We Have Been Here Before

Today the Danish and Norwegian Embassies were trashed in Syria. The police looked on and did nothing. We have been here before. In 1938, Cardinal Innitzer realising his epic mistake in welcoming the Anschluss of Austria, preached a sermon in St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, "There is just one Fuehrer: Jesus Christ." His palace was trashed by the Nazis with the police slow, indifferent or looking on. The scene is dramatised in the famous film "The Shoes of the Fisherman".

A few years ago, I met a member of the Catholic Youth who participated in this Mass. On his way home, he greeted someone with "Long Live Our Archbishop" to show he was not a Nazi but a Christian and in consequence he spent the next six years in a concentration camp.

All the more sad then that the Vatican has followed the British Foreign Secretary in appeasing the critics of the publication of the cartoons.

The following report appeared in Osservatore Romano of October 15th 1938.

On Friday, October 7th, a service for Catholic youth took place in St. Stephen's Cathedral. The Cardinal Archbishop also gave a sermon in which he encouraged the young in their faith and religious activities, and when he left the Cathedral some six thousand of them gave expression to their loyalty and sang the hymn to the Sacred Heart. The Hitler Youth and the SA had gathered there, too, and started counter-shouts and whistling: "Down with Innitzer. Our faith is Germany." The young Catholics were numerically the stronger, but they made no answer and dispersed quite quietly. In spite of that, bands of SA-men gathered together in front of the Bishop's residence and staged noisy demonstrations with the shout that the Cardinal should be taken to Dachau. They next tried to break in the door of the residence, but the police intervened to protect it and it was not until towards eleven o'clock in the evening that the demonstrators, with rowdy threats, left the place.

The next day, Saturday, October 8th, at eight-fifteen in the evening, the demonstrations started again from all sides, including the Rotenturmstrasse, so that the residence was entirely surrounded. Stones came from all directions, and all the windows were broken. Again and again the police were asked for assistance, as the demonstrators were endeavouring to break in, and several police stations promised to give aid. In spite of this, however, the heavy door was broken a quarter of an hour later and a disorderly crowd poured in, destroying everything they came across in the antechambers and on the staircase. The inmates of the residence hurried towards the chapel to the Cardinal's protection. It was feared that the Blessed Sacrament would be the object of a sacrilege and a priest consumed the Sacred Hosts— and indeed it was high time, for the intruders had reached the episcopal chapel, struck a secretary of the Cardinal unconscious, destroyed the statue of a saint and, pursuing their vandalism, stormed the study of the Cardinal, where they broke open a writing table and smashed a crucifix. The purple pectoral cross and ring of the Cardinal were stolen, and everywhere the furniture was smashed, pictures slashed and objects of art demolished. The Archbishop's Master of Ceremonies was hit on the head with a candelabra, and one of the priests was dragged to the window and only just saved from being thrown out. As he pluckily defended the chapel the mob shouted: " Well, was it better under Schuschnigg [ousted Chancellor of Austria]?" and other insults.

At length the rumour spread among them that the police were on their way and that they had better disperse. The withdrawal then began, but not before they had demanded from the inmates of the residence a signed statement never to say a word about what had happened. Not one of the intruders, who left singing Deutschland über Alles, was in any way interfered with on going out, and one solitary arrest was made. (This was the corre­spondent of The Times [!!]) One of the broken clocks had stopped at five minutes past nine—the police had taken no less than forty minutes to reach the inner region of the town.

The crowd had insulted the Cardinal in a most violent and vulgar way. His life had, indeed, been saved, but in another house of the Cathedral Curia very brutal things had occurred. The house was first thoroughly damaged and then a curate, Fr. Kravarnik, was taken and thrown out of a window. He was seriously injured, and it is said that both his legs were broken so that his life is in danger.

Outside on the square the Cardinal's purple mantle, some articles of personal use, furniture, carpets, etc., were burnt. The outrages were not reported in any of the Vienna newspapers.

Almost needless to say the

Almost needless to say the Belgian official (and depressing) Catholic weekly Dimanche has come out against liberty of expression, denying to others that which it enjoys itself.  Heard little or nothing from them when Our Lady of Flanders was mocked.

The madnes continues in the Arab world

Crazy muslims are atacking and burning the Danish consulat in Lebanon

It's allmost like a H. C. Andersen story about "One feather becoming to several chickens".

The book which supposedly is the source of the cartoon rage, "The Koran and the life of the Prophet Mohammed", was published a week ago - without anybody noticing.

Well, why should the imams care about the real thing, when they already have all the false drawings they need? The drawings from the new book can be seen at this place.

