The Writing on the Wall


The world has had its fill of French riots, the press is looking for something new to write about, Europe wants to believe that the social realities exposed by the French riots are typically French and no concern of theirs. And France is impatient to return to business as usual and lull the French into a sense of security that can only be more fragile than it was before.

Things will never be the same, however. The fact the European Union is giving exorbitant sums of money to buy the peace of France’s Muslim population betrays that they are uncomfortable about the unrest spreading to other European cities. Not only in France but all over Europe, tensions in society are rising. Though issues of unemployment and inequality in the French suburbs may have contributed to the recent explosion of arson and aggression, they are not the only cause. The riots are not just a response to social injustice. One striking aspect of the riots was the hatred reflected in the faces and demeanour of the rioters.

It is time to ask where this hatred comes from. Is this Islam waging Jihad? Is it social breakdown caused by welfare dependency? Or are the young Muslims filled with contempt for the secular Western culture of intolerance and indecency, a hedonist society that does not believe in God, that no longer procreates and merely consumes to the detriment of its own future generations – a civilization which discusses gay marriage and adoption while its girls and women dress as whores and are displayed as such on the pictures and in the songs that fill the streets and shops of European cities?

Though Islamic fundamentalism and the stifling French social welfare system are partly to blame, I suspect that many immigrants hate the West not because they see it as an enemy – that may be true of the United States – but because they despise it – especially liberal, secular Western Europe. They are filled with hatred for the arrogance of the Europeans, who regard themselves as enlightened and tolerant, but in their sense of infinite superiority fail to see that they are merely imposing their own culture upon others.

Interestingly, the latter is exactly what the liberal mainstream in Europe accused traditional Western society of doing in the 1960s. The “youths” of the 60s broke loose from the perceived imperialism and intolerance of conservative morality in a largely Christian society during a spate of unrest and protests on university campuses, culminating in the symbolic month of May 1968, when marxist students rioted and burned cars in the streets of Paris. Today, the culture of this so-called post-modern “Generation '68” is the dominant one. Through their almost totalitarian control of politics and education, the revolutionaries of '68 have reshaped European society into a secular and anti-religious one. That is the kind of society which their leaders, who dominate politics and the media today, like to describe as “enlightened” and “tolerant.” But they cannot comprehend that a new generation with a different culture is doing exactly the same as they did in their youth: rebelling against the arrogance of a dominant culture in a wave of large-scale vandalism.

Those same cultural leaders, who still think of their own behaviour almost four decades ago as heroic and justified, find it hard to condemn the rioting “youths” of today. They are now condoning those who hate and despise them, because in their own secular “jihad” against the last remnants of the conservative Christian culture of Old Europe, they think that the Muslim immigrant “youths” are their allies. Hence, they fail to see their own mortal enemy. Conservative Christians and others who do not worship secular “multiculturalism” are branded as intolerant, racist xenophobes and laws are made to silence them. In doing so, however, the liberal establishment is feeding the beast that will eventually destroy it.

Perhaps the secularists think that it will be as easy for them to destroy Islam as it was to destroy Christianity. For the time being, until Islam takes over, Europe’s dominant culture is that of liberal Europeans who look upon Muslim societies as medieval backwaters and assume as a matter of course that their own attitudes and lifestyles will, and should, be adopted by all other members of society. However, the events of the past three weeks have put those who regard themselves as icons of tolerance to the test and have shown that they are totally incapable of looking at the facts from another (in this case a non-white, non-liberal) perspective. Their obvious, though subconscious, chauvinism and their lofty, paternalising attitude during the three weeks of rioting served only to fuel the anger of the Muslim “youths.”

This anger was directed, not against unemployment or exclusion from French society (inclusion in the latter is the last thing they want if it means being forced to adopt the decadent culture of the West) but against the very policies which provide them with equal opportunites and equal status in French society. The “youths” burned down schools and sports centres because they perceived these for what they are: attempts to lure them into the culture of Western liberal society. From this point of view all the policies promoting integration and participation, equality, education and employment, especially when they are shrouded in liberal, “tolerant” rhetoric, can only be interpreted as insults to their dignity. They are Europe’s future because they are its youth, and they know it. The liberal media, by unqualifyingly describing them as “youths” confirmed this for all to see. What we witnessed in France in the first half of November 2005 was the writing on the wall: Europe’s Mene Tekel Upharsin – Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

25 And this is the writing that was inscribed: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.
26 This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and brought it to an end;
27 TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
28 PERES; thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.
(Daniel, 5, 25-28)

Babylon Again!

Good Article. The writing on the wall at ancient Babylon pointed out that the nation had reached its fullness of wickedness. The book of Revelation mostly deals with future events of the Roman Empire. That is, of course, Europe today. We must be at the point where we are referred to as Babylon in the book. Babylon was destroyed by a stealth attack by the Persians. They redirected the river and walked in the dry riverbed to come into the city. We let the Moslems in ourselves with open arms. Also do not forget that Persians came from an area where there are only Moslems.

