The Threat of Lawful Islamism and the Need to Fight It

Last week The Brussels Journal brought two stories illustrating how extremist Muslims, a.k.a. Islamists, try to impose their “values” on Europe. We reported how Islamists in Britain have been allowed to introduce “Shari’a swimming” in public swimming baths, whilst in Norwegian kindergartens pigs are banned from fairy tales because the poor, innocent creatures are “unclean” in the eyes of Islamists.

In a comment one of our readers remarked that the extremists want to impose rules on Europe which do not even exist in most Muslim countries. Our reader points out, correctly, that books and videos featuring pigs are widely available in the Middle East. Islamists want Winnie the Pooh banned in Europe because of Piglet. Disney, however, broadcasts Winnie the Pooh in Arabic in the Middle East. Why should we abolish what moderate Muslims allow? Muslim friends whom I visited in Turkey last May told me that they do not understand why nations in the West give in to the insane demands of Islamists while Turkey and other Muslim countries do not.

As we have argued before Western appeasement reinforces Muslim extremists. Those Western authorities who give in to the latter’s every whim (such as prisons and social housing with toilets that are turned away 90 degrees from Mecca) are not serving Islam. On the contrary they are doing a disservice to moderate Muslims who want to integrate in our society.

In some Western countries the authorities seem to be grovelling at the feet of the Islamists. One of these countries, sadly, is Tony Blair’s Britain. Theodore Dalrymple fears that this appeasement mentality (which Dalrymple, a psychiatrist, calls a “social pathology”) is probably worse in Britain than in continental Western Europe. Hence one may ask what is the point of sending young Brits to fight and die for freedom in Iraq, while at the same time abandoning moderate Muslims in Britain itself to “a micro-totalitarian climate” where the Islamists hold sway?

In many Western countries the Islamists do not even need to resort to violence in order to get whatever preposterous requests they make. To achieve their goal (i.e. to live in the West under Shari’a law) lawful Islamism suffices. What is lawful Islamism? It is the imposition of Islamist rules by non-violent means.

As Islamist Watch (IW), a new project to combat Lawful Islamism, puts it:

Terrorism is one method [used by Islamists to impose their will on society] but it is not the only one. Indeed, the activities of nonviolent Islamists arguably will prove a more effective tactic in the long term. For while the public intuitively understands the threat of terrorism and is mobilized by it, and while states have well-developed institutions (law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military, the justice system) to protect and fight against it, the activities of nonviolent extremists are not alarming and institutions do not exist to deal with this problem.

[…] Quietly, lawfully, peacefully, Islamists do their work throughout the West to impose aspects of Islamic law, win special privileges for themselves, shut down criticism of Islam, create Muslim-only zones, and deprive women and non-Muslims of their full civil rights.

Lawful Islamists advance their cause through lobbying politicians, intimidating the media, threatening international boycotts, making predatory use of the legal system, advancing novel legislation, influencing the contents of school textbooks, and in other ways exploiting the freedoms of an open society. They advance their agenda in incremental steps, each of which in itself is minor but in the aggregate point to fundamental changes in society.

A sample of such steps can be found in this list of examples compiled by Daniel Pipes. It is important to resist lawful Islamism. Islamist Watch (IW) has been set up as an initiative to do exactly this. IW sets out to monitor lawful Islamism in Western countries, alert the public to the phenomenon and organise opposition to it. I am honoured to have been asked to serve as IW director. Since the monitoring of what is happening in the various Western countries constitutes one of IW’s important tasks, you can help us by alerting us to examples of lawful Islamism in your own countries.


[PS The website has nothing to do with our initiative. The IW website is going to be but will only be established and filled with content in 2007. We will keep you informed.]

Pig Races

One community in the Houston area is undergoing some of the legal tactics and one individual is fighting back- with pig races.  Read his story here:


Islamists should know better than to call a Texan a liar in the community where he has lived all his life.

There is a seperate website with a forum related to the same issue which is being hit with all the political correctness wackos who attempt to silence valid protests.  It is located at the "proposed KIA Community Center" discussion.



Watch or your internet freedoms will erode

There are groups and institutions in the US which are shutting out messages and communication on the threat posed by sharia along with other messages they deem to be not in line with leftist thought and ideology.  The following example links to the website of one.  It is linked to there because the messages of the members of the website are on it and should be reviewed.  This is not the only incident which involves conservative or groups resistant to islamic immigration and establishment of sharia.  Other methods are also being used.


This is the site of the promoter of the banned video.



Senate sympathizers

An article focus's on the relationship certain US Senators have with Syria and CAIR.


