No Tears for Mama

Last October 28th French Muslim “youths” arsoned a public transport bus in Marseille. A 26-year old female student from Senegal, Mama Galledou, sustained severe burns over 60% of her body when she was unable to get off the bus in time. Mama fought for her life in hospital and survived, though she will be marked for the rest of her life.

Only one (1!) demonstration has been held in support of Mama Galledou. How different this would have been if a Muslim “youth” had been the victim of, say, police brutalities or attacks by white hooligans. A mere 250 people marched in protest of the ordeal inflicted on this young black woman – most of them fellow students and teachers of the medicine faculty where Miss Galledou studied. The general indifference reminds us of the silence after last January’s murder of a black boy by Moroccans in Brussels. The murderers were never found and nobody seems to care either, because the murderers belong to an ethnic group which de facto rules the city. We are also reminded of the murder of the Antwerp train conductor Guido Demoor, who was kicked to death on a public transport bus when he requested six North African “youths” not to harass other passengers. The six “youths” were all released when an autopsy revealed that Demoor had died of heart failure rather than as a direct result of the injuries inflicted upon him – which prompted Humo, an infamous, far-left Belgian mass circulation weekly, to declare that Demoor was a “racist” as he had grabbed one of the “youths” by the throat.

The “youths” responsible for Mama Galledou’s injuries will probably also go free. Six minors were arrested following the incident – two of them 15 years old, one of them 16, and three of them 17.

Their friends and family deny that the boys are guilty. When French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy visited Marseille and demanded that “multi-recidivist minors of between 16 and 18 be punished as adults,” fifty youths staged a demonstration, following an appeal of the family of one of the culprits to protest “Sarko’s Gestapo methods.”

For some, apparently, the fact that the police is trying to maintain law and order is considered to be an intolerable provocation. They have, however, ever less to complain about. Bernard Coumes, the president of the police union Alliance in the Marseille province (the Bouches-du-Rhône department) describes the situation in his province as follows:

“In 1996 there were 6,700 police officers in the department, each working 40.5 hours per week. In 2006 we only have 4,000 officers who each work 35 hours per week. Since August 1st, 24 officers got injured during incidents. Over 40 police cars were damaged by objects thrown at them or were entirely demolished in arson attacks. The latter includes one army vehicle of the riot police CRS. Shots were fired at a vehicle of the emergency units in the 3rd district [arrondissement] of Marseille and petrol bombs were thrown at the police HQ in Vitrolles.”

While travelling on a Marseille bus that was hit by a petrol bomb, Mama Galledou sustained severe injuries. It remains to be seen whether her assailants will be adequately punished. Some criminals in contemporary Europe appear to be untouchable.

@Bob Again:

It is all perception. Short of a massive, amicably, and voluntary transfer of populations, there will be civil war in Europe. It also happens that Europeans are much more efficient and effective fighters than the denziens of Beirut, who were unable to make little headway against one another, and more technologically advanced than the Serbs and the Yugoslav Army.


Read the latest article dealing with Sweden. Quite frankly, by the time Europeans get their act together, Sweden might be a lost cause, however, only in the sense of the Philippines after the Japanese invasion - for we shall return, regardless.


It depends. They certainly have no place in Europe and should be encouraged to leave, coercion being a method of last resort. As far as crime against Europeans goes, I believe in the harshest possible treatment. There is an animal-like quality about these people, who both covet and hate European civilization - they don't seem to respond to rational influence or persuasion: they are not unlike the denziens of American inner-city ghettoes, who live worse than African refugees, and riot at the slightest perceived provocation.

Time's up

Kapitein Andre: "There is an animal-like quality about these people, who both covet and hate European civilization - they don't seem to respond to rational influence or persuasion"

I think, mon Kapitein, you have twiddled the knobs on your time machine once too often, and landed here by mistake when you meant to land in middle Europe in about 1936.

Bob Doney

On Sarkozy's "...Gestapo methods."

If French Muslims are unprogressive, I fail to see why the solution to the problems they create also shouldn't be; and the Nazi jibe got me thinking...


German forces in occupied Europe, especially in the East, were a great deal more concerned for their safety than the French National Police. If a patrolman was shot by a sniper, sappers stormed the base of the building in which the attacker was thought to be hiding, planted dynamite, evacuated and blew up the building regardless of whether or not it was occupied. Additionally, the punishment inflicted on a civilian population for the death of a single German soldier was often in the hundreds and brutally exacting; in Rome, during the German retreat and partisan uprising the ration once reached 1:350.


I sympathize a great deal with this Senegalese woman, despite my views on immigration - she suffered a fate which she was trying to avoid back home. Perhaps Senegal is now safer than Marseilles?


"Gestapo methods" is what Europe's Muslims deserve.

We hate you

If the police were allowed to do their job without intervention by the leftist politicos, I suspect the crime rate by these third rate violence groupies would drastically decline. Why is it that the left is always the reason that people are not allowed to do the jobs that have traditionally been theirs to do? Who do the leftists hate? It is not the criminals or terrorists. It is the public who looks to the police and officials on the local level for protection, whom they hate. They will let the public die before they relinquish the centralized authority they have unrightfully obtained.

The left should be investigated by their own "hate department", which is in reality a Department of Persecution against those attempting to defend themselves and others. It is also an enabling department for those who consider silence from the public as synonomous with gutless. The left and the criminals despise gutless people over whom they have gained illegitimate power.

As much as that poor lady was abandoned at the time by those responsible for her safety, she is being more abandoned now because she is a visible reminder of their failure of society and the individuals in it.

The Irony of it all.....

This young woman probably left the Senegal to escape such savagery.....Will Europe/France ever learn????.......My guess is no!......


This young woman probably

This young woman probably left the Senegal to escape such savagery

I had the impression she was born in France of Senegalese extraction and studying Pharmacy...............but I may be wrong