Do not forget

Also do not forget that Persians came from an area where there are only Moslems.

And also remember that Alexander conquered the entire Persian empire with a few hundred Macedonians and a couple of donkeys, though quite what any of this has got to do with the price of peanuts, I'm not sure.

Bob Doney

RE: Do not forget

Yes, Alexander conquered the Persians - when their empire reached the "fullnes of wickedness." History does repeat if the lessons are not learned.


Alexander conquered the Persians - when their empire reached the "fullnes of wickedness."

Do Empires automatically get destroyed when they reach their Fullness of Wickedness"? And what made the Persian Empire peculiarly wicked? As Empires go (and they do), the Persian one didn't look to me to be particularly onerous to its subjects.

History does repeat if the lessons are not learned.

What was the lesson the Persians hadn't learned? To have a more ruthless, autocratic regime, with far more attention devoted to building a strong army? And never never never to trust Greeks?

Bob Doney

Apocalypse only delayed

What we witnessed in France in the first half of November 2005 was the writing on the wall

Good, bloodcurdling stuff! The end is nigh! Woe is me! I am the destroyer of worlds!

But maybe a few thousand more jobs might ward off Armageddon for a few weeks. Worth a try.

On the telly tonight was a snippet about an English pilot who had spent a lot of dosh renovating an old building in France to convert it into a restaurant. The local mayor had to come round, inspect it and give a certificate of authorisation before it could open to the public. That's the way to create jobs, sans doute.

Bob Doney

Nice to see someone qouting

Nice to see someone qouting the bible. Good article.

Here's an other one:"But I

Here's an other one:

"But I say to you that hear,
Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.
Bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you."
(Luke, 6, 27-28)

Seems to me that our "dominant" culture is way too Christian.

Johan B (Ex-Christian, Free-market Conservative).

Do not understand

I guess I'm too dense, because I don't understand the point of this article.

Yes, the liberal/seculars are intolerant and look down on/discriminate religious people.

Yes, the "youth" do not want to integrate because they despise the secular/liberal society that is trying to impose its culture on them.

But do you really believe that these "youth" would react differently if they would be living in a highly religious, Christian, Catholic or Jewish society? You think they would respect us the? Don't make me laugh. Look around the world, look at history, and you can find the answer to that question yourself.

They do not revolt and despise us because the society around them is liberal and secular.

They despise us because we are not MUSLIM. Period.

This article from Mrs. Colen, who of course I admire, seems to be sympathetic to the "youth", because of her own negative experiences with the secular/liberal "gestapo" of our days. And I understand how she and her husband must feel.

But still, if we have to make a choice, I still choose radically the side of the secular/liberal "nazis" of our days. Because I fear that if these youth are reallly the future of Europe, the Mrs. Colens and Mr. Beliens of this world might one day long for the negative experiences in the secular and intolerant Belgium they dread so much today.

That's why Catholics today have to be very careful in taking the side of the Muslims.
After all, the "right to be wrong" is something that will be easier to achieve under the liberal/secular society than in one where we have become Dhimmi's in a Muslim world...


The objective allies: Muslim and Ethic-Right fundamentalism

Eddy: "I don't understand the point of this article"

Well, I do, Eddy. The "ethic right" (of which Mrs. Colen is one of the elements in the 'Vlaams Belang') and Muslim fundamentalism in Western Europe are each other’s objective allies. Mrs. Colen is basically right (pun intended) when she points to the utter despise local Muslims have for the liberated Western European society. She mentioned gay issues, and that's an icon both for right-wing Islam and right-wing Christian fundamentalism. Both groups perceive the mental liberation in Europe as a sign of wickedness, as the forebode of the fall of a civilization. Because, as we all know, the Roman Empire fell apart because they adopted the Greek Principles. It’s rather funny how everybody seems to use the French “youth” riots for their own agenda.

would a religious society be more resilient to this stress?

Ed says:
... I don't understand the point of this article.... do you really believe that these "youth" would react differently if they would be living in a highly religious, Christian, Catholic or Jewish society? You think they would respect us then?

It is possible. The Euro way-of-life seems pretty obviously pointless, unsustainable and out of balance with humanity's spiritual needs. A higly religious society might be more familiar, more worthy, even if alien. The Polish (Catholic) culture survived partition, war, occupation, mismanagement, oppression, etc for several generations. Can anyone seriously believe that the Euro secular culture could survive even half those challenges?
Also, if these kids lived in neighborhoods with order instead of petty gangs, and if their lives were filled with work and productivity instead of idleness and petty crime, would it be a surprise if attitudes were more responsible? There is something about having to earn a living that gives a human some balance and direction.....

The point is that it's these

The point is that it's these secular/liberals who admitted the barbarians into the country in such overwhelming numbers.