European Parliament Should Not Ban Mosquito, Says Inventor

A letter from Howard Stapleton

Dear Sir,

My name is Howard Stapleton. I am the inventor of the Mosquito. The main drive behind my invention was that my 15-year-old daughter was unable to enter our local shop owing to a gang of badly behaved teenagers loitering in the doorway and making a nuisance of themselves. As I discovered later, and sales of my device have proved, this was not an isolated case. Can the Members of the European Parliament who are campaigning to ban my device offer an alternative so that the blight of anti social teenage behaviour can otherwise be resolved without involving millions of Euros?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of law-abiding voters who are having their quality of life severely diminished and could well benefit from the Mosquito. Further I have numerous “blue chip” customers who have found the product invaluable in protecting their businesses or property. Also numerous Police forces are delighted as it has dramatically reduced the call outs to trouble spots saving thousands daily. It occurs to me that the M.E.P.s who are seeking the ban have not asked their views. I agree that the use of the Mosquito should be legislated so that it is used appropriately in combating anti social behaviour and not as a device to make no go areas for kids.

May I emphasise that the Mosquito runs at a volume which opinion from respected audiologists states there is no likelihood of damage to hearing. It might be of interest to know that a baby’s rattle is louder! Its not the frequency of a noise that causes damage it’s the volume. I can see a very busy Parliament if the Mosquito is banned due to concerns with regard to potential health risks as all of the following are louder than the Mosquito: – traffic noise, aircraft noise, Police sirens and even a classical orchestra! The Mosquito works because the noise it makes is annoying not loud.

Finally I find it extraordinary that an inexpensive solution to a serious problem is at risk of being cast aside for what I can only assume are political motives. Every time I have been interviewed on radio or T.V. where members of the public have been asked their view more than 70 per cent were in favour. Many went on to suggest the Civil Liberties campaigner or the M.P.s who wanted to ban the Mosquito come and live at their address. They would then get a taste of what it was like to visit local shops or children’s play areas trying to avoid often drunken and abusive teenagers. They want our streets returned to law-abiding citizens and will support anyone who can help.

Finally a call to the M.E.P.s who are concerned: why not ask for a demonstration before criticising the one simple device that can give their voters back the right to a peaceful stress free life.

Non selective

"The main drive behind my invention was that my 15-year-old daughter was
unable to enter our local shop owing to a gang of badly behaved

Any thoughts about what would be the effect of the Mosquito on your daughter?

The device targets all young people, well or badly behaved, including small children, and probably also annoys animals which have a more acute high frequency hearing.

That's why it should be used by utmost reserve only.

re: mosquito terror

Kappert: "Loud noises are damaging to health...devices in order to make noise to scare others away, is not responsible".



Howard Stapleton: "The Mosquito works because the noise it makes is annoying not loud".



Your comments make me wonder if you have even bothered to take the trouble to read Mr Stapleton's letter.



PS: More Mosquitos you won't like.





It's not the loudness but the frequences, we are talking about:
As a fan of Deep Purple, the 'loudest rock band' as the Guinness Book states, I enjoy very loud music. But that has nothing at all to do with the frequences of Mosquito.
With regard to your war movie: I do not glorify war.

@ kappert

"It might be of interest to know that a baby's rattle is louder!"


If this statement proves to be correct, would you seriously advocate the banning of baby rattles, too?

mosquito terror

Loud noises are damaging health. As we live in a world of loud noises our health is already severely damaged. To give people devices in order to make noise to scare others away, is not responsible. Although I'm sure that thousands of citizens would be happy to have that device in order to scare their mother-in-law, the neighbour's dog, or trigger the alarm at an airport.

Good point, Kappert...

All music festivals, all clubs and parties should therefore be banned immediately.

(BTW, that was sarcasm. You're an idiot)

Nice letter, but...

You make a good case, but your ultimate error lies in the fact that you assume that because the European Parliament calls itself a "parliament", this would imply that it is a democratic organ, dedicated to voicing and realizing the will of the voters (note that I don't use the term "citizens").

Still, you can allways switch your business model to selling Glocks exclusively to muslims. I'm quite certain there will be no euro-objections to that.

EU out of control

The fact that Brussels is ready and willing to ban things quickly and easily in all member states shows that this really was a power grab. Banning symphonies, intact Brazil nuts (who eats the damn shell anyway?) I am sure you could could dedicate an entire web site to the encroaching insanity.