Brussels Returns to Normal, for Now

Last night Brussels police arrested 53 youths, including 19 minors, in the Marollen neigbourhood. The area had seen heavy rioting the previous nights. Some of the arrested immigrants were carrying combustibles. One schack was set alight and one car was torched. The police said there were no serious incidents. Yesterday afternoon Freddy Thielemans, the Mayor of Brussels, told journalists at a press conference that of the 45 youths arrested the previous night 31 were known to the police for a total of 242 crimes. The Mayor emphasized that the riots were the work of youth gangs and cannot be compared to last year’s riots in France since there had been no direct confrontations between the police and the rioters.

Meanwhile, Belgian artists warn that a victory of the “islamophobic” Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest] party in the local elections on October 8th may lead to violence. In an interview in the Dutch-language weekly Knack Magazine this week painter Luc Tuymans says: “In the worst case you will get organised resistance, perhaps even rather violent reactions. I suspect many shop keepers will have their windows smashed. People do not seem to be aware, but a vote for the Vlaams Belang may have serious consequences. They should realize this before they take a final decision in the voting booth.”

Tuymans is one the artists supporting the free 0110 concerts against the Vlaams Belang. The concerts are subsidized by the Belgian national lottery and are broadcasted on public radio and television. Another artist supporting 0110 is rock singer Arno, who said this week that Brussels is an example for the future of Europe, since it is “one of the only Arab cities which is not in a state of war.”

Last week, self-declared “anti-fascist” activists vandalised a car with Belgian licence plates in Amsterdam. They mistook the vehicle for the car of Vlaams Belang politician Filip Dewinter. The car, however, belonged to a French businesswoman based in Brussels. VB politicians are often the victims of acts of vandalism, including arson attempts. Yesterday the party announced that it has established a fund to reimburse local candidates whose properties gets damaged.


De gesloopte BMW met Belgisch kenteken.    Foto WFA

Why the American Mainstream Media Press Ignores the Riots

It is not because they are afraid of the Muslims alone.  It is that they do not want to alarm the Americans who would look at Europe's Muslim invasion and its chaos and destruction as a precursor to what America and Canada have in store for them. Right now, the number of Muslims in the US is low, but we are allowing large numbers to immigrate here.  It would burst their liberal bubble ("all cultures are equal or better than the West") to point out the trouble Islam has brought to Europe.


"That's right, I said it"

more on Eurabia

Marcfrans: I second all your points. With a minor exception:
your faulty 'reasoning' is in itself a powerful indication that Eurabia is on the way.
Judging by the mastery of language, combined with sloppy reasoning, my guess is that Shoeshinekid's attitude is an indication that Londonistan is on the way. It is, of course, arrogant on my part to make such wild guesses. Perhaps Shoeshinekid would care to tell me if I am wrong?

Eurabia thesis

@ shoeshinekid

Your starting point is wrong.  The Eurabia thesis does not rest solely on "belief" in your "three claims".   But, let's assume for a momemt that it does, and examine your 'claims'.

1) Demography is destiny. And the demographic facts are clear.  The 'local' birth rate is insufficient for maintaining the population level, and the muslim share of the population is rising rapidly (by any reasonable historical standard of comparison).  It follows logically that your 'claim' - that the moslem population would need to continue to grow "at an explosive rate" for Eurabia to occur - is false.   It does not have to remain "explosive" at all for Eurabia to occur. 

2) What does "religiously motivated" mean?  You make the false assumption that the notion of "religion" is understood in the same way by a secular westerner like yourself and by most 'moslems'.   That rests on the mistaken naive-left notion that people (cultures!) are all very much alike.  Forget about ideological dogmas and use your eyes to make observations.  Forget about motivations (religious or otherwise) and observe that all these 'disturbances' are taking place in "muslim communities".

