Europeans Have to Stop Talking. They Have to Act

In March this year, native Dutch residents of the city of Utrecht rioted to protest against harassment by Muslim youths and government inaction to stop this. The authorities immediately suppressed the riots by sealing off the area and installing surveillance cameras to control Dutch non-Muslims, but they have done virtually nothing to address the underlying problem of Muslim violence. And this is far from unique to the Netherlands.

Sweden experienced a quadrupling in the number of rape charges in the space of a single generation. Yet Sweden's largest newspaper Aftonbladet recently indicated that the spike in rape numbers was due to the "warm weather," which would presumably mean that these rapes are caused by global warming. The fact that many of the suspects have a Muslim background is purely coincidental, no doubt.

The Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander is worried about the "sharp tone" of the debate surrounding Muslim immigration, and reminds his countrymen that "speech is silver, silence is golden." Apparently, the rest of the Dutch political class shares this view, relieved that Pim Fortuyn was silenced and Ayaan Hirsi Ali was driven out of the country.

I hear some observers say that the political elites in Western Europe are "powerless" to stop Jihad street violence. But they are extremely aggressive in suppressing criticism of continued Muslim immigration, which indicates that they are not powerless, they are actively hostile to native non-Muslims. It's time Europeans realize that, and act accordingly.

This is from yesterday’s Dutch press

Dozens of boys and girls have been systematically abused, intimidated and molested by a group of older boys in the Utrecht neighbourhood of Overvecht for almost a year, the Telegraaf reports. Municipal council member Bouchra Dibi (Labour PvdA) investigated the incidents taking place at the playground near the Neckardreef in Overvecht.
Children aged 8, 9 and 10 were dragged into the bushes and coerced into performing sexual acts on boys a few years older. Most of the children involved are of Moroccan background, the newspaper reports. The municipal council member told the Telegraaf that the problems are not being addressed. "This has been going on for almost a year. People just talk and talk and talk. And nothing is done," she said.
Social workers, police and the municipality do not know how to approach the parents, Dibi says. "These sorts of things are taboo to talk about in the Moroccan community." Utrecht Mayor Annie Brouwer-Korf (PvdA) acknowledges that there have been problems among children since the end of last year. "Intimidation, threats and fights, and, since the beginning of this year we have seen signals of sexual abuse. A report of sexual molestation by children has been passed on to the public prosecution department," the mayor says.
Brouwer says it is difficult to get an idea of how widespread the abuses are because there is no concrete information on suspects, victims and locations. Council member Dibi says this is mainly due to parents' hesitance to report incidents. "Parents do not dare say anything because they are afraid of the perpetrators. There is a great deal of fear. That is why they don't always report these things."

Meanwhile the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) tries to silence Ehsan Jami, a Muslim apostate who is a local Labour politician in Leidschendam-Voorburg. The 22 year old Jami intends to establish an international organization of ex-Muslims. An internal memo [pdf], sent to Labour parliamentarians and ministers, shows that the party fears that Jami’s campaign will cause it electoral damage and enrage Muslims. The party wants Jami to consider the fact that his initiative will go down badly with the PvdA’s immigrant following. The Dutch press revealed that Jami received hate mail from PvdA executives.

Don John # 2

Don Juan's ships were getting the worst of it - despite the handsome hero's pet monkey hurling Ottoman grenades back at the enemy - until Marco Antonio Colonna ... rammed his own flagship  into Ali Pasha's ... Ali Pasha himself was killed and beheaded,and when Don Juan waved away the present of the severed head,it was tossed overboard...


Title: Lepanto,1571 : The Battle That Saved Europe. 

Why Don John,and Why Now ?

Perilous Parallels?


For most European governments the Ottoman threat was low on their list of concerns - they were more interested in maintaining their positions in the rich eastern markets- while a few were quite ready to abet,or at least not hinder,the sultan's expansionist policies for the sake of their own Commercial interests...


Title: Don John of Austria is Riding to the Sea.

A Non-Qur'anic Abrogation

Sorry,that first version of 'Occam's Razor Rehoned' has subsequently been abrogated in favour of the following:


" One day our grandchildren may ask us what we did when so-called Christian criminals allegedly..."

Occam's Razor Rehoned

"One day our grandchildren may ask us what we did when Christian criminality threatened the free world.Some of us will say we were pre occupied fighting carbon dioxide emissions,others will cry,"Allahu Akbar!".At the very least,one of us will look bad".  

- Atlanticist911

Catholic Crime Wave in US and RE: Atlanticist

Nataria "I'd like to see politicians debating a crackdown on Catholic crime waves with the same zeal."


I somehow doubt that any of the mafia in New York, Nevada and New Jersey are muslim or protestant.

My prediction is still the Detroit model. I predict muslim immigrants will moderate but retain a strong criminality so instead of Sharia you will probably get more of a Detroit outcome. Probably at the same time you will hear louder and louder cries from Imams that Islam is the solution but these calls will go unheeded.

catholic criminality

Sharp analysis Fjordman. I'd like to see politicians debating a crackdown on Catholic crime waves with the same zeal. Catholic burglary and gang-formation will be one of the major challenges in a unified European context to maintain safety apart from these muslim criminals.

(Poland is a nice place)  

Amsterdam also

Same in Amsterdam where police solve a whopping 2% of all crimes not involving parking violations.

One of us will look bad

"One day our grandchildren may ask us what we did when Islamic fascism threatened the free world.Some of us will say we were pre occupied with fighting that threat wherever possible; others will be able to say they fought carbon dioxide emissions.One of us will look bad"  - Dennis Prager.

Ethnic Cleansing in Progress

In France we long ago stopped to protest. Instead we pack up and flee from the muslim parts of the country (when we can pay for the move).

sue Bush

Any Belgian court would be happy to sue Bush for rape which he committed by wireless control. This would fit in perfectly with the Belgian press.

Global warming

That's terrifically funny that "Aftenbladet" is implying that the rapes in Sweden are cased by global warming -- which is to say, the United States and, specifically, George W. Bush.  This is an echo of the UN General Secretary's claim that the genocide in Darfur is caused by global warming -- which is to say, the United States and, specifically, George W. Bush.  It is incumbent on scientists and politicians truly concerned about anthropogenic warming to decry this kind of nonsense loudly and in unison, or watch their amti-C02 crusade lose credibility.  But I will be surprised if any do, since it helps to foment hysteria among journalists and assorted lefty boneheads.