Belgian Regime Keeps Harassing The Brussels Journal

This morning, a police officer from the "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen" (Project Cell Human Trafficking and Foreigners) came to my door to question me about alledged "racist" articles on this website. I was not in. My son was told to tell me to contact the police asap in order to make an appointment for interrogation. Apparently crime statistics in Belgium are so low that the police have nothing better to do than harrass journalists. However, since my lawyer is on vacation they will have to wait. The Belgian regime has decided to intimidate me in the hope to close down this website. I am becoming quite a regular at the local police station. Last month they questioned me for homeschooling my children. I will keep you posted.



Perhaps a light should be shown on the Belgian Authorities and their threatening of freedom of speech.


I wonder if the New York Times would be interested in Paul Belien's persecution?


If you are a supporter of this site and Paul him by illuminating this harassment and persecution to any newspaper or TV news organization that you can.

Why this time "Projectcel

Why this time "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen" and not mister Thought Control himself, aka Gedapo, Fuhrer of the CGKR?

Strong beer?

@ Maigemu:

Strong beer in Belgium? If George Orwell were still alive, he would defenitely describe our national "pride" as Victory Gin... ;-)

Praying for you Paul

May God keep and strengthen you. I recently read your book and have reviewed it on my blog and The UK is almost as bad as Belgium without us having the ghastly Coburgs. All I can see in Belgium's favour is that excellent strong beer.
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To me this is a horrifying example of what happens when government is allowed too much power. Here in the US the home-schooling movement is getting larger all of the time. Several of my neighbors & co-workers home-school thier kids.

Last year I volunteered to be a judge at a Forensics competition for home-schooled students. I was absolutely astounded by the high level of performance those kids displayed. Thier argumentation was so sophisticated I kept forgetting that they were all 14 years old. My thought at the time was that the public schools were refusing to allow the home-schooled kids to compete against them was because they knew the homeschoolers would eat the public school kids' lunch.

At the end of the day the real issue isn't home schooling. Socialist governments want to destroy homeschooling for the same reason communist states stole farmland & evicted farmers: people who have loyalties to family or the land are a threat to the state. Socialist states want to eventually (and are pretty open about) thier desire to destroy family units; this is a first step.

Thank God that here in America government is never allowed this kind of power. I hope you prevail.


"[R]acism" is much more than a word; it is an instrument of thought control—even of terror.[cf. Lawrence Auster - Chapter Three from The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism] In matters of race, the Government rules by intimidation to impose its arbitrarily conceived order, rather as the late mediaeval Church practice which in the name of high principles stigmatized as evil any challenge to its authority. Now our leaders denounce "racial prejudice" and "racism" as evil, to frighten the simple, the timid, and the ignorant!


Commissaris : Ludo Meeus

Tasks : [...] mensenhandel en vreemdelingen [...]

Apparently a local task force that has received orders from Brussels to investigate a specific complaint.

As the local police force has no "project cell for restricting freedom of speech", it is the "project cell for human trafficing and foreigners" that is performing this task.

Human trafficking is a

Human trafficking is a problem in Belgium indeed. For instance, a person (non-Belgian) that worked 1 day in Belgium can obtain the "right" to transfer his family and let them get benefits of the Social Security. I would understand that the "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen" (Project Cell Human Trafficking and Foreigners) is looking avidly into possible abuses, like fake marriages. What I don't understand is why they should be concerned with alledged "racist" websites. Among the numerous government agencies paid to control "racist" websites, the "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen" seems the least suitable.

Police time...

I certainly hope the police are very busy - they don't seem to have the time to help out honest citizens.

I had a phone stolen in matonge about a year ago.. the police got the phone back about a week later, but for some reason they still have not given it back to me! I figure some cop needed a new GSM...

Every phone call, e-mail or letter (if ever answered) is completely unhelpful... and everyone I reach says they cannt help me in any way...

Reason for harassment

Everyone should understand that the "racism" allegation is just a cover.  It is the current excuse used by the regime to go after Paul.

If you want to understand the real reason why they go after Paul, you have to read Paul's book "A Throne in Brussels" (2005) (see

I just finished the book and it is one big accusation of the Belgian regime and its monarchy.  Page after page, it is filled with the crimes and despicable deeds of the Belgian monarchy and its henchmen.  Page after page, I was thinking to myself that Paul is a lucky man.  In the "olden days" (at least until 1950) Paul would have been either dead or in jail, if he would have dared to publish such a book. 