Don't the leaders of the Arab world dare to make an end to this madnes

Amir Normandi ..a good man

He will need that luck Neandertal, the reasonable things he said may well earn him a "fatwa" (an edit calling for his death). He has guts though. Good man him. May Baldur protect him!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Denmark should demand the rioters stand trial in Denmark

Unless Denmark's agreement with Syria is very different from most diplomatic arrangements, the Danish embassy there was legally Danish soil. By violating those premises and damaging property of the Danish government, the rioters have broken a formal, written, internationally-recognized law.

Denmark should legally be able to demand the rioters be tried and punished. One would hope such a 'dash of reality' might cool the jets of these protestors - but probably not.

The cartoons were in poor taste, but were in no sense legally actionable. By demanding *legal* protection from insult, Muslims are demanding a protection that even Danish citizens do not enjoy.

Freedom of speech and expression ARE a cause worth fighting for. I detest war, but if the only alternative is to muzzle our journalists, I say fight.

Wish you were living in the USA?

May kindly suggest Asia? Way better... but we accept local laws here. (Ex-Eurolander myself from Belgium). All my support to Danmark, btw.


I have been bitterly upset by the stance taken by UK press on the cartoons row, and that in spite of the vote at both lower and upper houses of their Parliament that upheld freedom of speech turning down the government's proposal to muzzle free expression on religious matters.

However such a stance from the UK government is nothing new: almost 25 years ago a Saudi Princess was beheaded by their family members due to a love affair. The truth came out and someone from Uk wrote the story (title : "DEATH OF A PRINCESS") and wanted to make a movie about it, but the royal Saudi family (i.e. the slaughterers) intervened with the UK government, threatening unprecedented reprisals should the story have become of public domain. Everything was then deeply buried by the obliging UK government. I think  that now it would be the right time to unearth the story, finding out more reliable details and making the world acquainted with such deeply barbarian misdeeds that, besides, are quite common in the "compassionate" culture of "submission". It would mean justice for the unfortunate Princess at last and she wouldn't have died for nothing, because if the truth comes up her blood would fall upon her murderers and absolutely deserved shame would fall upon their complaisant "allied" as well.

Going back to the cartoons row I think that this is about more than two differing world views. This is about the very survival of the West. It forces EU jurnalists to recognize the Wall between Western and Muslim values, and the threat the latter pose.

Pehaps shall we admit that the fundamentalists are right when they claim that EU democracies (i.e. peoples) are too pavid to stand for any principle at all?

George Orwell said : "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.", but he knew that liberty doesn't come for free, thus he committed his life on the front line to stand bravely in the quest for freedom. It doesn't seem to me that there are many George Orwell around. I think that what we are doing is too little and too late. The preachers of "submission" are among us and I see too many of us that are ready to bow.

Just look at the BBC : per years I kept maintaining with friends, acquaintainces and foes that the BBC is a standard-bearer of free press : what a misjudgement!!! I wiped them away from my bookmarks.

And what about "The Economist"? Huge reputation: "Uncompromising. Challenging. Argumentative." It was my conviction as well, thus I kept buying the magazine whenever and wherever I saw it on the newsstand during the many years I had to travel for my job, and now that I'm settling I subscribed too. I shall miss it, but doesn'matter what : I'll withraw my subscription.  

Response of Death to a Princess!

FreeSpeech the movie was made.. though not by the BBC.. it was really disgusting. They beheaded the Lebanese young man from a very wealthy family.. To add insult to injury they entered Beirut and removed him from his home and then set him down in Saudi Arabia. He is the one they beheaded. By the way it was secretly filmed and the Princess due to her Royal status was executed immediately after him. She died by firing squad. She was given a blindfold, but no cigarette. the Royal cuckold her husband was devastated I am sure.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Death to a Princess. Thanks

