Dany the Parliamentarian

Last Friday, two days before the election 8 million French viewers watched Home, a television documentary on saving the planet. Minister of Culture Christine Albanel praised the "historic success" of the documentary. Many feel that the impact of the film influenced the vote on Sunday to the advantage of the green candidate Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Cohn-Bendit received 2,802,950 votes from French voters. Well ahead of Bayrou's 1,455,225 votes. And almost tied with Martine Aubry's Socialist Party's 2,837,674 votes. By draining off so many votes from the Socialists, the "ecologists" rendered a great service to Sarkozy: that of reducing even further the influence of UMP's biggest rival. But some are saying that Sarkozy was behind this victory, urging voters to choose the Greens. According to Le Salon Beige, one week before the elections, Minister of Agriculture Michel Barnier called on voters to vote for Cohn-Bendit: "On the Left, the only one who is really European today, is Cohn-Bendit! The only one who talks intelligently -- you can disagree with him -- is Cohn-Bendit! I am saying that those on the Left, and there is a certain number of them who are respectable, have that choice!"

Two days before the election, in a televised debate between François Bayrou and Cohn-Bendit, the issue of pedophilia was raised. First Bayrou accused C-B of entertaining close friendly relations with Nicolas Sarkozy, to which C-B responded that it was "ignoble" of Bayrou to say such things and that he (Bayrou) was too pathetic to ever be president. To that Bayrou responded that it was "ignoble" to justify sexual acts with children. Xavier Bertrand, chairman of Sarkozy's UMP party said he was sickened by Bayrou's remarks which, he insisted, crossed the limits. He added that he, like the other participants in the debate, felt disgust on hearing the remarks which exposed the true nature of the man who uttered them. It is interesting to note that he was disgusted by a criticism of pedophilia, not by the pedophilia itself.
A cocky, curly-haired Cohn-Bendit spoke openly about his pedophilia in a video from 1982. French readers can view it at François Desouche. One key passage says it all: "You know that the sexuality of a child is absolutely fantastic! (...) When a little girl of 5 begins to undress you, it's fantastic. It's fantastic because it is an absolutely erotic-maniacal game... "
Jacques Trémolet, a right-wing lawyer with monarchist sympathies, known for taking on controversial cases, has no fear of Dany the Green:

The heroes are weary. Dany the Red, and José Bové will enter Parliament as revolutionaries in rabbit skins, their only goal being to have a seat there. Now they have it - their scarf, their chair, their indemnities. (...) Before they vanish, they will do a little more harm, and perhaps, without meaning to, a little bit of good, as destroyers. For the Europe they are attacking - or pretend to attack - is not our Europe. And in the end, whether they are for or against Barroso leaves us completely cold. We will stay on the shore, singing Suave, mari magno. Anything that works to bring down these inherently evil institutions will be of service.

Suave mari magno is a quote from the Latin poet Lucretius: How sweet to be on the shore watching as trembling sailors fight for their lives against the raging sea...
P.S. For those of you wondering, Dieudonné did not win a thing, not even a free trip to Zion, not even a tote bag or a mug. His philosopher friend, his Muslim mentor and his fake rabbi will have to find other stages to play on for now.

Old habits die hard

Monarchist I thought you were sure to site Dany boy's musings as a ballad which recalled happier days, vestiges of child betrothal and young love in the halycon days when monarchies reigned supreme.

Dany Cohn-Bendit

= democratic product per excellence! :)

Jacques Trémolet de Villers

= evil non-democrat :(


Great news for movie buffs. We have yet another disaster movie to watch, and this one's for free! Are they going to make it compulsory educational material for school pupils to watch as well? I hope so. And while they're at it, I think they should also make it compulsory for pupils to watch The Terminator, The Core, and Deep Impact. I don't think The Day After Tomorrow is necessary to watch. Nevertheless, it might also be helpful for children since it presents another scientifically possible scenario as a result of man-made global warming, and one that Al Gore did not cover in his movie. Oh, sorry, documentary.

By the way, who says he's a pedophile? Perhaps the poor man is just a child at heart. What's wrong with that? And isn't age irrelevant in love? It's also healthy for children to experiment with sex, remember? Modern science says so. Anyway, we might disagree on a few issues, but at least our little Green man lives by his principles! I think he should be an inspiration to us all.


@ Capo'


Mr Spock was a fictional character, much like Lao-tze himself, and Dr Spock was a real person who should have been a fictional character but wasn't, much like our mutual friend, Kappert. Like I said, God works in mysterious ways His wonders - and what sometimes appears to be his blunders - to perform.

Withering return fire

@HMS Atlanticist9/11

'Wit at warp speed is just the cure for a warped mind'

-Mr. Spock, or was that Dr. Spock? Oh well, there's not much difference, M/D. A minor detail, would that be a nuance in Pedology?

God, the devil and Pedology

God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform ...

Blind unbelief is sure to err

and scan his work in vain:

God is his own interpreter,

and he will make it plain.


Why did God create the devil? Good question, and perhaps part of the answer to that question lies in the fact that kappert now understands the difference between the words  "Pedology" and "Pedology", with the devil being in the detail.



thanks for correction

... on the word 'pedophilia' vs 'pedology', I rather appreciate the morphological changes of the latter one.

Nu(is)ance (2)

An Iranian journalist whose newspaper is affiliated to Ahmedinejad's political party tells us on Skynews this morning that reform in Iran IS possible, but because there has been 1,400 years of Islamic culture in that country, it must be reform within the context of an Islamic culture and NOT reform that comes from a Christian or Jewish culture. In other words, I believe that this Iranian gentleman was telling the world that culture is culture, but your own monoculture is always better than the multiculi imported variety and that he would consider kappertian 'values' to be more of a nuisance than nuance. Perhaps she would care to swing by and post a comment. 

cultural upgrade

The Iranian journalist reflects thus a very conservative standpoint, shared by BJ journal, that ancestral believes should prevail in (any) reform/modernisation. As the SUN shines for eons, no way to worry about inherent climate changes caused by it. Or, another conservative standpoint, as GOD created everything, he should know what he's doing, we have nothing to worry about. But why, the hell, he created the devil?

Nu(is)ance and "Pedophily"

@ Capo'


Allow  me to attempt  to explain the kappertian 'reasoning' for you here. It goes something like this.Whether Pedology is the study of children or the study of soil, it is a nuance of the fact of the existence of Pedology. Which by extension would make "Pedophily" the study of children who play with soil that is only found in the state of Pennsylvania.


Kappert the Curious.

I'm sure Daniel Cohn-Bendit would find that 'absolutely fantastic.'

Pedophilia to green, green to pedophilia, he'll always be counting on that swing vote.

Kappert the Curious is really Kappert the Swinger. Who would have thought?

(Atlanticist, that's your cue)


Nuances and fig leaves

Nuance of fact whether global warming is the result of human or solar activity? Kappert your ability to destroy the meaning of a word  by using it, defies all definition.  

Headline for story should read:

"Green Party Provides Fig Leave for Pedophile"

Kappert is excited by outcome...


Your mental jump from global warming to pedophily makes me indeed very curious!

Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science

Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science, is het nieuwe boek van Ian Plimer, dat nu in Australie in zijn derde week aan de derde druk toe is.


Het is inderdaad schokkend om te zien hoe gemakkelijk goedgelovige mensen veranderen in klimaathysterici.


Cold facts dispel theories on warming

I kept an open mind on the road to Washington

Uwe Hayek.



Yet good that you mention the shocking film HOME. If people have to be shocked to vote green, the film is already an extraordinary success story. 8 million people watching it, as you say, that comes close to football!