The Fall of France

If Nicolas Sarkozy had been allowed to have his way, he could have saved France. Last Summer the outspoken minister of the Interior was France’s most popular politician with his promise to restore the law of the Republic in the various virtually self-ruling immigrant areas surrounding the major French cities.

These areas, which some compare to the “millet” system of the former Ottoman Empire, where each religious community (millet) conducted its own social and cultural life in its own neighbourhoods, exist not only in France, but also in Muslim neighbourhoods in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other countries.

The French establishment led by the corrupt President Jacques Chirac and his Prime Minister, the aristocrat Dominique de Villepin, an appointee who has never held an elected office, begrudged Sarkozy his popularity. The minister was distrusted. He was an outsider, a self-made man who had made it to the top without the support of relations and cronies, by hard work and his no-nonsense approach.

Sarkozy (whose real surname is Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa) is a second generation immigrant, the son of a Hungarian refugee and a Greek mother. “I like the frame of mind of those who need to build everything because nothing was given to them,” he said a few months ago about his upbringing.

The experience of his youth has made Sarkozy not only the most pro-American French politician, but also virtually the only one who understands what second generation immigrants really need if they want to build a future.

More important than the so-called “social benefits” – the government alms provided by welfare politicians like Chirac, Villepin and their predecessors – is the provision of law and order. This guarantees that those who create wealth do not lose it to thugs who extort and rob and burn down their properties.

Sarkozy’s decision to send the police back to the suburbs which had been abandoned by previous governments was resented by the “youths” who now rule there. That this would lead to riots was inevitable. Sarkozy knew it, and so did Chirac, Villepin and the others. Sarkozy intended to crack down hard on the rioters. If the French government had sent in the army last week, it would have been responding to the thugs in a language they understand: force. And the riots would long have ceased.

What happened instead was that Sarkozy’s “colleagues” in government used the riots as an excuse to turn on the “immigrant” in their own midst. Paris is well worth a mass, King Henri IV of France once said. Bringing down Nicolas Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa is well worth a riot, King Chirac must have thought. Contrary to the normal French policy in dealing with trouble makers, the authorities decided to use a soft approach. Chirac and his designated crown prince Villepin blamed Sarkozy’s “disrespectful rhetoric” – such as calling thugs thugs – for having detonated the explosive situation in the suburbs. Dominique de Villepin stepped in and took over the task of restoring calm from Sarkozy. While the latter was told to shut up and keep a low profile, Villepin began a “dialogue” with the rioters. As a result the riots have spilled over from Paris to other French cities. Do not be surprised if this French epidemic soon crosses France’s borders into the North African areas surrounding cities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

As for Sarkozy, the best thing this immigrant son can do is to resign and make a bid for the 2007 presidential elections as an outsider. His popularity with the ordinary Frenchmen has not been tarnished yet. But this could soon change if he remains a member of a Villepin government which is clearly unwilling to abolish the current “millet” system. French patriots do not like to see their country disintegrate into a cluster of self-governing city-states, some of which are Sharia republics.

Physics and the Muslim Problem

It is a simple matter of Physics that no two objects can occupy the same place. Either the Jewish Temple stands on the temple Mount or the Muslim's Dome of the Rock stands. The same is for people. Either Muslims rule Europe or Christians rule Europe. Their is no room to compromise with a religion that does not tolerate Jews, Chrisians, Buddists or Hindus. The Muslims want to finish Hitlers work and eliminate the Jews and have the World worship their god. Just like we did the Nazis, who also practiced a perverted faith of worship to an evil man, we need to wipe this virus Muslim extremism off the face of the planet.

This statement of yours

This statement of yours truly does not deserve a response; it is intolerant in itself and shows a great deal of racism. The reason i am responding, however, it to clarify one key point. Muslims do not worship an "evil man"; we do not worship any man. We worship the One True God, Creater of All that is within the Heavens and Earth. Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) is none but a messenger of God, a human like ourselves, who wished that Muslims would not make depictions of him in order to worship him; this would most definitely have defeated the purpose of all his teachings, if you only knew.


Well that was fast. Thanks!

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As a French, I have to say

As a French, I have to say that there are some mistakes in this article. For example, Dominique de Villepin has never tried to begin talks with the rioters, as the whole government is okay to fight the riots with a hard approach. And the rioters haven't got any leaders or representants, so it would be hard to start talks with them.

But no political leader wants to send the army into these suburbs, the issue is still not that desperate.

Nicolas Sarkozy is a second generation immigrant, but he comes from a rich suburb and he has never known the difficulties youngsters from poor suburbs have to face, most of them belongs to visible minorities, have little education and are unemployed. It's only a minority of them who become violent, and they don't seem to understand that devastating their cities won't make things better.

Evil persecution

Unbelievable this racist extremist islamophobe nazi remarks. Can't you see these wonderful French youths are enriching our backwards culture?! There is absolutely no difference between cultures and peoples. We are all the same!