Sincere thanks for the details! Any way to find the movie somehow and somewhere? I still believe that showing to our fellows in the democratic West how barbarian the religion of "submission" is might be of some help. I have spent many years in Muslim countries and I realize that one of the biggest problem in the West is the lack of understanding and knowledge about what the "submission" mentality really is. Just look at the Bush' silly claim of building democracy in the Middle East: how many lives did it cost? All for nothing. And the fundamentalists are getting bolder day by day because they realize that the Americans are losing the war. Obviously they do: what they are aiming to exists only in their President's imagination and self-mirroring!!! How can there be any democracy (i.e. free choice and equal rights for everybody) where males are domestic tyrants imposing to their mothers, wives and sisters a life of submission from the day they are born till when they die? Furthermore I think that the actual surge in fundamentalism among the male people in the "submission" world is arising from their distress in foreboding that the unavoidably closer contact with our free societies shall somehow deprive them, sooner or later, of the tyrannical subjugation they exercise since millennia upon their unfortunate women. This is the central issue at stake. This is the very centre of gravity around which the whole mess revolves. Moreover, do you have any information about the fate of the thousands of Kuwaiti women raped by Saddam soldiers at the time of Kuwait invasion in 1991? As far as I know, according to the "submission" rule, a raped woman shall either kill herself or be killed by any member of her family.
I think that the most important leap forward on the way to human civilization has been the abolition of slavery. The next mandatory step is the liberation of Muslim women from subjugation: if we fail we are done. Millions of women kept in subjugation are forced to reproduce relentlessly and the hordes of "submitted" barbarians that are already flooding the free West will sooner or later submerge us.
Thanks in advance: your reply, if any, will be very much welcome.

We're just too stupid to understand! ;-)

It's (rightly) illegal to walk around Parliament Square in London calling for death to Catholics, or protestents, or Jews, or whatever, but.. for reasons that our governments can understand and little people like us cannot, it's quite OK to shout "death to non-Muslims - behead unbelievers". Jack Straw, Sir Ian Blair and Tony Blair could probably explain the difference, but right now they've probably got their tongues right up some Imam's ass, licking subserviently, as the far-right lace-up their jackboots..

I hope you have more luck where you are, because here in the UK we're clearly stuffed.

Sometimes I wish I was

Sometimes I wish I was living in the US instead of Europe. I feel that we have created too many problems for ourselves. Or more specifically, our politicians have.


Our governments have tried to bend over backwards to accommodate those who would never accommodate us.. the consequences are pretty crud for everyone (the French government seems to have some balls, though; hats off to them).

I am very sorry

To the world,

I am outraged about the turn of events over valid
points made in those intelligent cartoons that certain Muslims refuse to see
and ignore to accept.

As a direct descendant of Muhammad I do not think any
apology is in order. In fact the blind extremist need to thank the author and
the publisher of those cartoons for holding a mirror to our face and helping us
realize, there are many matters in Islamic traditions that requires change for
today’s life.

Amir  Normandi

See my Bio in my Weblog:


or a recent interview at:


thank you

To our friends

tnks for the support - it is important now. Like many danes i dont give a fck about any religion including islam and chistianity (a lot of members of the church for practical reasons) . What our danish newspaper printed must stand for their account. it follows the freedom. I'm so sorry to observe that so few muslims (and their western supporters)are able to understand the consequence of living in a truly free democratic society.

Seen from a economical point of view it was not wise to print the cartoons. We loose a little money - but it really doesnt matter in one of the worlds richest contries and with the great support from friends. Some people loose their jobs - yes. But we have a shortage in the total workforce.

We dont need to have good relations with unfriendly contries. We dont need to be accepted by totallitary regimes. We dont expect them to understand us. They dont have to respect us - we really dont care. We dont need muslims in our country.

They are as every new citizen (any religion or background)welcome as long as they respect our fundamental rights and whatever happens now - none of theese rights are jeopardised.

the fundamental islamist will keep om fighting - and we just shake our heads. For the last years we have had a growing pupulation of muslims followed by reversed integration in our country but now I think it could be a turnpoint. So the situation is not so bad at all - a large part of the danish population are now facing the fact that we have been too soft handling the really poor integration of a mass arriving from the mental middelage.

Kindest regards and tks for the support


Someone Please tell President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

This is in response to the Iranian President's

mistaken belief in the religious affilations of the Nordic countries:


******* Iran's president ordered his commerce minister to study canceling all trade contracts with European countries whose newspapers have published the caricatures, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported. *******

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the caricatures showed the "impudence and rudeness" of Western newspapers against the prophet as well as the "maximum resentment of the Zionists (Jews) ruling these countries against Islam and Muslims."


FYI  - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -

Norway  - Church of Norway  got that!

(Church of Norway 85.7%, Pentecostal 1%, Roman Catholic 1%, other Christian 2.4%, Muslim 1.8%, other 8.1% )

Denmark - Evangelical Lutheran - got that!

(Evangelical Lutheran 95%, other Protestant and Roman Catholic 3%, Muslim 2% )

Sweden - Lutheran - got that!

(Lutheran 87%, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Old Norse makes up the other 13%)


Did not see one instance of the Zionist religious movement playing a hand in the State religions anywhere here. 

Oh and one other thing.. get a tie and spend some money on a decent suit.  If you are going to be a President..mayhaps you should start looking like one. the last time I saw anyone dressed like that they were hiding out in Chile, trying to avoid the Peruvian secret police.


Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!





nah, he looks (and behaves) like a chimpanzee.. this time next year, he'll be a frazzled piece of meat baking in a radioactive desert.

Thanks for the offer

I think we need more than 100 kr. to repatriate the 170.000 potential problems we have in Denmark :-(

Response To Balder!

Dear Balder

I do understand.. But I still will kick in the 100 krone! So ..so we need to get it done.. here is a further thought!

No problem confiscate their funds and use them to deport them home.. No problem

Odin be Praised! Baldur save Us!

Interesting comparison

Within the last 5 days, the leader of the British National Party was acquitted in a court of law over charges brought against him of incitement to violence concerning remarks he made at a private meeting, that "Islam is a vicious and wicked faith". The not-guilty verdict (and no-verdict) results have lead the British judiciary to seek a second trial, in the hope of gaining a conviction against him (try, try and try again?).

Two days later, five hundred muslims walked through the center of London, bearing banners calling for "Death to free speech", "Butcher those who insult Islam", "Behead unbelievers" and singing the praises of the July 7th 2005 suicide bombers who murdered 52 people in London (and calling for more suicide attacks in the city and Europe in general) (qv The Times, The Daily Telegraph). Many police were in attendence. Number of arrests: zero. People who complained about the inflamatory nature of the "pro terrorist" demonstration were pushed away by police.

Jack Straw, UK Foreign Secretary, has declared the cartoons to be "insensitive". He has made no comment on the pro-terrorist protests in London.

Can anyone else smell the heavy stench of appeasement and politically correct hypocrisy that is only going to act as a recruiting sergeant for the far-right?.


frightening, (in January) Iran removes the IEAE seals from nuclear plants and begins producing what? nukes? (In January) Protests against Free Speech, and Demands to recognize thier religion and prophet as Supreme (no other authority on earth has immunity from criticism, according to Islam not even God). (In January) A coordinated uproar (war, as in bombing other nations embassies and giving death threats) against some west europe countries for a slight in the form of a drawing, that was published 1/2 year ago.(Freedom Of Speech is a Nation's Sacred Right and as such is IRREVERSABLE). (In January) Detroying A Nations Property and citizens by Bombing (effectively declaring war!) and issueing (globally) threats to all who participate in the offensive free speech. Note Again, In January Iran Removed the seals that previously prevented them from making nuclear warheads.
Doesn't this all seem a bit tooooo calculated to be viewed as isolated incidents? Wake Up! World!! This is the spearhead!! The Nuke heads are next ! And Now, the IEAE and the U.N. want us to wait until March to dicuss diplomacy about their nuclear building? Are they insane? Let tensions increase for a month? Do the world leaders truly believe that in a month the islammic world will say "O.K. we accept your apology"? Isslam didn't the first time. the second time, or last time!! !!?Give the Arabs nations a month to deliver their assualt in retaliation for the greatest offense in all creation that has just been lobbied at them from the western world!!!???? And if the U.S thinks that they'll be forgotten in the foray because of thier lack of printing the pictures Think Again! America is the one that started all this mess with free speech, democracy, demands to have thier nuclear sites investigated and lastly invasion!! The Arab Nations are like a bunch of tantrum loving, spoiled, 3 yr olds, who believe everyone will stop and cater to them everytime they throw a fit! A lot of western nations are acting like parents who are afraid to discipline an unruly child!!!Disobedient, disregardful, undisciplined, tantrum throwers, who now, (thanks to certain world governments) have the capabilities to blow certain countries to smitherines. Isn't it interesting that china and russkie want to help Iran produce their nuclear fuel? Has History shown these to be trustworty allies? Hmmm.. and now the world waits while the U.N. and the western world sits on there arse hoping that reality isn;t reality, while the eastern world executes the building of the bombs. And by March 6 there will be enough bombs to do a great enough damage to proclaim the jihad a success. What irony!! The Great outdone by the small. Kind of like Jack and the Beanstalk!!!
Does anyone truly believe that the Isslamic world is going to be molified, by what-ever-means, after what they consider to be the most horrendus offense in all the heavens, earths or eternities? THEY are the ONES who perpatrated it!!! Mohammed has been protrayed hundreds of times before. Why did they choose this one time to exacerbate the issue to the point of war? Enough said . Heads up! It was all planned. Don your helmets before the shrapnel starts flying and all the bombs go off!