Another article is more insightful in regard to why the left views Islam favorably and why the koran should not be used in official swearing ceremonies.


"What's far more disturbing than an affront to American tradition is the fact that, for the first time, the Koran will be used in such an official setting."

I consider the precedent it would establish as being of utmost harm.  There is an additional consideration of what loyalties and obligations are being expressed were this to be allowed.  Will one standard apply for all or will the oath be examined for its source meaning whenever a controversy arises.  Are we accepting a change forever in our traditions and institutions and if we are, are we no better than Europeans at resisting such encroachments?

The article:

Future of Europe?

Indonesia has securlar law, or I should say had secular law, since aid money given for tsunami relief has gone to those enforcing sharia law.  Is this the future for parts of Europe or the US?  Don't be too quick to say no.


See both pages of the following report, which was linked from an article at Dhimmi Watch.  The report first:  "Tsunumi Survivors given the Lash":,,2089-2508262,00.html


Dhimmi Watch:



The second greatest threat to human freedom

The imposition of sharia is in the wishes of millions who have no freedom.   Islamists have the desire but not the ability to replace freedom with their law of eternal servitude.  They would love to find a way to accomplish the enslavement of the West.


The greatest threat comes from sources within our own system.  The second greatest threat to our freedom and that of the world has spoken.  You can find his words repeated at this website, which does not care for him, but is warning us.  It is a warning we had better heed, because the greatest threat to everything connected with freedom will follow him - until she has the ability to lead us all into slavery of one form or another.



Are Hispanics being turned to Dhimmis?

According to reports from the Christian Science Monitors;

"An increasing number of Hispanics are being drawn to Islam. Since 1999, the U.S. Hispanic Muslim population has increased by 30% to an estimated 200,000, according to the national director of the American Muslim Council in Chicago.

Many of the new converts, often second- and third-generation Hispanic Americans, are attracted to Islam due to curiosity, marriage and a common interest such as immigration.

The boom is especially significant in New York, Florida, California and Texas, where Hispanic communities are the largest."

I thought this problem was an European one?

What I have always failed to understand is why if, the Muslims talk of integration, then need either a 'Muslim Parliament of Britain' or American Muslim Councils etc, surely they should be shut down for a start, to stem the islamification and conversion.

Leftists respect religion!!

Another article from American Thinker wherein the writer expresses gratitude for the lefts newfound concern for respecting religion 


December 15, 2006

Liberals' sudden new respect for a Christian holiday

Jack Kemp

Recently US agents raided Swift meat packing plants in many states to round up illegal aliens. The liberal press was outraged that this was done on a major Mexican religious holiday/festival, the Virgin of Guadeloupe Day, "celebrated as a religious holiday recognizing the birth of the Virgin Mary." 

This article didn't even capitalize "Virgin." I suppose this is a continued attempt to show their contempt for religion in general and Christianity in particular. Nevertheless, I am prepared to shout, "Hallelujah!"
The libs all of a sudden want to honor a December Christian holiday that relates to the Mother of Christ. I guess Tomas Rome, in his AT article, was right: just celebrate the Christmas holiday in a non-Anglo context and the liberals will respect it - especially if illegal aliens are involved.

So I guess this means that the ACLU won't object to stores playing Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" (which I just heard an hour ago while walking by my local Radio Shack). Bing Crosby, eat your heart out!

        (Jack Kemp is not the former politican of the same name - Editor)

Indication of Al Queda infiltration of FBI?

Enclosed is an article on a subject for which very little information is available to judge the veracity of the concluding questions which relate to whether the US FBI is infiltrated by Al Queda or overly friendly to groups which seem very intent on pressuring acceptance of sharia doctrine.  The article itself is by necessity vague on many factual details.  I am normally of the opinion that there is insufficient prosecution in matters relating to the security interests of the US, but agree that there are very troubling aspects surrounding what is said to be the facts surrounding this prosecution.  The biggest question relates to an issue not directly raised by Neuwirth and that is why prosecution goes forward in this case in which the information that was involved was so minimal while many such prosecutions are passed which seem on their face to involve both more substantial information and what appears to be more objective facts indicating wrongdoing.


The allegations are troubling and bear watching even if unfounded.  The possibility of political influence swaying the FBI is not unknown even absent infiltration.  It bears watching at all levels of government.

Protest Manifesto

The manifesto referenced below is a fair statement of problems Americans face in the Islamofascist war and the war against socialists.  We should realize that leftism is not the American liberal, moderate or conservative.  All of these are classed by the left as conservative or reactionary.  The struggle is now American versus Anti-American.  This is one group attempting to do their part.