And I'm not exaggerating. Read the book: it is filled with examples of individuals shot, locked up and/or ruined because they dared to criticize the monarchy (and therefore threaten Belgium's existence).

Paul should not complain about the visit of some cop at his door. He should count his blessings!!

My prayers are with you and your family Paul. Hou zee!



"Why does the police have time for this kind of harassment?"

I guess they have to investigate each reported crime, or at least appear to go through the motions.

Clearly, I can't tell Mr Beliën what to do, but in his place I would hang a placard on my frontdoor exhorting the local constabulary either to produce a warrant, or to go indulge in autoerotic activities, the rationale being that if a judge can't be bothered, neither should I.


does the police have time for this kind of harassment? In the meanwhile they let loose top criminals (Murat kaplan, who is know on the run, Erdal,..), children are being abducted, abused and murdered on a weekly basis,.....

They know the elections are coming and the people are fed up with this kind of BS. There will be a political swing to the right and these are the last attempts of the corrupt regime to silence the critical voices.

"an appointment for

"an appointment for interrogation"

Hey, the judge issuing warrants is also on a vacation. What a happy coincidence.

BTW, alledged -> alleged

the same old story ...

I have been a regular reader of this fine site for many months and am very appreciative of the effort, professionalism and extremely informative (and not always popular/countering the MSM) views and articles expressed and displayed here. I am not unfamiliar with the tactic of intimidation/harassment utilized by those in position of authority when it does not conform to the monolithic chants of political correctness. I admittedly am no expert on Belgian affairs or politics but am quite familiar with the methods used to silence or limit the expression of views and freedom of speech. It is definitely not uncommon here in the USA to have the charges of 'racism' (among much nastier, baseless but amusing accusations) thrown about with absolutely no evidence to back them up other than the fact that certain views are not accepted by those who are eager to point the finger and try to silence. And the more facts that are given to back up such views, the more dangerous it can become. In fact I would say that this site is doing something very valuable aside from reporting the news itself. I assume the contributors and authors of this site are (or will be) prepared legally (not to mention morally) to respond to what seems to me to be outrageous and ridiculous efforts at intimidation. Believe me, you are all doing something correct if this has been one of the results. I would also expect the contributors are aware there is a rather large following of dedicated, educated and determined readers who would be willing to help in any way necessary to respond to (forgive my repetitiveness) this ridiculous assertion by your countries version of Human Trafficking Division. I would wish you 'good luck', Mr. Belian, but one doesnt need luck when he/she is in the right.

the same old story... its not just Belgium...

I also hope the readers, especially those who disagree with some of the articles/views expressed here take note of this action and see not only the power of the pen but also the tactics used by those who may not like what they read, but are resigned to resort to this type of action. This site is one of the finest I visit (among approximately 70) and it would be a great shame and injustice if somehow its contributors and authors are legally threatened/intimidated into silence. The expression 'the truth hurts' is applicable here and I suspect the efforts to intimidate will be exposed for what they are within time. And of course while it may be unsettling initially, I also suspect this may be a blessing in disguise due to what appears to be a baseless charade attempt at harassment/intimidation. This is definitely something I take note of and am pleased to see (from what I can tell) Mr. Belien is not the type to roll over in the face of absurd and predictable actions taken by the "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen". You, and virtually all of your contributors do a VERY fine and professional job here at this site and are a very valuable source of information for me and countless others. I respect very much what you and your fellow co workers do here and though I sometimes disagree with some articles it is precisely that disagreement which makes a site like this so necessary. It's too bad that one must sometimes go through nonsense like this but it proves in no uncertain terms how valuable voices like all of yours are in the face of opposition. I look forward very much to continued reading on this site and from all of its readers, authors and contributors. You do a spectacular job, and perhaps you are unaware at times just how valuable it is.


so much for freedom of speech and freedom of the press... I am curious as to which article(s) in particular the authorities find to be racist? And also why they are not directing their resources at those who would seek to promote such terrorism as September 11, London bombings etc.
Paul I am curious as to whether you require any assistance eg: petitions, demonstrations etc. We the people can force the government to back down on this. We the people have the right to our own opinions. We the people have the right to express them intellegently and freely in forums such as this.
Hang in there, Mr Belien and family, and please do not run away to America as some have suggested - we need a few good people here in Belgium.
Peter X