From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 9: Goodbye To All That


When in the Course of human events

The title of Chapter 9 is borrowed from Robert Graves. Graves (1895 -1985) was one of those people one could find only in Europe: an Anglo-Irish-German, he was an intellectual son and grandson of intellectuals, a poet, classicist and translator from Greek and Latin, Oxford University professor, novelist  and author of 140 books, most remembered nowadays for his I, Claudius, made in 1976 into a hit BBC-Television series with Derek Jacobi in the title role. 

But Graves was more than that. He was a champion pugilist and a heroic soldier. He served during World War 1 as an officer in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and was so severely wounded in the Battle of the Somme that he was given up for dead. 

The horrors of the Great War and the imbecility of the British upper classes and military command that led to Great Britain’s hecatomb in that war caused Graves’s great disillusionment with his country. He left Great Britain in 1929 for Majorca, rarely to return for the next 56 years.

Prior to leaving, Graves published an autobiography, entitled Good Bye to All That. Known as one of the fiercest, most acerbic personal memoirs of the Great War, Graves’s book “seethes with contempt for his country, his social class, his military superiors, and the civilians who cheered the carnage from the safety of home. His portrait of the stupidity and petty cruelties endemic in England's elite schools is almost as scathing as his depiction of trench warfare [snip], litany of meaningless death, horrific encounters with gruesomely decaying corpses, and even more appalling confrontations with the callousness and arrogance of the military command.” (ibid)  

What Robert Graves felt towards the ruling elite of his country after the Great War, some in the West feel toward the ruling elites of their countries after the Great Meltdown. But the financial dissolution is just the beginning of the meltdown. Perhaps, as the most aggressive money-printing campaign in the history of the world brings its likely Weimarian consequences in 3 -5 years from now, people will wake up in hindsight to the stupidity, arrogance and gross misjudgment of their ruling elites in non-fiscal matters as well. 

In the preceding chapters we have run through various current news that induce astonishment at the cowardice, venality and stupidity of the West’s ruling elites everywhere -- from Australia’s crypto-Marxist Kevin Rudd through America’s spendthrift neocap neocon, George W. Bush and archliberal neosoc Barack Obama, to Amsterdam’s neo-dhimmi Mayor Job Cohen, to the cabal of White bootlickers of Third World despots populating every EU, UN and all other acronymous global organizations. 

I have highlighted as well the many ways in which the Western populace deserves contempt for being intimidated by primitive and mostly imported minorities living in its midst, for allowing itself to be turned into mindless Pods hypnotized by consumerism, mired in Third World altruism while its own house is on fire, brainwashed by political and commercial propaganda, wracked by a resistible infection of racial guilt, and addicted to the daily glucose drip from nanny governments, with candy confiscated from others.  

Since Revolution is not currently knocking on history’s doors, and the postmodern Western democracy is rigged in such a way that a party with a truly palliative agenda has little chance of assuming power in Pod town (1), other alternatives ought to be considered, outside the box. 

“Alternatives outside the box” is dry technospeak behind which there are choices full of pain, struggle, wrenching drama and uncertainty. But then, we are trapped in a loony bin, watching a play that might as well be called The Persecution and Assassination of Reality as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Snatchland Under the Direction of the Marquises d’ Elite, after that nearly-eponymous work by Peter Weiss about the Marquis de Sade’s career as a dramaturgist among the crazies

The asylum’s restraining device, a chain and ball, is made of paper. The United States Federal Tax Code takes up 67,024 pages. The Federal Register, i.e. government rules and regulations, takes up 78,000 pages. These 145,000 pages, weighing about 730 kg, are just the nucleus of the crushing grid within which the American citizen has to try to go about his daily life. In addition, there are tens of thousands pages more of tax codes and sundry regulations in each of the 50 states. In addition, each spending bill with which U.S. Congress further destroys the country and debauches its money, is over 1,000 pages long and rarely read by the people who vote on it. 

In Europe, there were 80,000 pages of EU laws and regulations in 2005, 90,000 in 2006, and probably at least 100,000 now. Combined with the legal and tax code of each country, the EU citizen conducts his life with well over a ton of paper hanging from his neck. 

To quantify the measure of the insanity further, it suffices to grasp that the outstanding nominal value of global swaps and derivatives at the end of 2008 was $531.2 trillion. Estimated Gross World Product in 2008 was $70.65 trillion.  

