The Worst Belgian Ever

Two government-subsidized Brussels organisations, the “intercultural youth platform” Kif Kif and the “movement against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia” MRAX, have lodged a complaint before the Belgian judicial authorities against Filip Dewinter, a member of the Flemish regional parliament and one of the leaders of the Flemish-secessionist Vlaams Belang, which is the largest party in Belgium. They demand that Dewinter be convicted for “incitement to racist hatred” and that his party be deprived of its funding. In Belgium, political parties are almost entirely government-funded, as accepting private donations is mostly illegal.

The reason for the complaint is an interview which Dewinter gave to the New York magazine Jewish Week (and which he put on his website). When asked whether he espoused xenophobia, Dewinter replied:

“Xenophobia” is not the word I would use. If it absolutely must be a “phobia” let it be “islamophobia”. Yes, we’re afraid of Islam. The islamisation of Europe is a frightening thing. Even distinguished Jewish scholars as Bat Ye’or and Bernard Lewis warned for this. If this historical process continues, the Jews will be the first victims. Europe will become as dangerous for them as Egypt or Algeria.

The fact that Dewinter used the word “islamophobia” has outraged the Belgian media, since xenophobia (and islamophobia) is a criminal offense. Under Belgium’s very broad Anti-Racism Act of 1981, racial discrimination is defined as “each form of distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, which has or may have as its aim or consequence that the recognition, the enjoyment or exercise on an equal footing of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social or cultural sphere or in other areas of social life, is destroyed, affected or restricted.”

Contrary to the European anti-discrimination treaties, the Belgian bill not only prohibits distinctions that have restrictions as their aim or consequence, but also distinctions that may have these restrictions – or even simply effects – as their consequence. Anyone who describes himself as an “islamophobe” is pronouncing a preference which may have as its consequence that the enjoyment of a freedom in an area of social life be affected. Moreover, the Belgian Anti-Discrimination Act of 2003 reversed the onus of proof. The complainant does not need to prove that the accused “discriminates” or propagates “discrimination,” but it is up to the latter to prove that he does not.

Last year, the Belgian courts convicted the country’s largest party, the Vlaams Blok, as a criminal organisation on the basis of these bills. This forced the party to disband, whereupon its members, including Mr. Dewinter, established a new party, the Vlaams Belang. In the same JW interview, Dewinter says:

Indeed, we were convicted. But the conviction was a sham. It was a political process [trial], aimed at curtailing an opposition party. In the United States, judges are independent. Even the president himself could not influence a judge, let alone the Supreme Court. But in Belgium the judiciary is a tool in the hands of the government. All judges are appointed by the three political parties that govern the country since World War I. Some judges are strong enough to shrug off the political pressure, but that’s exceptional. The separation of powers is just fiction. The laws used in this conviction were specially concocted to eliminate our party.


Meanwhile, the readers of the left-wing Belgian monthly Deng have elected Dewinter as the “worst Belgian ever.” Of almost 10,000 votes 27.3% went to Dewinter. Marc Dutroux, the convicted Belgian pervert who abducted children and locked them up in dungeons where he raped and murdered them, is second with 20%. The third “worst Belgian ever” (11.4%) is the country’s former king, Leopold II, who in the late 19th and early 20th century decimated the population of his personal Congo colony, killing an estimated 10 million people.


Deng has placed a portrait of Dewinter, the winner of its contest, on its December cover, but is selling this issue at a discount. “Owing to our disgusting cover Deng will be sold at half the usual price this month,” Deng editor Dany Ilegems says. The editor says he is proud of Deng’s readers for having chosen Dewinter: “Dutroux has raped and murdered children, but according to the court, unlike Dewinter, he is an ‘isolated’ pervert.”

Minority Report 2006

this website has an indepth report on the islamisation of Europe:

Minority Report 2006
the allowed islamisation of Europe

This report gives all the info that is necessary to understand the historical roots and future goals of islam.
No facts spared.
The initiation of Eurabia in 1973, the demographic time bomb, statistics on immigrant crime rates and birth rates.
Also light is shed on the backgrund of the forced immigration process.


Am i wrong or is Deng's cover cartoon showing an FDW with a face mutilated by chloric acné like Victor Yuschenko?

the western "left"

Admit that Dewinter had 2 worthy competitors in the race, Dutroux and Leopold II.
Besides, Dewinter is not in power yet, so there is still hope he'll beat Maggie's 80 %.