3) Of course individual muslims do not all share the same beliefs about how society should be run.  But almost all of them think that it should be along 'muslim' (sharia etc...) lines.  They haven't figured out yet that everything (including anything religious) will always be subject to interpretation by 'elites' and 'rulers'.  That is why there is not a single muslim democracy in the world.  They have not yet been able to replace the 'rule of men' by the 'rule of law'.

Finally, your faulty 'reasoning' is in itself a powerful indication that Eurabia is on the way.

Islamic rioting not mentioned in U.S. press

The U.S. press is totally SILENT about the rioting. H'mmm I wonder why? Afraid of the Muslims too?

These rioters need to shot on sight. They are waging war against people who deserve better government and protection from Islamic fascists.

Just another example to rebut the LIE that "Islam is peaceful".

Islam is NOT peaceful. It never was and its history proves so.

I've read the Qur'an from front to back and peaceful it is not.

The West is at war with Islam but too afraid to state so or believe so.

One day we will have no choice but to round them all up and deport them or worse....if we want to live.....or we could submit...their goal.

People take this Eurabia stuff seriously?!

In order to even begin to take the Eurabia thesis seriously, you first have to accept the following three claims:

1. The Muslim population of Europe will continue to grow at an explosive rate.

2. Violent disturbances among Muslim communities are religiously-motivated.

3. Muslims all share the same beliefs about how to run a society.

As all three of these claims are thoroughly idiotic, I don't see why anyone would give Eurabia the time of day. You'd have to be an unhinged right-wing paranoiac ... ah! Now I understand!


Then prove to us otherwise, Shoeshine....Some of us may be "right wing paranoic," but at least we don't have our heads in the sand!...Just out of curiosity, are you a supporter of Chirac, and Schroder, so, that really says much!....;-)

Tipping Points


Ok, yeah, I might be having a down day, eh? :)

But there's some truth to it too. It doesn't have to mean that every Euro is on the beach, or even most, but maybe just enough to tip the balance is what I'm saying ...

 ... well, until it's clear to them that even 20 years of peace ain't gonna happen, at least. If that occurs, who knows? Mass emigration or battle? One thing's for sure: the two cultures cannot live harmoniously together, never could, and as Islamic numbers in Europe grow, something's gonna have to give.


On The Beach


What has to happen is the free people of the continent have to vote out
all Social Democrat and leftist parties from their governments, and
vote in more moderate to conservative politicians (such as the BNP in
Britian) who will change the immigrations laws, not give in to demands
from outsiders and the enemy within, and implement policy that
emphasizes the indivdual, and individual freedoms.

That only applies to those who are concerned about a future beyond their own lifespans.

But there are enough Europeans who have neither concern, such that they seem content to let their society degenerate so long as their own boat is not overly rocked for the historically brief period between now and their own deaths.

If the goal is simply to stay personally comfortable for, say, 20 years, then it makes no sense at all to fight. Quite the opposite: it makes perfect sense to obstruct those who would, and to prevent any sort of fight from even getting started.

Ever read "On The Beach," by Nevil Shute? It's about the continent of Australia, after a nuke war, waiting for the seasonal wind shifts to bring radiation to their hemisphere at which pt they will die. That's much of Europe today: on the beach, waiting for the end, hopeless, hapless, helpless.

And so we come full circle to my original comment: Europe is neither stupid nor is it timid. The futureless ones have made a rational, if amoral, decision, and those who want a future have had to adapt to that by not fighting a battle they cannot therefore win.

Very Defeatist!

Boy Ras...Sounds like many in EU have become self loathing and self-defeatist to the point where freedom just doesn't matter..(correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it like that during WWII??...and who came to the rescue?)....and you are correct, those who care about the future beyond their life span will vote out the status quo...those who don't care seem to be just plain self centered...if I were a kid growing up in EU today, I would make plans to emigrate as soon as I become an adult...if what you say is true, there isn't much of a future on the continent....That is very sad, very sad indeed....

p.s. Sorry for the

p.s. Sorry for the overly-large paragraph below. For some reason the automatic line and paragraph breaks did not occur.