We have therefore in our asylum inmates on the upper financial floor, hanging beyond the parapet with all of us in tow, unspooling toilet paper that they swear is worth 7.5 times the total value of all the goods and services produced on Planet Earth. And all of the West’s governments were blind as this was building up over many years, busying themselves instead with breaking their White subjects’ resistance to being governed by green pacifist lesbians or being invaded by over-100 million Muslims, Aztecs, and other assorted redeemers of the Euro peoples’ inexcusably Euro civilization. 

It just may be that in the course of human events, it’s the lot of this generation to stand up and walk out of the theater of madness. 



Emigration has been the option of choice for all dissenters and persecuted minorities since the Israelites left Egypt for Canaan perhaps 3500 years ago. The fate of Europe and America would have been different, had it not been for fleeing refugees from Europe’s religious wars and pogroms in the 16th -19th centuries. 

Territory is identity. Body Snatchers who pump into any territory under their domain an unceasing stream of racially and culturally unrelated immigrants, rob the autochthon inhabitants of a part of their identity. It’s one of the gravest forms of aggression possible. But similarly, one who emigrates forfeits a part of his identity. Emigration is a far more radical and painful act than Snatcher propaganda lets on.  

In the postmodern world, it’s Body-Snatcher governance that destroys the people it purports to benefit and drives them to emigration. In a recent article, Victor Davis Hanson, a Professor of Classics and Californian of ancient (for California) lineage, discussed how this happens in his state: 

“How does one explain how California is broke,” Hanson asks, “tens of billions of dollars in aggregate debt, despite having among the highest sales and income taxes in the nation? We are naturally rich beyond belief- timber, oil, agriculture, a long sea-coast, wonderful weather, mountains, sea, and valleys-and inherited lucrative industries in tourism, computers and software, defense and great universities. Our grandparents left us a once wonderful freeway network, a tripartite higher education system, ports, airports, dams and canals.”

“So what went wrong,” Hanson continues, “and why are tens of thousands of Californians leaving the state with bachelor degrees and above, while tens of thousands enter without high-school diplomas?” 

“Many answers have been offered -- incompetent governance, judicial intrusions, the ballot propositions, trial lawyers, unions, dysfunctional and politically-correct schools, or illegal immigration. [snip] For years the open borders lobby accused “them” (whites? [snip]) of racism in wanting the border with Mexico closed, an end to state entitlements to illegal aliens [snip], and [in advocating] deportations of thousands of aliens in state prisons (a cost nearing $1 billion per annum). But now the state legislature is largely controlled by those who in the past argued for de facto open borders and an expansion [snip] of entitlements for those without legal residence. So whom to blame? There is no “they” anymore. The outsiders are insiders and own the state.”  

In the year ending on July 1, 2008, California had lost 144,000 people due to outmigration exceeding the number moving in. New York lost over 126,000 residents, and other main Body Snatcher states experienced similar losses. 

What the news does not report is the total number of people leaving, and the total of those moving in. Nor is there a mention that the people leaving are overwhelmingly white net-contributors to the economy and to social capital, but the people moving in are largely non-Whites who are net tax-eaters and social capital dissolvers. 

What happens when those whose earnings are confiscated to stock the public trough keep moving out, and those who feed at the trough keep moving in? It’s an issue Body Snatcher State prefers not to think about, so it keeps rolling toward the precipice. California has just narrowly avoided bankruptcy by raising income and sales taxes, already among the highest in the U.S., and through bailout from the Federal Government -- itself bankrupt but for its ability to print pieces of paper it calls legal tender. 

Traditional escape states for those weary of the Bold State and its multiculti dispossession farce have been Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. But these are now great outposts of Mexico, with all the attendant syndromes: from Spanish in schools, to giant deficits due to runaway cost of social services for the alien colonizers, to murderous gangs acting as proxies for Latin American crime syndicates, to clueless, useless Body Snatcher governors and legislators. 

Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else, but the country is running out of somewhere else. Body Snatchers have taken over the Federal Government, the administration of every significant city in the country, and most of the administrations of the 50 states. What remains of America is still in the Northwest away from the Pacific Coast, and in the Red (i.e. Right-leaning) counties of many states regardless of their ruling elites’ orientation. The sluggish economic activity and lack of high culture make these places difficult to move to, but as we will argue later, it may be inevitable. 

