Religion, Don't Mention It

Hurrah! Last night was even “quieter” than the night before. According to French police statistics in the 18th consecutive night of rioting, there were violent incidents in 120 municipalities. In the whole of France 284 cars were set alight and 115 people were arrested, which brings the total number of arrests since the beginning of the riots on October 27 to 2,652. Five policemen were injured in Grenoble when a gas canister exploded in a dustbin that had been set alight. Paris was said to be “calm,” though other sources reported that a gas station had been set ablaze. The police announced that 68 cars were torched in Paris, compared to 76 the previous night. Michel Gaudin, the head of French police, said earlier that 86 vehicles burned in a single night is “about normal” in Paris. That, apparently, was more or less the pre-riot level in the capital of multicultural France.

Lyons was calm too: last night 15 cars were torched in France’s second largest city, one school was arsoned and another school was rammed with a car. Later today the French government is going to prolong the state of emergency until 21 February. The European Union will donate France 50 million euros to help recover from the damage, as if rioting is a kind of natural catastrophe, the French equivalent of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurrah for neighbouring Belgium, too. Just a few “isolated incidents” of vandalism, according to the authorities. One car torched in Brussels as well as one each in La Louvière, Sambreville and Moeskroen. In Charleroi five vehicles were set alight, in Ghent two. In Liège three 15-year old boys were arrested when they tried to burn down a school.

Speaking of schools: it appears that a number of the schools that were reported arsoned last week are Jewish. The authorities have chosen not to reveal this information and have asked Jewish organisations not to do so either. Some, including this week’s Economist, lecture that “the biggest lesson of the French riots is not about Islam but that more jobs are needed.” The mainstream media want us to believe that “youths” only burn down their own schools because they are frustrated at not finding jobs.

system has swallowed all

Foot – article for burning in French suburb

By Roozbeh Gillasian of Iran

1. system has swallowed all , the only work that we can do is instigate of the system’s stomach for throwing up us . we are , vomiting of the settling order in society’s abdomen. Only what itself burnt can burn. Only what has crushed in settling order can break the silence that protect the order. And only it is suburb , and not the center , that can aiming the center of such order . Burning the machines as a sign of dominant discrimination’s machine . And at last what overthrows entire simulator rest behind the historical feature of Paris , only by eruption of self body organism as a perfect system.
2. Such violence that don’t know any logic , but at the same time is very logical. Violence that don’t make it’s load heavy by such idle talks . it’s logic is standing up of moisture of matches and the voice that say : break and burn . every one that try , by counting the causes of this riot , to make determinate logic for it , are in mistake . Nothing can clarify them except their singularity and lantern’s shinning in nights of Paris.
3. Some of informed sources told that the cause of decreasing of violence was the football play between French and Casta Rica that was showed by national TV. Technology has a complicated and seductive nature . mobile phone and personal weblog aid rioters but taking hold of them is a mutual aversion because at last all communication cable must be burnt. They produce the reality that is just the same thing that must be burnt in the streets .
4. nothing is worse, for a riot, than concluding to a result. Satisfying the requests of rioters ultimately finished not benefit of the rioters but by contrary to settling order. In this way riot swallows existence condition , in the paradoxical way . And in this way , naked violence in street gives it’s place to abstract violence of law’s play that is more lethal . While that real youths give their place to judgments and haggling of parties and analytical sociologies . Subjects of streets becoming objects of libraries . This is our destiny.

Europe rewards violence with 5,000 Euros for every burned car !

The announcement of the EU to allocate funds towards the Frenche banlieues amounts to subsidizing crime and misgovernment !

All the governments that have executed a good policy will now see their taxes going to the French government which has consistently mismanaged its muslim populated suburbs.

So instead of taxes serving as a 'classic' social justice redistribution system, EU Commission spending will employ taxes as a crime redistribution system !

At 50 million Euros of support (the number might still go further up) and about 10,000 burned cars the EU will sponsor every burned car with 5,000 Euros of subsidies. I myself would like to buy another house, about 200,000 Euros of EU support should do the trick, so if you seem me setting a car on fire during one of these days, please give me a hand, burning 40 cars is a hard job !!!

Such jokers those French.

No wonder they adore Jerry Lewis ..... 'He said that 86 vehicles were burned, which he said was about normal.'

Hey ... Jean Claude, what do you want to do tonight?

"I don't know, let's burn seven dozen cars again, like we did last night."

Sounds good to me. G*d I love Paris in the fall.

attacks on Jews

"The authorities have chosen not to reveal this information and have asked Jewish organisations not to do so either." -- How do you know this? This wasn't in the Arutz 7 article you linked to.


Read my previous post "Mosque Attack in France" and the link you will find there.