How Will Eurabia Maintain Itself?


It is those few children produced by such a self-indulgent society who will suffer under Islamization.

I'm more inclined to think that those kids will be among the emigres who leave Europe to go elsewhere.

The philosophical speciation between the Old World and the New is accelerating. I don't know what level of free-thinkers and entrepreneurial personalities is needed for a healthy modern society, but solely for sake of argument, let's guess 5% or higher.

With each such person that left Europe in the past, the situation they left behind got a little tougher, a little further below the 5% threshhold, and so more such people left - cuz it was a lot easier than staying to fight - and the trend accelerated. Eurabia is simply the next step in that process.

But given the stagnation under Islam of education and technology I can't see how Islamic Eurabia can support its population and stay apace, much less advance, in fields such as medicine and agriculture. Knowledge and technology do not advance as a matter of course; they must be advanced by a society that values new ideas.

Eurabia's ability to mantain its own population, to feed it and to fend off new diseases, will depend, then, upon its ability to build a modern, open-minded economy where innovation and new ideas are encouraged, and social mobility is based on merit.

The track record of Islam elsewhere in the world and thru history does not offer much support for this, so altho Eurabia is coming, I doubt it can sustain its population for much longer than the ME's free oil-wealth can subsidize it. After that, absent an Islamic Reformation and Enlightenment ... it does not look good.

This is how Eruabia will maintain itself....

"Eurabia's ability to mantain its own population, to feed it and to fend off new diseases, will depend, then, upon its ability to build a modern, open-minded economy where innovation and new ideas are encouraged, and social mobility is based on merit."

What has to happen is the free people of the continent have to vote out all Social Democrat and leftist parties from their governments, and vote in more moderate to conservative politicians (such as the BNP in Britian) who will change the immigrations laws, not give in to demands from outsiders and the enemy within, and implement policy that emphasizes the indivdual, and individual freedoms. Not policies that promote Government dependency, Government restrictions and regulations, and political correctness.

By doing so, this will allow liberty to flourish (forgive me if I sound like Ben Franklin) and the human condition will improve greatly. Islamization is a form of religious fascism. A people can not flourish under such a system, be it religious or secular. Here in the USA, we have 4% unemployment, the economy is stable to good, and we are going after the enemies that wish to bring us down with avengence (albeit the liberals have tried enough times to impede such progress).

Much still needs to be done, though, especially with regard to securing our borders, but things, I think, are moving in the right direction. A lot of that has to do with the policies of the current administration and legislative branch. Some may not like it, but it's the truth. The results of the upcoming mid-term elections this November will say much about where the U.S. is going regarding these and other issues.

Somehow, I don't see this sort of thing happening in Europe/Eurabia. Too many people like their government goodies and freebees, which has led the continent down it's current path of self-destruction.


Debasement of language

"Anti-fascist activists" using brown-shirt violence to intimidate or silence a political opponent.

Debasement of the language of politics -- and morality -- continues apace.

Thanks Oiznop

Thanks oiznop but... as you thought it could be the case, I'm not of "an alternate lifestyle"... It's only that we're not married - so I think it would be wrong to call him my "husband" - but we live together since more than 5 years - so it seems that to call him my "boyfriend" is a little bit ... er... not strong enough? My english vocabulary is lacking, here, sorry!

But thanks anyway for your advices, and no apologize needed! (although you can give me an advice on the proper name I should use for "him"! ;-))

And, actually, I read Bruce Bawer a few month ago now; I found his book to be so "spot-on" that I thought that, if I had enough time, I would try to translate it into French (I've translated quite a few texts from authors such as Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald, Theodore Dalrymple, Melanie Phillips and Mark Steyn over the last year, and I think I'll try to work on at least parts of "While Europe slept")

I think ras is quite right...