Yet more proof that what calls itself the left in the US and Europe is simply pure insanity. All they have to "offer" is hatred: hatred of whites, Israel and the US. Criticism is one thing, blind hatred something else together.


Reading the comments about Dewinter and the Vlaamse Belang/Blok, I shudder for Belgium. These situations usually presage chaos, if not war. Belgium is already an artificuial construct, how in hell can anybody think the country can hang together by supressing speech? And it doesn't even seem to be speech that's especially perverse.

Building pressure is the exact wrong way to go. Nex

Don't worry

Vlaams Belang is being less and less a danger for established institutions. As such pressure is actually relieving. Not only is the party cutting loose some of its more outspoken policies and elements (for example while it had at one point clearly a radical non-socialist free-marketeer anti-union mindset it is slowly turning to the traditional European view under the pressure of it's own blue collar voters) But at the same time its proposals to thoughen up on immigration and security policies are being picked up by politicians from more traditional parties.

Be sure that the left will continue to agitate against Vlaams Belang for a long time but if the current trend continues it will not be a controversial party for much longer.


Kifkif is a moribund left to extreme-left site, complete with paleo-marxists.

Just asking, however isn't

Just asking, however isn't Dewinter a "neo-con" in mindset? His interview in JW was just a hair shy of grovelling at the feet of Jewish opinion. Am I wrong here or is he simply playing the self-preservation game? Any "normal" replies to this would be greatly appreciated.

As to the European elite, when can we start hanging these traitors from the highest of gallows? Brussels seems to have more than their fair share of them. They have a hard time "understanding" what a national "NO" vote on the EU constitution means for some yet to be understood reason.

A comparison with lady

A comparison with lady Maggie and Dewinter is certainly not possible. Their believes and idealogies are totally different.

For the rest: Dewinter has his right on free speech. I even would ask if it is possible to sue Dewinter, because the interview was published in a American newspaper in the USA.


The only way in which FDW and Maggie were compared is their popularity among lefties. It was no content wise comparison.

Is that all?

Of almost 10,000 votes 27.3% went to Dewinter.

So, 2,700 subscribers to a left-wing magazine don't like Mr Dewinter. Lady Maggie in her prime would have got at least 80% in a similar British poll. Nil Desperandum!

Bob Doney

good competitors

Admit that Dewinter had 2 worthy competitors in the race, Dutroux and Leopold II.

Besides, Dewinter is not in power yet, so there is still hope he'll beat Maggie's 80 %.

It 's a proof that he is "very well busy"

Phobia of a Phobia

I guess the logic is that if you're forbidden to talk/think about islamophobia (for example), then eventually you'll no longer be afraid of it? Personally, I know plenty of Muslims who are nice people, but I'm damn scared of them as an organised group, just as I am of the Christians in the US and some of the Jews in Israel. It should never be a crime to be afraid, as long as you don't lash out (verbally abuse) because of it.

Phobia of Phobia

Ok, Christians in US=Muslims as a whole, that is your premise. Why?

I've met some nice Muslims. I've met some far-right Christians, actually what we call Evangelicals. I've yet to hear any of the Evangelicals call for war on Jews, atheists, Wiccans, etc., they seem to save their hostility to their fellow Christians, that aren't quite their brand of Christianity, still and all they aren't burning cars, schools, or Catholic Churches.

Think what you want but certainly don't say it

"It should never be a crime to be afraid, as long as you don't lash out (verbally abuse) because of it."

I was quite relieved, Jeff, that I’m still allowed to think what I like, and I'm even allowed to be ‘afraid’ in the privacy of my home. As long of course, I’m not ‘lashing out’. Having read a bit about the life and deeds of the Beloved Prophet (His Name Be Praised), I got this impression of an immoral opportunist that married His employer (an older woman), for the sake of his career, and later on fooled around quite some time with a 6-year old girl. As a bleak imitation of Christianism, he pulled together some things from the Bible here and there, then cooked a sortof religion out of it, allowing followers only 3 extra wives, but 10 to himself. He might have not have been a prime theologian, but he was certainly good in bed.

Of course, I can think that, but never tell it, because then, I’m 'lashing out' to the Most Holy Religion that was actually fabricated by a pedophile. But I won’t say that of course, since I’m not a ‘racist’. Thank you so much I can still ‘think’ it.