugler from Krakow, and the childhood tales of my countrymen’s 450 years of nearly incessant fighting against the armies of jihad, I don’t need to read books about the nefariousness of Islam. I don’t need to see Fitna. I knew all I needed to know at the age of seven, as do many boys in Eastern Europe to this day, because they are taught their history. And what I have known since childhood is that separation and robust deterrence are the only answer. 

Not hate, not disrespect, not tilting at delusional windmills that Muslims should, want to, or can be like the West. Just separation. 

The doctrine of separation from Islam has several champions now, who differ in some details but all agree on what that Polish bugler  expressed in 1241: close the city gates. Lawrence Auster defined Separationism as per these points: 

Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization.

We cannot destroy Islam.

We cannot democratize Islam.

We cannot assimilate Islam.

Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam

What this separation entails is a subject that Islam experts like Hugh Fitzgerald, and truthful thinkers about the condition of the West like FjordmanLawrence Auster and Srdja Trifkovic have written much about. Other worthy commentators like Steve Sailer and Diana West have also put forth worthy ideas. 

What emerges from these is the uniform perception of Islam’s menace, the epochal mistake of opening the West to Muslim immigration, and the plan to reverse the tide. In the aggregate, the main points are: 

1. Complete stop to all immigration from Muslim countries. 

2. Offering financial inducements to legal Muslim residents to return to their ancestral countries. 

3. Deportation of all criminal immigrants even if citizens.  

4. Deportation of all illegal immigrants. 

5. Closing of Wahhabi mosques and Salafi-linked institutions. 

6. Ethnic profiling of Muslims and surveillance of mosques and of Muslim employees in sensitive positions. 

7. More severe penalties for terrorist and seditious activities, with ostensibly “religious” activities like advocating for sharia, preaching jihad or even the soft jihad of “conquering the West with the power of the womb” defined as sedition. 

8. Much tighter border controls. 

9. Cessation of all welfare payments to immigrants. 

10. Cessation of involvement in the internal affairs of Muslim countries. 

11. Cessation of foreign aid and all “help” to Muslim countries. 

12. Military disengagement from Muslim countries, while erecting forward military posts on the perimeters of the Muslim world. 

13. Punitive military strikes against regimes that harbor and abet terrorists, but without the deluded occupation and "nation building" that followed such strikes against Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Needless to say, there isn’t any chance this agenda can be implemented, except after the criminal lunacy of the ruling Pods has led to more terrorist attacks by jihadis, civil wars and perhaps worse. And so, while all these ideas are wise, proper and warranted, at a certain level Separationism is a theoretical exercise, based again on the premise of “ought,” “should,” “have to” and “must” relative to both the rulers and the majority of the Western population that not only haven’t the slightest intention of following such imperatives but regard their issuers as evil.  

Geert Wilders, a politician whose job is to win elections, has tried to offer some anti-Islamization measures mild (and ineffective) enough to  be acceptable to the electorate in his super-liberal country. Yet, his Klare Wijn platform in 2005 that included these milquetoast measures was deemed “implausible” by a margin of 53% in public polls.  

Upon receiving the Kluge Prize in 2003 in the U.S. Library of Congress, the distinguished Polish philosopher, Leszek Kolakowski, gave a speech entitled What the Past Is For in which he said: 

“We must absorb history as our own, with all its horrors and monstrosities, as well as its beauty and splendor, its cruelties and persecutions as well as all the magnificent works of the human mind and hand; we must do this if we are to know our proper place in the universe, to know who we are and how we should act. [snip] If we forget [snip], we will be condemning our culture, that is to say ourselves, to ultimate and irrevocable ruin.” 

But we have undergone a massive population replacement, not only through an infusion of some 100 million+ Muslim and other Third World aliens, but also through the replacement of at least 300 million of our own people’s brains with synthetic legume pods manufactured in true global-economy fashion by the firm Gramsci, Adorno & Said (4), whose local franchises have been operating for decades in every school and university in every Western country. How are we to absorb our history if there is no we? How are we to know how to act if we don’t know who we are? 

Hugh Fitzgerald in particular is a great and prolific educator about the totalitarian and West-unfriendly nature of Islam. And chipping away like this at the public’s ignorance and apathy is important, and should continue. But it cannot possibly bring public sanity in time to prevent further calamities of the West’s self-dhimmization. For this reason, the road to “Atlantis” we’ll be charting leads there via a wide detour. 