Americans don’t leave the United States in great numbers. If they do, they have reasons not usually related to politics or livelihood. I habitually inquire of Americans living in East Asia why they have moved. Two of the most common responses are (a) to live in a country where there are (relatively) no lawyers, and (b) to be able to take a walk safely in the middle of the night. Unsaid are the “sensitive” reasons why it’s unsafe to take such a walk in America. 

West Europeans cannot “vote with their feet” as easily as Americans can. To emigrate from one Western European country to another is redundant, except for some idiosyncratic reasons such as climate preference, job offer or romance. Emigration to Eastern Europe does take one to a zone of relative sanity, but that too, like a “Red-zone” move in the U.S., entails an economic risk and cultural isolation. 

There is no dearth of sophisticated culture in Eastern Europe, but the languages are difficult to learn and English is not widely spoken. Still, it’s probable that just as the “Red” states in America will gain as “Blue” Pod states like California depopulate , Eastern Europe – a haven from dhimmitude and multiculti idiocy – will gain at the expense of Pod states like Sweden. I’ve been told that already British homesteaders may be seen on Romanian farmland. In time, English may replace the Schwäbisch of the earlier West European settlers in those areas. 

For now, however, the lines of emigrants in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany et al. stand in front of the Australia, New Zealand and Canada consulates. They would probably in front of American consulates too, except the country founded by English, Dutch and German settlers has little interest in white immigrants of compatible culture, high education and great chances of contributing far beyond what they take. America is far more interested in immigrants who have never seen a toilet or driven a car, and who look like extras in Lawrence of Arabia. A week after their landing in New York, you’ll find them driving a taxi there. 

As per data sourced by Paul Belien, in 2006 155,000 Germans emigrated from Germany, as did 130,000 Dutchmen from the Netherlands, 200,000 Britons from Great Britain and 50,000 Swedes from Sweden. The population replacement has the same pattern as that in California: the emigrants are highly educated and motivated, in despair about the state of their countries. They are being replaced by poor and uneducated immigrants from the Third World, glad to take over with the Body Snatchers’ active assistance. 

Europe’s most productive people emigrate to escape confiscatory tax rates, crushing statism, Islam, and sheer Body Snatcher insanity, hoping to find less of those in their new lands. But what will happen as the United States and Canada, and in time even Australia, close the freedom-and-dhimmitude gap to form one undistinguishable Meccania with Western Europe?  

Canada is already almost there. One walking in Montreal hears the same languages in the same aggressive diction as one walking in Brussels. The United States will be “majority minority” in 30- 40 years. It’s a prospect that fills its 100 million Pods and 100 million “minorities” with joy. A just-conducted Harris poll of American attitudes announced, Obama, Jesus and Martin Luther King Top List of America’s “Heroes.”  Why leave the land where your ancestors are buried, to move as an alien to a land that has come to this? There has to be a way to stay where one was born, to wrest back one’s freedom and identity from the Snatchers who stole it. 


Separation as a road to happiness 

Separation is the notion that good people can lead good lives by separating themselves from bad people. In reality, since there are no viable methods for pre-screening bad people, those who want to have a better quality of life try to separate themselves from the social strata that are hugely overrepresented in crime or social dysfunction statistics, e.g. Blacks and Latinos in the U.S., Blacks and Muslims in Europe, the poor, the idle and the unassimilated immigrants. 

Whites and East Asians pay a premium to live in neighborhoods free of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and other groups whose lifestyle and values deviate far from white society norm’s. Successful, high-achieving Blacks, plus non-White immigrants from cultures that value achievement through education and hard work choose to separate on the White side. 

Body Snatcher government is always there, though, pouncing with charges of “discrimination,” forever stirring the race/culture pot in housing and schooling and the workplace, doing all it can to sabotage white students’ education by forcing them to attend schools with large numbers of non-White primitives, building half-way houses for junkies and subsidized condos for unwed yob mothers in the middle of good neighborhoods. 

Ultimately, personal separation from the dreadful effects of the Snatchers’ demographic and social engineering is possible only for those who experience life through the tinted windows of chauffeured limousines. The truly rich live in postal code areas and educate their children in places that are inaccessible to all but the other very rich. Many of those postal codes are within or adjacent to major Pod towns such as London, New York and San Francisco. 

This segregation-by-price permits the Body Snatcher elite to nourish their Pod illusions in total disconnect from reality, and to push for policies the horrendous effects of which they and their families will never experience in person. In fact, it’s this ability of the ruling elite to self-segregate so thoroughly that’s one of the great problems of the modern Western state.  

