Dutch Feminazis Want to Punish Educated Mothers

Sharon Dijksma

Sharon Dijksma, a leading parliamentarian of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) wants to penalise educated stay-at-home women. “A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work – that is destruction of capital,” she said in an interview last week. “If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at society’s expense, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished.”

Hence her proposal to recover part of the cost of their education from highly-educated women who decide not to seek paid work. Between 2001 and 2005 the number of Dutch women aged between 15 and 65 who were out on the labour market rose from 55.9 to 58.7 per cent. Dijksma says she wants to stimulate more women to join the work force. In the municipal elections earlier this month the PvdA became the biggest party in the Netherlands thanks to the Muslim vote. The PvdA is generally expected to win the general elections next year, when the 35 year old Dijksma, who has been an MP since she was 23 and is a leading figure in the party, might become a government minister.

On her weblog Dijksma explains that her proposal is a logical consequence of the Dutch system of subsidizing students. Society finances their studies with government scholarships, hence it is only normal that they pursue a professional career or repay. “If someone chooses not to work, then there should be a substantial repayment,” she said.

Most Dutch women who decide not to seek paid jobs do so in order to care for their children. Consequently the Dutch media refer to Dijksma’s proposal as “the PvdA Mother Plan.” The proposal elicited fierce criticism, some of which was aimed at Dijksma’s person. Twice the politician started a college course, and twice she failed to complete the course: her grades were poor, and anyway, at the age of 23 she was already a well-paid MP. Angry Dutch bloggers demanded that Dijksma pay back the costs of her unfinished studies before going after the mothers. “Let the fat cow repay her own scholarships first, because that was a real waste of public money,” one of the bloggers wrote.

The PvdA website has come to the rescue of the beleaguered politician, repeating the stance that those who study at the taxpayers’ expense and do not join the workforce are guilty of “destruction of capital.” Edith Snoey, the leader of the biggest Dutch trade union, who has made a similar proposal to Dijksma’s, wrote on her weblog that Dijksma had expressed herself somewhat unfortunately by giving the impression that she was only focusing on women, while the sanction should also apply to educated men who do not want to join the workforce. However, Snoey said, Dijksma’s mistake was unintentional. The union leader added that the politician should continue the fight: “Cheer up, Sharon. Let us proceed, because we aim for the same goal: more women in the labour force.”

Since the sixties, socialist feminists like Dijksma and Snoey have refused to accept that women also contribute to the wellbeing of society by investing in children. The time, energy, money, talent, and indeed education invested in the upbringing of children produces greater benefits for society as a whole than the pursuit of individual wealth and satisfaction. Apparently Dijksma’s ideal world is one where educated people spend their lives partying and spending, while the future of society is left to depend on a generation of children raised by poor and uneducated mothers. If all children come from disadvantaged families, the state can step in to “take care” of them.

If Dijksma and Snoey were honest in their materialistic logic they ought at least to deduct a sum equivalent to what the government spends on the average disadvantaged child throughout its education (and possibly its entire life) from the amount that they are demanding back from educated mothers. Perhaps when all is added up they might decide that it would make more sense to penalise women who choose not to have children in order to pursue their careers.

Indeed, as a vital resource of any civilisation is its future generation, refusing to have children is a “destruction of capital.” What use is a market when there is no-one to participate in it? Society should allow educated mothers to raise their own children, rather than punish them.

ButchNazi - BeestNazi

Last week the BBC ran a story about how Germany was bemoaning the low number of children being born to German mothers. Numbers were given for other European countries and the Netherlands birth rates are no better than Germany's.
Unless the Netherlands is intent on cultural suicide, well educated Nederlandse Moeders are their best investment.

Moreover the percentage of women in the Netherlands that don't participate in the working economy by working "Full-time" is over 70 percent.

Is it possible that a glass ceiling exists?

Are the jobs accorded to highly educated women not of equal career value than jobs given to men?

Are they placed in contract jobs where 3 years later they must fret over their future.

And finally if a well educated women marries a well educated man and can afford to leave the working world and dedicate herself to raising well mannered, well educated children, t'groeten aan je'

Re ButchNazi - BeestNazi

*sighs* I am about to make a statement as a female guaranteed to have me pilloried by other females of the power driven order through the world. One only lives once so here goes!

Please tell me what is wrong if a well educated woman stay s at home. I write these days and so I do not hold a position outside my home. But the housework gets done, the meals are hot and as far as I can tell appreciated, for there have been no complaints. And believe me I would have heard had there been. A family is a full time job. Would you have a nanny raise your children? So that they do not come to you when they are in trouble, or need advice etc.
Whatever happened to enjoying time together, oh I do not mean television as a babysitter. I mean games, interaction.. Legos are lots of fun!That does not mean I do not wish to stand beside him in Sessrumnir, Freya's Hall, with good fortune I shall. But a man can do a lot if he knows that the homefront is being guarded,the things he cherishes are being well cared for, his back at his castle..
ooops *dodging a ripe tomato thrown from a feminazis* our castle
is being covered. We do not all have to be power driven suits.


Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

ReButchNazi - BeestNazi cont.


What about the hunter-gatherer's mate! During the War my mother built ships for the war effort and later ran a motor pool in the military itself.
After the war she donned an apron again!
Were there not other mothers, who did the same things. Oh Yes! That was HER choice! That was THEIR choice!She followed dutifully behind my father for over 33 years of military service, to posts where an intriguing but brilliant mind was needed to plot sometimes the course of the day. Many other military wivces did this also. What of the wives of corporate executives who put aside sometimes the things they loved for the "good of the family." These women are not worthless. They are OUR MOTHERS and GRANDMOTHERS, AUNTS,SISTERS, NIECES,COUSINS.. FRIENDS!
June Cleaver, Gretchen Hesse,Margarete Van Zandt and all their sisters and daughters throughout the world, have the right to "choose" what THEY WANT to do with their lives. They have that right because some women did pick up a shovel, fly a plane for supplies to free of pilots for combat, a welder, a gun and work in the armament factories, the public works, the resistance and the military during the war. Then afterwards went back home and raised their children ..us! Those very women who complain have the right to do so by the sacrifices, the joys and the choices.. that women before them made. Tell the Dutchwoman, Sharon Dijksma,
to stand down off the housewive's back please.. Did not she have such a mother? A mother who taught her that she had the right to do and be anything she chose to be! Was there a waste of capital in that?

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

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So much for success

I've read that the best predictors of a child's success in life are his (or her) father's level of income and his (or her) mother's level of education.  So much for success ...


inane gov't interference

I add my voice to the commenters who note that a person who has been in gov't since age 23 is unlikely to be able to provide useful solutions to problems. Has this person ever held a job? Raised a child?

In the US we got hear our pro-big-government Senator McGovern ruefully admit that all those regulations which seemed like a good idea when he was telling other people what to do, became a big problem when he tried to start a small business after leaving office. 

Educated Moms a Good Thing

A stay-at-home mom who also happens to be smart and educated is going to be a great mother and will likely raise children (and more than 2) who will make a productive contribution to society.  Not only is Ms. Dijksma off the mark, but she will likely hurt many future generations with this mentality.

Everything government tries to touch in the name of enlightenment seems to stink with the smell of immorality.


Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can;

the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Punish the moms

I would assume that Ms. Dijksma will be fining herself for letting a perfectly good college degree being wasted in the non-capital creating occupation of a politician. If she started in politics at 23 then I would guess that she has never had any job outside of the public sector at all.

socialism commodifies everything

<I>The PvdA website has come to the rescue of the beleaguered politician, repeating the stance that those who study at the taxpayers’ expense and do not join the workforce are guilty of “destruction of capital.”</i>

I often hear the charge that "capitalism" (a term I hate) is responsible for the commodification of everything, the devaluing of everything not revolving around money.  But it is the big-government, socialist society that makes material production the be-all and end-all of life.  It was the communist nations that trashed their environment in the name of greater production levels, while the free ones that restrained production for the purpose of environmental protection.  And now, apparently, it is the socialist ones that subvert the family to Mammon.

Good Observations

And here all this time so many folks have been calling capitalism a bad thing!

Things are a bit more

Things are a bit more complicated than the article suggests, but the conclusion stands.
The PVDA is considering the introduction of student loans to replace the current system of non-reimbursable government grants. The loans would be repaid over a period of up to 25 years, and the reimbursments would depend on your income. If you are unemployed, you wouldn't have to make repayments. Dijksma makes a distinction between "voluntary" unemployment ("opting out") and "involuntary" unemployment. In other words, if you decide to go on the dole in order to educate your children you will be "OK"; if you play straight you won't.
So, as things stand, if I can afford to send my children to university at my own expense, they will be "free". If not, they will become serfs.
Obviously the PVDA could take the next logical step, and calculate the all-in cost of providing someone with a university education (fees paid to enter a Dutch university cover only a tiny part of these costs). If you have to repay that, the number of serfs will increase dramatically, and we should get a lot closer to reaching the "Lisbon targets".

Give me a refund

My degree has proved to be a handicap on several occasions during my career ("career" in the sense of "moving fast but erratically to no purpose, out of control"). "Why did you study that when you could have being doing something useful?" Where do I apply for a refund? Ah, the wasted years...

And what "capital" is being destroyed? The same sort of "capital" that pays MPs' salaries, I suppose.

Bob Doney