... For almost three years now, I've been trying to wake friends, family and colleagues about issues such as islam, demography, and related problems, by talking, explaining, translating texts (a lot of people I know don't really read in their language (French) about news or "serious" matters, so don't expect them to try to read in english!)... And, actually, I think I'm wasting my time on most of them: either because they're so ignorant / full of PC crap (thanks RTBF!), either because they DO NOT want to know, either because they feel it's already too late OR that real troubles won't happen in their lifetime.

So now... I'm seriously thinking about emigrating - the only trouble is my partner himself doesn't seem to be convinced of the grimness of a future here! I must really be bad at explaining, I'm affraid!

"Explain to your "partner" this.....

Pistashe, from what I gather from your post, you are of an "alternative" lifestyle. I am not posting this to judge or relay my personal belief regarding "alternative" lifestyles. My being a conservative and cathlolic in the USA, I think you can decipher that for yourself. What I am going to suggest to you is this. If your "partner" sees no evil in all of this mess happening in EU, explain to him/her that the "youths" who riot in the streets will without hesitation target those of your lifestyle should they gain political control. Not to disagree, or to convert, or chastize you/him/her because of it, but to beat the hell out of, if not, KILL you/him/her because of it!! This is how the religion of "peace" works. I get so frustrated with the left coming down on Christianity and it's teachings on "alternative lifestyles." That is NOTHING compared to Islam and what they do. Don't believe me? Pick up a copy of Bruce Bawer's book "While Europe Slept," and I think you will see what I am talking about. By the way, Bawer is an American who lives in Europe and he himself is of an "alternative" lifestyle. Bawer moved to Europe to escape being chastized by the Christian Right in the U.S. Turns out, he and his "partner" found themselves leaving the frying pan and going straight into the fire! If that doesn't convince your "partner", then I am afraid nothing will.

DISCLAIMER...Forgive me if I am wrong. I see the term "partner", I assume that the person saying this is of an "alternative" lifestyle. I apologize if that is not the case.


I think ras is on to something here. The secularization of Europe has led to a hollowing out of moral values and a preoccupation with present comforts -- a short work week, liberal vacation and other benefits, childless homes -- and a feeling the future can go hang. It is those few children produced by such a self-indulgent society who will suffer under Islamization.

Appeasement, appeasement, appeasement!

Always blame the victim, never blame those who break the law. Don't you guys know that criminal acts are committed by those underprivileged, poor youth who are discriminated against by the very laws that protect everyone else?

These laws must be amended to allow for looting and rampaging against "infidels." 

As a result certain politicians will become heroes and Muslim youth will become law abiding citizens. Think about it!


Freedom isn't just the right to do as one pleases, freedom carries responsibility and maintaining freedom is a never ending job.

The car

It truly is unbelievable that these individuals just decided to vandalise one car because of a Belgian licence plate. These insolent thugs don't even seem to have the intelligence to prepare themselves.

In ignorance, everyone can be full of himself.

Blaming indigenous belgians

Unbelievable reaction by leftist politicians : they blame law abiding citizens for the gowing threat of muslim rioters: you must vote in a way that does not upset the scums !

Rational Existentialism And Vested Self-Interest

Europeans cannot be so blind as to fail to see the reality. They are smart, not stupid. Nor are they unusually docile or timid creatures.

So it must be that at least some of them they do not care what's happening, but if those are childless atheists who believe that reality ends when they do ... why would they? Within their own beliefs, it makes no sense to fight, nor - for sake of pride - to admit this logic.

It only takes enough such people to weaken the ranks and why would the rest even try to resist? It would be a losing cause with so many defeatists on "their" side merely hoping to finish a comfortable retirement before dying. Better to stay quiet, mouth the face-saving slogans, even believe them for a time, but plan to emigrate as they know they must.

Those who cry "wake up!" to Europe are missing the point. Europe is in fact wide awake and fully aware of events. It's sad, but it's reality.