Dutch Government Attempts to Close Islamic School... by August

Maria van der Hoeven, the Dutch minister of Education, wants to withdraw subsidies from one of the two Islamic high schools in the country. The Islamitisch College Amsterdam (ICA) was established in 2001 and has 800 students. Van der Hoeven told the Dutch Parliament that she “wants to do everything possible to stop the subsidies to the school or to close the school down.” The minister says if the school wants to survive it has to reopen with a new school board. Employees at the school, who have meanwhile been fired, accused the school of channelling 60,000 euros of government subsidies to “extremist organisations outside the country.” Van der Hoeven confirmed that students at the school score very low (3.3 on a scale between 3 and 15). Critics say the school uses books which despise non-Muslims and preach hatred towards them. The minister said, however, the school can only be closed by August at the earliest because otherwise 800 students would lose their school halfway through the school year.

There is a growing demand for Islamic schools in the Netherlands. Home schooling is restricted in the Netherlands. Article 23 of the Dutch Constitution, however, entitles private organisations, such as religious groups, to establish their own schools which the government subsidizes if certain standards are met. Traditionally most of these schools belonged to Christian and Jewish denominations. There have never been problems with confessional schools until Muslim immigrants began organizing Muslim schools.

Last year, the then Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali proposed to abolish Article 23, ban all religious schools and send all children to state schools where they have to learn tolerance. She said Article 23 hinders the integration of Muslim children because they end up in Islamic schools. Hirsi Ali’s proposal to restrict freedom of education caused a row within her own Liberal Party when she called her critics “reactionaries” who “deny reality” and have no idea about the problems relating to the integration of immigrants into Dutch society.

In 2004 the official Dutch School Inspection published a report saying the Islamitisch College fulfilled the required minimum educational standards, though improvements were necessary. The school denies its lessons deal inadequately with topics such as tolerance, integration of immigrants into Dutch society, emancipation, homosexuality and racial hatred. Last year the school refused to employ a (Muslim) teacher because she did not want to wear the hijab.


Thanks for the laugh, Amsterdamsky.


Great start, great example for all other countries. Those who will not integrate, should not be permitted to immigrate. This is just being pragmatic. The religous exemption for islamic schools should be re-evaluated. This weekend, Iran is hosting a "scientific" conference to determine whether the holocaust actually happened. The west needs to hold its own conference as to whether islam is actually a religion, cult, creed, or political party. Relationships and laws can then be adjusted based on that outcome. No need for a special islamic religous school on the State's money if it is not a religion after all.


Jeez, don't tell me the liberal, tolerant, open-minded Dutch are starting to wise up???......

As for this: Employees at the school, who have meanwhile been fired, accused the school of channelling 60,000 euros of government subsidies to “extremist organisations outside the country.”

No kidding???...Big surprise there!....Shut them down, then.......Yesterday.....Can't wait to hear the school administration cry "discrimination, racism, and intolerance"....from the most tolerant and peaceful of religions!.......Pa-leez!!!!....



Seems to me...


...that we have to step away from the dogma of the late 20th century west, and into an older paradigm.

We in the west, since the late 60s, have been immersed in the ideology of ever more radical tolerance. We have grown up with the ideation of "inclusiveness", "equity" and "tolerance", and it has spawned such naive projects as multiculturalism.

Radical tolerance may work in a culturally and racially homogenous society, but it cannot and will not work in the mixed societies of the west today; it is nothing more than the creation of a cultural vacuum into which rushes the most vocal of the non-western cultures.

For our very survival we have to take a second look at the normatives behind taboo words like "racism", "discrimination" and "intolerance". If we don't, we will continue to slide into cultural decay. Somehow the west stumbled ahead of the rest of the human race by several orders of developmental magnitude while it was still misled by the tyranny of "intolerance" to other cultures, so obviously our forefathers did SOMETHING right.

We also have to stop believing the meme "it can't happen here". It can, and almost certainly will if we don't start fighting back.

Our western ways are the result of centuries upon centuries or trial and error, bloodshed and success, and while it is not perfect, what we have built is a damned sight better than any other society anywhere, anytime in history. We have to regain pride in what we have accomplished and reassert that pride against 3rd world barbarism. Contrary to popular myth, our society IS better than that of a stone age tribe in Africa or an Asiatic despotism, to borrow from an undoubtably unwilling Marx.