Who Is Sarkozy in Bed With?

If it isn't the certifiable Jacques Attali, it’s the Grand Orient. And if it isn’t the Grand Orient, it’s Tony Blair. Nicolas Sarkozy has no interest or affinity for ANYTHING that isn't left-wing. Yes, he’s accused of being a “capitalist” because he sails on the yachts of his rich friends. And he’s accused of being friendly to religion because of ONE speech he gave in Rome (that will turn out to benefit Muslims, most likely). And he is accused of being an ARCH CONSERVATIVE because he wants to deport 25,000 illegals a year, allowing the remaining 575,000 on French soil to collect welfare.

Tony Blair was the guest of honor yesterday at the national council of President Sarkozy’s UMP party. This excerpt is from Le Monde:

“In the United States I would be a Democrat, in the United Kingdom I'm a laborite. In France I would be... probably in the government,” joked the former British prime minister in the language of Molière, […] “No, I’m kidding,” said the leader of the New Labour Party, becoming more serious, “I would be in the Socialist Party, side by side with those who have its transformation at heart.” […]
“Education and not regulation, a welfare-state that is active, not passive, a balance between work and private life, a new frontier of the welfare state, and unions that are partners for change and not for resistance.”
Nicolas Sarkozy then left his seat and joined the former resident of 10 Downing Street on stage, saluting the public with his raised hand in Mr. Blair’s. “Socialists like this are completely welcome in government,” cried the French president, once again praising the theme of political openness.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy is considering amending the 1905 law separating Church and State. On Tuesday I referred to an interview conducted by Libération with Jean-Michel Quillardet, the grand master of the anti-Christian Grand Orient of France, the first Masonic lodge of France, who expressed his fears that the 1905 law would be in some way amended in favor of religion. As it turns out, guess who Sarkozy has appointed to modify the law? None other than Quillardet himself! This report is from E-Deo:

Jean-Michel Quillardet, Grand Master of the Grand Orient, visited the French president last Tuesday. After the meeting he expressed his relief and his satisfaction, assuring the press that the president was committed to leaving untouched the 1905 law separating Church and State except for a “few technical changes.” […]
[A]fter his interview with Jean-Michel Quillardet, Nicolas Sarkozy promised to visit the headquarters of the Grand Orient to acquaint himself with the principal doctrines of French masonic thought.

Like the GOF the Grand Feminine Lodge (GFL) had also expressed displeasure at Sarkozy’s Lateran speech last December in Rome in which he had spoken positively about religion. A GFL communiqué stated:

“[We] would regard the return of religion in the public sphere as an historical regression and as an intolerable offense to our fundamental freedoms: the freedom to believe, not to believe, or to believe differently.”

The problem with Sarkozy’s positive view on religion in France today is that it has to include Islam. The chances of any gains for Christianity emerging from such a debate are small. Islam is rapidly growing, and Christian churches are often empty. Mosques are being built and churches are decaying.
According to Le Monde:

[T]he Grand Orient confirmed that it had obtained from Mr. Sarkozy assurances that it will soon be granted television time on one of the national channels. Only religions – Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and Buddhist – have programs on France 2, on Sundays. The freemasons have access to air time on France-Culture radio.

You can’t help wondering if this is a quid pro quo: television time in exchange for a minor amendment to the 1905 law that would allow the building of mosques, possibly as a “cultural” enhancement for the country. Has Sarko cut another deal?
The preparations have also begun for this year’s French national holiday on Bastille Day, July 14. When he was in Rome last month, Nicolas Sarkozy announced his plans to redefine Bastille Day. As Le Salon Beige wrote:

Sarkozy had transformed the national holiday in 2007 into a grand European gathering. July 14, 2008 will be devoted to a meeting of all the leaders of the member States of the EU and all the representatives of countries bordering on the Mediterranean. The last-mentioned will be present on the eve of the holiday for a summit on the “Mediterranean Union” which was officially launched [on December 20] in the “Appeal From Rome” issued by Nicolas Sarkozy, Romano Prodi and José Luis Zapatero.
Sarkozy is at the top of his game: the first two Bastille Days of his presidency will not have been French national holidays, but rather proof that France is immersed in a magma that will diminish, if not completely obliterate her. To choose the national holiday for such demonstrations will shock many Frenchmen. Others will see in it a logical continuity of the deterioration of France, that began with the Revolution commemorated on July 14 and ending with the final swallowing up of the country into the EU.

Last year Nicolas Sarkozy ran as a Conservative. Less than a year after his election as President of France he is in bed with the Socialists, the Masons, the Eurabians, and Carla Bruni.

He is not sleeping!

From all of his publicity, we can be sure he is definitely spending plenty of time in bed, but not sleeping!