It’s only when Antipods have established a strong base at that detour, that talk of Separationism will be more than an exercise of the imagination. Nevertheless, there are two points that I’d like to add on top of the thirteen.  

Be nice. Separation from Islam and from Muslims, unless the latter commit much further transgressions, should not to be carried out in a spirit of anger. This is normal self preservation, as mundane as keeping the bull and the bear in separate spaces. We discarded this common sense due to our own foolishness. Muslim countries have not. 

Muslim citizens of the West who behave lawfully, contribute economically and choose to ignore or battle against the incendiary aspects of their faith, cannot be penalized for the idiocy of their host countries in having allowed them to settle there. However inconvenient, however costly their continuing residence in the West, the West has no moral right to kick them out, though it has the right to cordon them off from jihadi influence.

The same applies to relationship with Muslim countries. None of the separationist measures implies, ipso facto, hostility. Good fences make good neighbors. What doesn’t make good neighbors is if one is aggressively tribal and devious by nature, and the other one is a naïve “progressive” floating on fumes of Hope and Change.  It’s in wresting the keys to its house from the Hope and Change boyz that the West’s security lies, and not in demonizing the swarthy, ululating neighbor. 

Beyond that, it is necessary to recognize that the issue is wider than just Islam. The issue is the incompatibility and unassimilability of well over 100 million Third-Worlders imported into the West by its Body Snatcher regime, and the lack of any justifiable reason for this population replacement. The issue is the ethnocide of the Euro peoples by the demented legume pods bobbing on top of the social pool like a red tide of algae choking off the supply of oxygen to the creatures below.  In water ecoscience it’s called eutrophication. In political science, maybe a new term is in order, europhication. 

Consider this: In Sydney, the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, a gang of 600 Arabs probably all Australia-born, has been terrorizing the city. Vying for the title of the toughest street fighting force is another Middle Eastern gang, the Asesinoz. Then there is the BFL gang and the Notorious gang, the latter distinguished in adding a Pacific Islander component to its Middle Eastern one.

Crime reports from Sydney read like this: “A man wanted for questioning over the murder of alleged crime boss Abdul Darwiche is the younger brother of Ahmad Fahda, a Razzak family associate murdered in 2003.”  

This is not Islam at work. Like the “youths” (les jeunes) in France, these are simply thugs of Middle Eastern Muslim ethnicity. The issue here is not Islam but why are there Middle Eastern/ Maghrebi Muslim Arabs (or Pacific Islanders) in Australia. While Muslim immigration is by far the most dangerous, America, for instance, is undergoing a process of self-asphyxiation-by-immigration similar to Europe’s, but with Catholic mestizo colonizers as the chief reason. 

Leaving aside frothing supremacist wannabe Nazis, in the entire West there are at most five names of public resonance who speak up for the right and duty of the countries of the white peoples, with their own gene pool and a great and distinct history and culture anchored in Jerusalem–Athens-Rome, to remain as a cradle of that gene pool and culture. This is “racist” territory, far more dangerous to those who tread there than mere “Islamophobia.”  

And yet, doom is inevitable unless Western political leaders arise who are reasonable, humane, respectful to other races and cultures, but  have the courage to state that if the 60+ million Muslim colonizers of the West were Hindus from Karnataka or (hypothetical) Ultra-Orthodox Hassidic Jews, or Africans, their admission into the West still would have been a disastrous mistake and a demographic crime.  

As the Sci-Fi writer Philip Dick quipped, Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. Either we shall learn to deal with Reality, or we will be gone away. Reality will remain.   



(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien “Body Snatchers” produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and Antipod as the antithesis of Pod. 

(2) Known only under the pseudonym Christoph Luxenberg, this is a German scholar of Semitic languages whose research shows that the Koran is a pastiche including contemporaneous Christian Syriac passages that ought to be interpreted according to their Aramaic meaning, not their Arabic one, e.g. raisins, not virgins.  

(3) The defense and fall of this fortress is described in one of the great epics of Polish literature (and an epic film), Pan Wolodyjowski

(4) Ibn Warraq’s “Debunking Edward Said” is available as a PDF document at