Brussels Anti-Islamization Demo Remains Banned


This afternoon Judge Simon Cardon de Lichtbuer of the Brussels civil court ruled that he does not have the competence to overrule the mayor of Brussels’ banning of an anti-Islamization demonstration planned for next Tuesday, September 11. Consequently, the demonstration remains illegal.
Last month Freddy Thielemans, the Socialist mayor of Brussels, the capital city of Belgium which also claims to be the “capital of Europe,” banned the demonstration request by a Danish-British-German alliance calling itself SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe). SIOE fears that Islam is becoming the dominant political force in Europe. The demonstrators wished to protest against the creeping introduction of Islamic law (Shari’a) in many European countries.
The prohibition of the demonstration by Mr Thielemans, whose party has a majority of Muslim councillors, proves that Islam has, indeed, become the dominant political force in the capital city of the European Union. According to the mayor the demonstration might lead to violence. He also accused the organizers of being “racists” and “Islamophobes” for having picked the symbolic date of 9/11 to hold their demonstration.
The banning of the demonstration has led to tensions within the organizing ad-hoc alliance. Earlier this week, Dr Udo Ulfkotte, the German co-organizer, unilaterally cancelled the demonstration but he was ousted by the Danish and British co-organizers who intend to go ahead with their protest. The idea for the demonstration originally came from the Danes and the British. A few weeks later they were approached by Dr Ulfkotte who teamed up with them.
Yesterday evening Dr Ulfkotte told Belgian television that he is “not an extremist.” He accused the far-right of having “hijacked” the demonstration and said he wants to remain strictly within the law. “My parents and grandparents were responsible for the holocaust. That is a terrible tragedy. I do not care if I lose face now,” he told the Brussels newspaper De Standaard. He added that he does not want anything to do with the Vlaams Belang, the Flemish-secessionist party, whom he himself had asked for help in his attempts to overrule the mayor’s ban through the courts.
Ulfkotte is a former correspondent of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He is the author of a book, Der Krieg im Dunkeln (War in the Dark), which claims that the Israeli secret services played a dirty role in the riots by Muslims youths in France in November 2005. According to Ulfkotte’s (anonymous) sources Israel’s goal is to portray Muslims as dangerous people who cannot be integrated into Western society.
Police officers from all over Belgium have been asked to stand by next Tuesday in case the SIOE demonstration leads to large scale rioting. Islamist groups are calling their followers to counterdemonstrate against “racism” and “Islamophobia.” There are rumours that the Brussels authorities will close down part of the metro network to prevent demonstrators and counterdemonstrators from going to Schuman Plaza, the square in front of the European Commission’s headquarters. If that happens Eurocrats may find it difficult to get to work on Tuesday.

Good Luck

To those brave souls tomorrow in Brussels on 9/11:


Remember LePanto. Poitiers. Vienna.

Break the law.

It is time to break the law and to show the politicians how much they are truely out of step.  Tey have broken and selectivley enforced laws and passed laws that insulate them and give anybody else but hardworking people the perks from the purse.  The police REFUSE to DO THEIR JOB accept against LAW ABIDING PEOPLE.  When those people stand up the politicians should be afraid, and be someplace else.

Dirty tricks

"According to Ulfotte's (anonymous) sources Israel's goal is to portray Muslim's as dangerous people who cannot be integrated into Western society".


In other words,"Israel has once again proven itself to be comprised of dissimulators,engaging in a well-established pattern of half truths and misrepresentations that would make any of the Third Reich's propagandists proud".


Do they mean something like this:



@ Monica

Because our true enemy isnot Islam.

Our enemy are the followers of an ideology oposite to western values. They are long ago winning positions, without being noticed, in governements, médias, universities, et. We can find about that here:

We have an almost oficial ideology, political correctness, and are slowly becoming an autoritarian regime were people can lose his job (this has already happen) or sent to jail (this too) because dissending of that opinion.

Imigrants were allowed to get in by great numbers and were given voting rights to stregnthen that ideology and break the spine of europeans people and nation.

Until now, muslims only did what they were allowed to do.


According to Ulfkotte’s (anonymous) sources Israel’s goal is to portray
Muslims as dangerous people who cannot be integrated into Western


Muslims are all little sweet angels. They don't:

  • hang people,
  • cut off hands,
  • blow themselves up in busy market squares,
  • fly planes into buildings,
  • burn thousands of cars,
  • slit the throats of young girls going to school,
  • put tires around the necks of Christians and set them on fire,
  • burn down embassies, churches etc
  • urge fellow Muslims to stone people to death,
  • blow up buses with bombs filled with nails,
  • drop out of school and then claim that Westerners are racists because these Westerners don't want to hire them
  • drive trucks full of explosives into living quarters, aiming to kill as much life as possible
  • gang rape girls because they are Western and therefor whores,
  • blow up planes
  • kill entire villages with swords and knives
  • use gas bombs in warfare or use gas bombs to wipe out towns
  • steal, rape etc and when they get arrested claim that they are victims of racism
  • and I apologize to the victims of Muslim sweetness for not having mentioned all flavors and brands of Muslim sweetness.

Have one rightist in Belgium do any of the acts listed above and you will have it smeared over the papers for weeks, and one demonstration after the other will be authorized in Brussels.

Why is it that so few

Why is it that so few Westerners are as insightful as you are regarding 'the flavours and brands of Muslim sweetness'? Please read this article..I could provide many articles that document the 'link between terrorism and Islam' however this story about the Saudi schoolgirls makes me wonder how anyone would accept anything to do with Islam.. and this one always makes me cry - (Hundreds of Christian girls are abducted and forced to marry a muslim in Egypt every year..and yet as you say, if a Western man harmed a muslim or even commented on muslims' propensity to do everything destructive, the media would have a field day.)

Good for your Wily!  Stand

Good for your Wily!  Stand on your feet like a man should!



Don't ever be ashamed of defending yourself, and your heritage!!!!



You make this American proud, especially since America sprang from Europe!

OK, this is it...

I'm fed up.  I'll be there on Tuesday.  Let them close down the entire subway as far as I'm concerned, at least the 'jongeren' (=Arab youths engaged in organized crime) will not be able to rob passengers while it's closed down...

Do you prefer to be

Do you prefer to be converted is Islam?  Be-headings?  Stonings?



Do you all prefer this than being called names?

"Israel’s goal is to

"Israel’s goal is to portray Muslims as dangerous people who cannot be integrated into Western society"


This can be documented from Israeli supported propaganda sites like MEMRI but I don't believe for a minute they were involved in the Par-ass riots.


"Eurocrats may find it difficult to get to work on Tuesday."

I would have thought that to be the least of their worries. What's certain is that it'll make no difference at all whether they do or don't. Eurocrats are totally expendable.

 The more I read on Ulfkotte, the more I get the impression that he's had a double agenda all along. The remarks on Israël's goal do not match with fighting Islam. They would suggest he does not agree that Islam is dangerous and that muslims do not integrate, while this is pretty obvious. So why would he march against Islamisation? He's discredited SIOE by his actions, and was rightfully ousted for them.