MP3 Murderers Said to Be Polish Gypsies

In today’s edition, the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad writes that it has learned from its sources that the 16-year old boy who was arrested earlier this week for the murder of 17-year old Joe Van Holsbeeck, is called Marius. He belongs to a family of Polish gypsies who have been living in Belgium illegally since 2000. Marius was studying garage mechanics at a school in Anderlecht, a Brussels suburb, where he was arrested on Monday evening at 4:30 pm. His teachers had recognized him on the footage of security cameras in Brussels Central Station. Marius had already been involved in four cases of robbery and robbery with violence.

Marius’s accomplice, who according to Marius is the man who actually stabbed Joe when the latter did not hand over his MP3 player, had come over from Poland for the Easter holidays. He is also a minor but has since returned to Poland where the police is currently hunting for him.

If the story in Het Nieuwsblad is correct, one has to conclude that despite living in Belgium without official papers, Marius and his family had not been expelled by the authorities, not even after he started his career in crime. Last February, Belgium’s Cardinal Godfried Danneels called upon the Belgians to participate in a protest demonstration in favour of “people without official papers.” Paul Van den Berghe, the Bishop of Antwerp, even participated in the demonstration. After the Van Holsbeeck murder the Cardinal blamed the “indifference” of the Belgians, who, he said during his Easter sermon, had not interfered to stop Joe from being stabbed. The Cardinal also said that the murder was caused by the greed of Western society “where people get killed for an MP3 player.” Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt also blamed Belgian society for its indifference, while other politicians from the government parties blamed capitalism.

Yesterday and today leftist commentators and journalists – and even civil servants of the Belgian Justice Department – openly mocked the Catholic Church and conservative Catholics because Joe’s murderers have turned out to be Poles, countrymen of the former Pope, and not North Africans.

The Belgian authorities, who immediately after the murder had announced that the murderers were North Africans, have apologized to the North African community. Muslim organizations, however, are demanding formal apologies from politicians and journalists who, assuming that the official information of the Justice Department was correct, wrote about the problem of North African criminality in Brussels. Fouad Ahidar, a Moroccan-born member of parliament, had said that something urgently needed to be done about the Muslim street gangs. “There is a growing group of criminal Moroccan and Turkish youths who go after victims who look like infidels. We have to fight racism in all its varieties, whether by the immigrants or the native community,” he said.

Yesterday Laurette Onkelinx, the far-left Belgian minister of Justice, said that “those who have wrongly stigmatised an ethnic community will have to search their own consciences.” It is noteworthy, however, that the Vlaams Belang, the main opposition party and one with a firm stance on immigration and law and order, kept a low profile during the past two weeks. Its leaders hardly commented on the Van Holsbeeck case. Nevertheless, it looks as if the Van Holsbeeck case will turn into an opportunity for the leftwing Belgian regime to crack down on so-called “racists” and “islamophobes.” Today, in the Dutch newspaper Trouw, Glenn Audenaert of the Brussels federal police compared the criticism of North Africans in contemporary Belgium with the Nazi's attacks on Jews by commenting: “Now I understand how anti-semitism was able to creep into our homes in the thirties.”

Hello. Everybody insterested in polish opinions about last event

This is article about this murder in polish portal - which is something similiar to Brussels Journal. If you want any comments from Poland, if you want to ask about anything about this case in polish press or if you have any other questions this is right place. This portal is in unfortunatelly only in polish - so you won't understand a lot ;) but if you have any questions you could ask in english of course.

If you have any problems with photos or films about this event in western europe here you have both
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Glenn Audenaert of the

Glenn Audenaert of the Brussels federal police ... commented: “Now I understand how anti-semitism was able to creep into our homes in the thirties.”

Supercilious smooth-tongued liar. He understands nothing; he knows nothing; and he doesn't want to know either.

These were illegals that his department had done nothing about.

As for anti-Semitism, we all know who the new anti-Semites are and we all know that the left and the establishment and people like Audenaert are cooperating with them.

EU 'covered up' attacks on Jews by young Muslims.

Polish Gypsies

Well isn`t that a suprise ? How conveniant was it for the Belgian media as well as for a large part of the Polish media - owned by Axel Springer (here I wonder if part of the Belgian media dosn`t belong to the same owner) had somehow "forgot" to mention that those two teenagers were Gypsies.. The damage to the Polish community in Belgium is already done - according to various sources (various articles as well as internet forums used by the Polish communities in Belgium) our people there are begining to be threatened not only by various Belgian groups but also by various Turkish and Moroccan thugs who want to take "revenge" for this whole issue. Simply great. A the end of the day I feel not only pitty for our community in Belgium but also for all of the people in your country who intend to brake the taboos created by political correctness as well as bring some common sense to the politics of your country, cose this is a big setback for you. From now on your`re going to hear over and over again that the killer was a "white (after a few week the people are going to forget about the photos) Polish Christian", "not only Muslims are the problem" and "you`re racists becaouse you`ve assumed that the crime has been comited by an Arab" (blahblahblah). Ofcourse the press is going to omit the fact that c.a. 3/4 of the crimes in your crimes are being comited by Arabs and Turks as well as this "Polish Christian" is an Central/Eastern European version of an Arab (luckily we don`t have as much of them in our country as it is the case with the Arabs in W.Europe)

iPods for Islam

In order to  unburden my grievous hook nosed bagel eating guilt, borne of my completely paranoid, racist, and entirely unfounded fear of the growing global caliphate.

 I propose that all Westerners generously contribute to the new "iPods for Islam" campaign. In order to show solidarity with any disaffected Euro Muslim youth (who may or may not be able to afford one?).

And to prevent any possible occurence of such similar robberies in the future [not that poor Muslim yutes in Yurrup could/would ever do thus (why perish the thought)].

Make a large contribution today, won't you? All new iPods purchased for these societally marginalized children will come already preloaded with a selection of Islamist favorites. Including a wonderful comedy starring Nicholas Berg.


(sarc on)

This Marius has been

This Marius has been involved in 4 cases of robbery and robbery with violence and he was still free to roam the streets in Belgium!? Another perfect example of the stupidity of the multiculti socialist system in Belgium and EU!


Well here I can agree and disagree in a way. As Aristoteles said, humans must find the golden middle if they want to enjoy perfection. Multiculturalism can be a good thing and contribute to the society as well as to the state - if the politicians who are running the state seek to create balance in their stride to create a multiethnic society. Common sense is also very important here. If the politicians in W.Europe would seek to find the "golden middle" as well as they would use some common sense by adopting: an "if you don`t like it here then get the hell out of my country" policy, a "one crime = a deportation" for forgainers policy, a "I tolerate and respect your culture, but the native culture of my country is first among equals and in case of a conflict you must adapt" policy, a "we`re seeking the smatrest brains in the world instead of human trash of the world" policy, "illegals must be deported after 2 months" policy, it is "impossible to register someone to school if you`re an illegal" policy, ... and finely abolish most of the welfare system.. then this would make a HUGE difference..