Dhimmification and Multinationals

I'm happy that someone recognizes the danger that exists with the encroachment of Islamists who are said to be lawful.  Your article addresses ways that the Islamists work to undermine western authority over them and the danger that the public faces from their method of operating within the system.

"while the public intuitively understands the threat of terrorism and is mobilized by it, and while states have well-developed institutions (law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military, the justice system) to protect and fight against it, the activities of nonviolent extremists are not alarming and institutions do not exist to deal with this problem."

I suggest that there is an obverse method used not by Islamists but by the leftists within our own societies on their behalf.  This comes from activities of multinational corporations and business leaders to set parameters within private companies to accomodate and spread acceptance of unpopular concepts.  They accomplish goals that leftists in government can only dream about. Those goals are accomplished by so called private companies before they are required by government.  Controversial goals are established in private sectors and become set in usage before government proposes or accomplishes them. 

This method is particularly effective where constitutional or statutory constraints may exist for government itself.  These constitutional prohibitions often don't apply on the private non-governmental level.  This method has been widely used in the USA and has been very effective in advancing leftist goals.

It is easy to spread what has become established practice in the private sector to the governmental sector. The same method is used by leftist non-government organizations(often set up for that purpose). The public does not challenge business which is out of the public view and thought not to support such things.

Tolerance of Islam in Europe v. Asia

Mr. Belien claims that in Europe, "the extremists want to impose rules on Europe which do not even exist in most Muslim countries," asking, "why should we abolish what moderate Muslims allow?" While I contend that the West placates any and all self-appointed spokespeople of minority groups, I have some criticisms of the above statements.

  • Firstly, this blog already decided conclusively that Islam, whether radical or not, was incompatible with Western values, particularly Christianity, liberalism, and democracy.
  • Secondly, Turkey remains secular only because of the role its armed services' play in its politics; its population is overwhelmingly Muslim and could vote in an Islamist government overnight were it not for the threat of armed force.
  • Thirdly, the countries of the Islamic world have legal systems based on Islamic Law, colonial law, tribal law, authoritarianism, or some combination thereof: none are comparable to those of the West.
  • Fourthly, these so-called "moderate" Muslims have as yet not demonstrated their willingness to assimilate into Western society, let alone reign in their extremist brethren at home and abroad.

In conclusion, the political activism of Europe's Muslims, and its goals that are incompatible with the communities to which they have emigrated, show the true nature of contemporary Islam when freed from the bonds of colonial laws, authoritarian regimes, and tribal dynamics.

CCR - One of America's greatest threats

This article is necessary reading for Europeans who are not aware of problems faced internally by Americans who are trying to stop terrorism and its related insanity.  It is from Front Page Magazine:


Activities of the Center for Constitutional Rights and other leftist front groups are what has placed the US and the West in most danger from many enemies. Their website is:

Turning UK Schoolchildren into Dhimmis or worse

It's hard to believe that UK parents actually allow the malignancy to be implanted in their young childrens' minds.

I have no doubt the local Imams will come calling, you know, to invite interested students down to the mosque to learn more about the Religion of Peace.

If you don't already have an Australian passport, UK citizens, apply now before the Aussies limit UK immigration.

Why, you ask. Well, is it every proud parent's desire to have little Nellie arrive home from school one day in full Burka, proclaiming her love for Islam and a 50-year-old brute named Mohammad?

Great posts, all. It is the

Great posts, all. It is the reverse that should be occurring. Impose our values on those who wish to immigrate. Whatever it takes. Mark Twain? Thomas Jefferson? Danish cartoons? Make people read Winnie the Pooh, Charlottes Web, or Grimms tales over and over, until they agree to assimilate or return home. It is not for us to change, but, instead, for those who wish to join our society. Reject those who do not, with no apologies.

Muslims as 'victims'

The usual Muslim tactic in taking over a country is, by ‘incremental stages’ that are not noticed by the public. A few school books are removed that offend Muslims, foods that offend Muslims are removed from school cafeterias, a newspaper is intimidated to change is editorial policy that is more favorable to the Muslim point of view. Muslims quietly fight to be allowed to have special privileges that set them apart; such as having a special time for swimming and the banning of ‘western style’ bathing suits.

Any protest over the changes that favor Muslims are branded as ‘discriminating’ against Muslims and the Muslims are portrayed as ‘victims’ by ethnic bigots. This changes the subject away from the original Muslim offence to that of the Muslims being victims. This intimidates the ethnic citizens into thinking they are bigots.

Recently a leading British Muslim complained that the British were changing and were less ‘tolerant’ of Muslims. They were now insisting that Muslims who caused serious criminal problems should be deported. They never accept or think of the option of returning home.