The reason because Paris is burning is because those evil Europeans are persecuting these poor blokes, because those evil policemen are harassing them, because whites are innate haters and nazi's, because France is a terribly racist country. Only an Islamic France in a worldwide Umma will bring tolerance to our stinking continent...

I hate myself and I hate my fellowman...

Evil under the sun

I hate myself and I hate my fellowman...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Bob Doney (certified)

Cogito's 3rd invasion.

3rd Invasion?

Lets see...Cyrpus; Byzantium(Asia Minor); N africa; Spain;France; Byzantium(Constantly in Opel); Balkans; Vienna;Cyrpus (1974?);...decolonisation(?).
Not sure if this is the 3rd one, cogito :)

Jihad in the West; Paul Fregosi

Interestingly enough...has anyone checked Nostradamus ?
I have a blurry memory on a map reconstructed using Nostradamus' centuries on an Islamic invasion. The map didnt represent any past invasions; perhaps immigration flows.
Fast googling brings up:'%20Prophecy%20on%20WWIII.doc

Yes, I'm starting to sound freaky...but lets just be safe rather than sorry. Its good for some chuckles as well. Cheers

Texas Rangers

there might be a prophetic aspect in the remark that France could use help from the Texas Rangers.
It is quite thinkable that , within 1 to 3 decades, Europe will need massive help (war?) against this 3rd invasion of Islam (1st in Spain, 2nd in Vienna), help that will have to come, for the 3rd time in a row, from...America.

Appeaser Fwance

Chirac’s multicultural Fwance does not seem to be working; I’m shocked (tongue in cheek)!!! What I find alarming yet laughable is why the police can’t seem to get control of the situation. Maybe they should call on the Texas Rangers for help. Bang, bang is probably the only language these hoodlums understand. Since they doused a disabled woman with gasoline and set her on fire, then at the very least they should have gotten a bullet in the leg to teach them a lesson.

And…..just where the hell is Amnesty International?????????????? As usual, asleep except when it concerns the U.S.

When if ever will Fwance and the rest of Europe learn their lesson in appeasement? It did not work 70 years ago and once again, history repeats itself. Terrorists love appeaser countries, and the appeaser countries only talk to death those who do them harm.

If I read one more time about these ‘poor misguided youths’, I will puke. Call them what they are (dangerous thugs, growing more dangerous by the day). I keep reading that this has not been publicized in the American press, but that is not true. Paris burning is all over the news.

This from one headline ‘US warns citizens on travel to Paris during riots’


This from one headline ‘US warns citizens on travel to Paris during riots’

I'm sure y'all will have appreciated the visit of our future monarch and his dazzling new wife to Ground Zero and New Orleans this past week. Shame about all the cancelled visits of Americans to bomb-hit London since July. Appeasement anyone?

Bob Doney


As a former resident in France, I appreciate your perspective.

I am all too well aware of the hyper-leftist social & economic catastrophe that produces 10% unemployment that left-wing Democrats in the US want to duplicate stateside. Even the Economist magazine is trying to downplay France's travails.

Pompous buffoon Francois Mitterrand in '92 sniffed that something like the LA riots could never happen in France because of "social protections." Now these braying hypocrites in the Foreign Ministry are whining that they are "surprised" by all the foreign news coverage of their social catastrophe. Ca alors!

The reptilian Chirac was on the take from Saddam, my State Dept friends tell me. Saddam's half-brother was Iraq's UN Ambassador in Geneva, who smuggled gold across the porous French-Swiss border to M. le President in return for French diplomatic backing. Villepin is the nasty ancien-regime "poet" who blindsided the US at the UN and scuttled any chance at all of some sort of UN-led Iraq demarche.

Immigration is only one of the reasons France is undergoing these riots. Their hypocritical policies toward the US are so ridiculous that only far-left Democrats in the US can admire them.

And why is the Foreign Ministry spokesman "surprised" at foreign coverage of a public safety situation his government has been unable to control?


I don't know why the French are so wound up about their riots. Tonight in the UK there are fires burning in every street, the air is riven with explosions and crowds are gathering on public spaces in every town and village. All because of religious persecution.

Nine days? Pah! This has been going on for four hundred years.

Bob Doney on 5th November

French riots

Sarkozy was unable to follow through his use of the word "racaille" by using deadly force against the rioters which is the only response that would have got results.

A bordercrossing of the

A bordercrossing of the rioting is something to be afraid off but it depends wether or not they're rioting because of 2 killed youngster or if they are rioting against Western goverment; Western society & for a miller/ghetto system.

If the latter then we should expect a bordercrossing; but where will it hit first ?
My bet would be in Brussels first; perhaps with its upcoming Anti-Iran march (Monday) and a local backlash against the anti-ayatollah protestors.

There is one question that I still ask myself. If the French army moved in, would the rioting have ceased or spread ?
I'm more inclined to answer that question with an answer holding a negative outcome. I believe it would have spread and escalate into a broader & more violent conflict. Either way I'm becoming more eager to buy me a side-arm in case the sht hits the fan.