Déjà-Vu: Pedophile Murders Shock Belgians

Thou feedest them with the bread of tears and givest them tears to drink in great measure.


The front page of all Belgian newspapers today had the pictures of two little girls. “Murdered” the captions said. Nathalie Mahy (10) and Stacy Lemmens (7) disappeared on 9 June. Their bodies were discovered yesterday. Exactly ten years ago, before Stacy and Nathalie were born, the Belgian papers also brought pictures of murdered girls. Their names were Melissa Russo (8) and Julie Lejeune (8), victims of the notorious pedophile Marc Dutroux.

Stacy and Nathalie were abducted in Liège, the largest city of Wallonia, the Socialist-dominated French-speaking part of Belgium. Melissa and Julie were from the same city, often referred to as “Palermo on the Meuse.” According to Urban Audit Liège has the highest crime rate of all European cities (EU27), with 256.13 recorded crimes per 1,000 population in 2001.

Two weeks ago the police arrested 38-year old Abdallah Aït Oud, a Belgian of Moroccan origin. He was seen near the little girls prior to their disappearance. Aït Oud denies having murdered Stacy and Nathalie. Though the police has not been able to prove otherwise, he is a major suspect. He has already been arrested twice for pedophilia, once in 1994 and once in 2001, and he has no alibi for the night and the day after the disappearance of the girls, who are stepsisters.

In 1994 Abdallah Aït Oud was convicted to five years imprisonment for the rape of his 14-year old niece. He had regularly abused his sister’s daughter since she was six. Three years later, however, in 1997, when the Belgians were still recovering from Dutroux’ atrocities, the Belgian authorities, though they had promised the citizens that pedophiles would have to serve their sentences, released Aït Oud from prison prematurely. On 7 September 1997 he was arrested for theft and sent back to prison, where he remained until 2000. In March 2001, shortly after his release, he abducted and violently raped a 14-year old girl.

This time the negligent Belgian authorities decided not even to give the pedophile a prison sentence. Instead they sent him to a mental hospital. Last December Aït Oud’s doctors decided that he was cured and let him go. He went to live in Stacy’s and Nathalie’s street in Liège. The authorities did not notify the neighbours that a man with a dangerous pedophilia record had moved into their street. Disclosing such information is illegal in Belgium, where the state cares more about protecting the privacy of criminals than about protecting the innocent children of law-abiding citizens.

If Aït Oud proves to be the rapist and murderer of Stacy and Nathalie, this case eerily resembles that of Marc Dutroux. He, too, was a convicted pedophile when he abducted and murdered four children and girls in 1995. He, too, had been released prematurely from prison for good conduct. When Dutroux was arrested (by chance!) in 1996, the police found four corpses in his garden but also freed two abducted children whom he kept locked up in his cellar.

There is great indignation in Belgium. If Abdallah Aït Oud proves to be the murderer of Stacy and Nathalie there might be an explosion of popular anger. If he is not the culprit the trauma among the public may be even worse, as this would mean that another pedophile psychopath is on the loose again.

Clearly, the Belgian state is no longer able to guarantee the safety of its subjects. Citizens are even beginning to wonder whether the authorities are not just unable but actually unwilling to do so. As I pointed out here a year ago, in relation to another Belgian sex scandal, with Moroccan victims, “morality has gone berserk all over Europe, but nowhere to the same degree as in Belgium.” The country has been sliding into Gomorrah since the 1970s. This process is described in detail in my book A Throne in Brussels, which argues that it is the logical result of Belgium’s nature as an artificial construct, where the state deliberately undermines public morality.

In the final paragraph I warn that the “Belgian disease” might soon become the “European disease”, if

“Europe, like Belgium become[s] a federal state which fails in the basic duty of a state: to guarantee law and order, provide a fair judicial system, and protect its citizens and their children. In a few decades from now, will Europeans, like Belgians today, be obliged to say of their pan-European – supra-national, or rather post-national and post-democratic – state: Thou feedest us with the bread of tears (Psalm 80:5)?”

