Muslims Demonstrate in Brussels, Antwerp

Young Muslims protested today in the Flemish towns of Brussels and Antwerp against the Muhammad cartoons. While the police in Brussels succeeded in keeping everything more or less under control, in Antwerp a number of cars were damaged and journalists were beaten up. Here is some footage from Flemish television network VTM, filmed in Antwerp.

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What's the matter with you people?

Don't we all sit around scouring the news for items to be offended over, to alert our local (pastor, priest, rabbi, dalai lama), to head to the international rabble rousing frothing, foam spewing, suicide bomber justifying, racist, offendo-(pope, pastor, rabbi), who can issue the call for the international days of pacificity which as we all know is so we can get out for once and show the world that our religion really ISN'T a tiny minority of extremists by way of creating signs saying that somebody else's most fundamental freedom is actually terrorism and blasphemy, thus causing us to righteously burn cars, buildings, and generally engage in civil intimidation so we can all show how close to God we are?

I mean really. I sit around all day just waiting to be offended, don't you?

It certainly appears that

from Eurabia to Southeast Asia, Islam has entered into the last phase of 'revolutionary war.'

Although overly simplified, one strategist typlified this phase as one where the quote-unquote revolutionaries transform themselves into an orthodox establishment capable of conducting operations through more traditional forms of conventional warfare.

Don't Work or Go To School. Burn things! The Islamic Way!

You notice how all these so-called "spontaneous" riots and demonstrations all have the exact same rhythm and dramatic structure, and all are well supplied by the prop department.

They always start out fairly peaceful, all supplied with convenient Danish flags, American and/or Israeli flags. They all have some destination in mind that represents the country that has given them their "offense of the moment." Then, the lighters come on stage.

The requisite flag burning proceeds to amp up the crowd, and a fiery speech or two is given, usually all threats against Danes, Americans and Israelis, giving , as always, special attention to "the great satan" America, like whats-his-face does down there in Iran, as they wait for the news cameras to show up. 

When a suitable amount of press coverage has assembled, property becomes the enemy of the moment... cars and buildings.

If the police dare to attempt to quell this turn of events, the production moves into the finale... the "scuffling" with police. If the police are good, usually a journalist is taken out in frustration by the aggrieved "youths."

As the right to assemble is legal, I think the police should just encircle the demonstrations and wait until the property damage, the beginning of the third act, begins. Instead of "scuffling" with the mob the police should be there in sufficient numbers to blockade all the rioters, preventing them from leaving the scene.

Get names and identities of the rioters. Take their pictures. Publish them all in a special edition of the city's leading newspaper. Do that every time their is a property damaging riot following a demonstration. It would take a lot of police coordination and work, but that's what they are paid for, no?

And any time someone's name appears twice, they and thier family are immediately deported back to their bleak hell hole of origin.

Who is going to be first to take an aggressive stance against these common, low life, thugs?

You would think they could maybe put their energy in a couple of computer science courses at university or a technical school, but no. They are "OFFENDED MUSLIMS!" And that takes precedent over education, earning a decent wage, all those things like hard work that would make a better life.

No! Listen to the insane imam instead! You must break things, then set them on fire because you are muslims!! Plus, this gives you the perfect excuse to avoid really difficult things like school and work. It's sounds like such fun being a muslim!

Protests of the "holy"?

It strikes me as odd that all of the protesters claim to be "true muslims", because it is clear - in Belgium as well as everywhere else - that they a just a bunch of mere thugs and criminals.

So, they must know they are bound directly for hell. How is that for a paradox.

The Anti Idiot


The same, though much smaller happened in the center of amsterdam. A quiet demonstration erupted in a short outburst of relatively mild violence and vandalism. The police was there, but didn't see it comming. I did. Told them, they shook there shoulders. 2 were arrested.