Re: Interesting comparison

Hmm! My theory.. anyone that marched and said calling for "Death to free speech", "Butcher those who insult Islam", "Behead unbelievers" and singing the praises of the July 7th 2005 suicide bombers who murdered 52 people in London (and calling for more suicide attacks in the city and Europe in general) (qv The Times, The Daily Telegraph). Many police were in attendence. Number of arrests: zero. People who complained about the inflamatory nature of the "pro terrorist" demonstration were pushed away by police."

Strip their British passports from the ungrateful dogs and send their bloody bums back to their villages full of camel dung in whatever manure heap covered stones they crawled out of in the Middle East to begin with. After seeing the syrian pictures.. I am no longer in the mood to be "tolerant" of anyone..who preaches that inanity.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Stripped of British Passports

"Strip their British passports from the ungrateful dogs and send their bloody bums back to their villages full of camel dung in whatever manure heap covered stones they crawled out of in the Middle East to begin with. After seeing the syrian pictures.. I am no longer in the mood to be "tolerant" of anyone..who preaches that inanity.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!"

About fifty eight million people in the UK would agree with you on that, with the exception of the Muslim extremists and a British Labour government (a government which is too scared to do ANYTHING) - the problem is, the 58 million might-well vote for a political party that WILL get rid of the muslim extremists, no matter what that party is.. I guess that's kind of how Hitler got to power in 1933.

The UK Muslim puppet goverment.

I saw the pictures from the demonstration and I was shocked that the British authorities didn't act on the demostration. It seems to me that UK have a special kind of free speech. It's legal to call for death of my fellow Danish country men. No official condemnation from the UK goverment, but if we are talking about a bomb in a turban on a so-called profet then it's another issue. UK is a sick contry where the goverment has been forced into submission of radical Muslims. The population in UK are scared of offending the followers of Muhammed. That's why it seems to be legal to call for the death of others without any consequences.

What will happend in the submissive UK, if radical Muslims started to rob banks ?? I guess nobody would stop them :-(

To copmare to a free country like ours:
I Denmark the police has warned that burning the Koran can cost prison sentence up to 4 months. Flag burning is also a crimminal offence. A radical Muslim organisation that called for the death of jews was crimminally procecuted.

The far-right will gain more support in UK as all of the leading parties will back of when faced to the pressure of the radical Muslims. Not every Brit (I hope) would like to live under the Sharia Law.

In Denmark the oppinion polls shows that the 'Danish People Party' will get around 15% of the votes, and I guess it will increase :-)

BTW. It's not only their geoverment that are a bunch of cowards it's also their phatetic PC press. If they shows the 12 cartoons it's easy to see that there is no reason for any fuss.

For Balder!

This has nothing to do with what you wrote but I LOVE YOUR Name!


Okej, now on a more serious note! They are everywhere there having bought up property and such. Now how does that go again, freeze their assets and nationalize their businesses..Oh I guess that would not be cricket. All the Brits I know love their cocktails too much for Sharia Law Balder!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

All it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing..

You're right, not every Brit wants to live under Sharia! I am 38 and discovered yesterday (really! yesterday!) that my great grandmother (on my mother's side) was Jewish. So, if the Sharia mob get in, I'm stuffed, and if Jack Straw and the other appeasing cretins cause the far-right to get in, I'm stuffed, too. But of course, this is pure fantasy, as fascists have never, ever got into power in Europe before and never will [erm] again. It's just a fairytail, just ask Hans and Sophie Scholl..

They will never win, I hope.

I have monitored the situation in Sweden at for a while. They have the same political correct goverment and press as in UK. If there are any imigration related problems it's not mentioned in the Swedish press. The leading parties don't talk about the problems. Unfortunatly the neo-nazi's has gained ground amount the youth and Sweden are getting problems with racist attacks. Swenden and Denamrk has almost the same population bu they have around 50 time more racists attacks a year (50-60 in Denmark and aound 3000 in Sweden). That's another reason why P.C. is a dangerous thing. The tragic thing is that the Swedish goverment accuses Denmark of Xenophobi. At the bottom line I think most imigrants would prefer verbal arguments compared to attacks by skinheads.


For en god ordens skyld: I Danmark er det ikke ulovligt at brænde Dannebrog. Det er dog ulovligt at brænde alle andre flag.

DF er i øvrigt for nylig kommet med et forslag om at ændre dette, så afbrænding af det danske flag også bliver ulovligt.


Appeasing the demonstrators who advocate and incite violence is absolutely the worst thing to do. As Michael says, it encourages support for the extreme "nationalists" (i.e. racists), and will only have the effect of encouraging inter-community strife.

Unfortunately in London we have a chief of police (Sir Ian Blair) who seems to understand none of this.

I hope we're proved wrong.

Bob Doney