Belgium’s capital, Brussels, has a murder rate about five times higher than Paris and two times higher than London. The murder of the two children in Liège is the latest in a series that started last February in Brussels with the assassination of a 16-year old black boy, whose throat was cut by five “youths” who have not yet been found. This atrocity was followed by the murder last April of 17-year old Joe Van Holsbeeck, stabbed by two underaged Polish gypsies during rush hour in Brussels’ Central Station. Barely a month later, last May, there were the murders of a two-year old toddler and her black nanny and the shooting of a Turkish woman in broad daylight in downtown Antwerp by an 18-year old Flemish boy playing out a violent computer game in real life. In a crowded public transport bus in Antwerp last Saturday a passenger was kicked to death by six youths, described by some as “five Belgians and one Spaniard,” referring to their nationalities, and by others as “six Moroccans,” also referring to their (dual and original) nationalities.

Yesterday, the Belgian authorities reclassified the murder of the bus passenger, Guido Demoor, from “manslaughter” to “assault and deliberate battering resulting in unintentional death.” This means that the maximum sentence the “youths” can get is five years in prison. Life is cheap in Belgium, but perhaps the Belgians themselves are partly to blame.

The Belgians habitually hold a silent “White March” whenever they are shocked by atrocities in their midst. This is an indication of their political immaturity and allows the political class to carry on as if nothing had happened. As Louis Tobback, the then Belgian Minister of the Interior and leader of the Socialist Party, said about the first “White March” in October 1996, shortly after the discovery of the bodies of Dutroux’ victims: “[Carrying white] symbolizes innocence and virginity, but it also means that their [= the protesters’] message is blank. I am not afraid of that.”

As long as the Belgians remain politically naïve, they will have to “drink tears in great measure” and nothing will change, as the politicos proved by prematurely releasing Abdallah Aït Oud in 1997.

Cured ?

Well, fellows, there are some misunderstandings here !

It has never never been question to check if the pedophile was cured . He pointed at his own dumbiness ! He was declared mentally challenged and therefore irresponsible and then, freed...

That's the actual policy in Belgium: if you're a moron, you can escape punishement. And it doesn't refers only to crimes in that lax country.

By the way, some psychiatrists are honest enough to say that psychiatry can't say if someone is irresponsible or not.Of course, those used as "experts" aren't as honest.

I hope i will escape from this country in one piece !

Do they want us to be scared?

It comes to my mind every now and then that socialist governments' intention in releasing criminals is to keep the society in constant fear. The fear, in turn, is probably supposed to make people turn to their governments for help. Then the governments have an opportunity to react and they do so. That all makes them look important and needed. Yet some balance must be kept, and in this case the situation seems to have gone out of control...

Predators are never cured.

Predators are never cured. You might get them to behave, but you can't get rid of their urge to attack. If you tempt them day after day with vulnerable prey, sooner or later, they're going give in to the urge and attack. Like a lion will, out of the blue, attack the lion tamer. That lion tamer tempted the lion for ten years without incident, and finally one day the lion gave in to the temptation and just did what lions do to prey. Predators aren't like the rest of us. Which is why they're called predators. They must not be let loose. Psychiatrists know this. Why don't they speak up and warn legislators?

P.S. You're right, too,

P.S.You're right, too, about the arrogance and lack of respect of European governments toward their own populations. The governments hold their populations in contempt because they are defenceless. Contrast that to the kid glove treatment Muslims get.

moron the government

The government are spineless political opportunists. So who is going to save the people? The King of the Belgians? Nay. History has judged his like already. His Subjects? Only if we can unite the wallonian socialists with the Flemish nationalists, for Flanders is indeed, by my own definition, a nation, having it's own culture, language/dialects, and a common geography.
I confess that I am not a member of Vlams Belang, nor am I a Christian Priest or Buddhist Monk. I refer to myself as a libertarian.

take care of your kids

In this case, the girls were abducted while the parents were dancing and drinking in a tavern, and they didn't realize that their daughters had disappeared before 3:00 AM if I have read well the information. Would you leave your children alone and uncared for and go drinking? Why to write about the moronic government...the governemnt can not replace parents when it comes to raising and caring for children.

The judges have decided not to charge them with negligence, estimating that they are suffering enough with the tragic consequences of their neglect of their daughters. I still believe that when you have young kids wandering around in dancing parties where adults are drinking and dancing that is criminal, even if I wouldn't find useful to send them in jail for that..It's too late. These children have been abandoned by their parents before being abducted...

Dèja Vu

What struck me immediately was that the suspect is of Moroccan origin. I remember a French youth aged 15 was murdered in Avignon in July 2004 by Hamedi Ed-Debch, also a Moroccan. The case also evoked memories of the assassination of Theo Van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri, likewise a Moroccan. Now, please don't misunderstand me, I am not trying to say that all or even many Moroccans are potentially dangerous. But there seems to be some kind of a pattern here. If you combine the kind of alienation that many young Moroccans obviously feel, with a readiness to resort to the use of knives then the risk of such incidents in this population could generally be higher than the population at large.


Charles I am glad you mentioned alienation.
It seems to me that given that we are talking about criminals, regardless of who they are and why they became that way, we cannot legislate their behaviour. We can, however, allow decent people to carry the weapons with which they can defend themselves, and this would create a fear deterrent in the criminals. Sure we run the risk of more guns/knives for them to steal. The fact is they already have them - they are criminals, and don't care if the law forbids them to carry them. Knowing their victim or an onlooker might also have one might scare them just enough to think twice.
They might be evil, but they are also often not so intelligent, or they would not be so frivolously risking their liberty. They can be easily frightened.
An added advantage of knowing that decent intelligent people have guns would be that the government might respect its citizens and realise that it's position depends on them, and not the other way around.
Not that this helps the two girls, of course, but we are talking about the much wider problem of crime in general.
As Paul said:"Clearly, the Belgian state is no longer able to guarantee the safety of its subjects." Who can? Only those citizens. Is the answer to employ more police? I think not, for they cannot be everywhere at once.


interesting point. You might be right. I was mugged once and my assailants were armed. They assumed that as one of the regular civilian population I would be unarmed (they were right, too). If you are tackled by someone wielding a knife, then unless you have special training and aptitude, it is pretty damn risky to try defend yourself with a knife. A gun might do it.

"An armed society is a polite one."

"God made man, but Sam Colt made men equal"

The thing is though if weapons were in free circulation that would be good news for all kinds of bad actors such as jihadists, gangsters, many other kinds of social detritus.

Why cannot the police deploy plainclothes armed marshals on the public transport system to take out these assholes?

But the real point of my contribution was the ethnic origin of the murderer.

Tears of children!!

I sit at home and cry, yet tears are not enough for the loss of a blameless soul. For some reason, the politicians of democratic countries have lost their souls to something other than our maker. They no longer serve the people, they seem to get lost in some stupid ideological scheme that it's the whole that counts, not us few. They listen to people who have greater agendas then the ones who got them elected. Stepping on the necks of the very folks who believed in them and put their trust in them. Once elected they the reason they were elected, to be part of something that would make the lives of those who voted for them a little better. We can pray, but we must raise our voices so as to let government know that they do not serve the people. When I was younger thought that I would vote for candidates that would hurt us the least. Now if I am not satisfied with their performance, I vote for some one else. In some cases it is not within party lines.
Peace and Love

free - at last?

I find it difficult to believe that the (alleged) Justice system has realeased such a murderer after such a short time.  In a country where taxes are so high, can we not afford to pay for Justice?  What does the government do with all that money? (I think the tax rate here is about 55 percent, from memory, and the standard of living is not really any higher than somewhere like, for instance, Australia)... Oh that's right, we have to pay the Eurocracy somehow as well, is that it?

So if this guy is the murderer, will he plead insanity too?  I seriously question the competence of the psychiatrist involved (who deemed him to be miraculously cured).  This smells really bad.  I feel sick.

Your biblical quote

also translates as
"You have given them the bread of weeping for food; for their drink you have given them sorrow in great measure."
"Thou hast caused them to eat bread of tears, And causest them to drink With tears a third time".