For regular folks, true separation is not possible. Even if they live in a secure, gated community, among congenial people, they have to conduct business and deal with the government in the city. Even if they live in an idyllic small town where there are no teenage Salvadoran gangbangers or loitering Moroccan jihadis-in waiting, they will ding the bumper of a pimpmobile while parking downtown, or brush against “Asian” knife-bearing youths on their way to the opera. 

Every possibility of racial, cultural and religious separation or even “discrimination,” i.e. discernment, if practiced by Whites, is deeply offensive to Body Snatchers. They have no problem with all-Islamic precints and criminal no-go zones in European cities, a no-infidels suburb of Perth in Australia, segregated Black fraternities in American colleges, and American cities where government business is conducted exclusively in Spanish. But the Snatchers’ urkonzept, their animating ideology, is that the manifest inequality between Whites and the colored “minorities” is the result of the formers’ injustice rather than God’s (i.e. biology’s) design or the “minorities” own choices. This they are committed to “rectify” by various means, including preventing Whites from exercising majority control over their territory and community. To the Snatchers, the little people in the holding pens deserve no break in the corral. 


Separation for peoples’ self-determination 

Great Britain’s ex-Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer wrote in The Times that “Ethnic and nationalist rivalry is as old as sin, and as inextinguishable,” and castigated George Bush and Tony Blair for believing and proliferating the rubbish that in “these postmodern times” the spread of “global values” would overcome national interest. But Body Snatching entails a total, willful disconnect from reality. And so, the current Supreme Pod in the sadly misgoverned Blighty, has just stated that “The special relationship is going global”  - perhaps the most specious piece of Pod drivel ever penned by a sitting Prime Minister. 

Separation as a collective aim of subsumed ethnic groups that desire self-determination is flourishing all over the world. The U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia have separated and Germany has united along ethnic lines. The Basques is Spain are called “Separatists,” a plurality of Flemings wants out of Belgium, and of Scots out of the United Kingdom. And if the plurality of Savoyards succeeds in its political aim, France may one day lose control over its most beautiful region.

The impending separation of French and Anglo Canada has spawned Multiculturalism -- a noxious Canadian antidote potion concocted by Prime Minster (and Québécois) Pierre Trudeau in 1971. The Babel that Canada has become since may have been a price too steep to pay.

A similar gambit may have been played in Belgium where, again, a Francophone ethny is a net tax eater of revenues garnished from a more robust Fleming section of the country, while enjoying influence in the country’s governance and official culture in excess of its numerical and economic weight. Even in Switzerland, usually considered a model of multiethnic integration, the political fault line lies between the French-speaking cantons and the Germanic ones. La Suisse Romande swings way to the left of Deutschschweiz

There just may be something passed on in the French culture and history that is prone to utopian and often nasty egalitarianism. Which means that if ever Anglo-Canada, Belgium, or Switzerland separated along ethnic lines, the non-French entities would probably end up farther to the right and more Podism-free than they are now. 

But not entirely so. Toronto, in Anglo-Canada, is one of the kingpin cities in the global dhimmisphere. In Flanders, the separatist party Vlaams Belang has 1/3 or more of the votes in Flemish cities. But VB is also a conservative party. Other Flemish parties, even those that are also separatist, ostracize it because they too subscribe to the Snatcher agenda of submission to savagery, inclusion of the excludable, tolerance of the intolerant, and funding of the idle. 

The eminently Flemish-named Liga voor Mensenrechten was the plaintiff against the Vlaams Blok in the lawsuit alleging the classic Body Snatcher capital crime of "incitement to hate and discrimination.” (2). Those are Flemings in the Socialist-dhimmi coalition that (mis)governs Antwerp and shuts out the voice of 1/3 of Antwerp’s residents who voted for Vlaams Belang.  

It is therefore doubtful that even if the Flemish political establishment managed to unite for the purpose of seceding from Belgium, this would ipso facto rid the Flemings of rule by Body Snatchers. Clearly, something else is needed in addition to ethnonationalism. 


Separation as a road to freedom  

In a recent article, A Fatal Trajectory, Thomas Sowell expressed a sense of despair over America’s inertia vis a vis Iran’s nuclear armament. He speculated whether a nuclear attack by jihadis will subdue the soft and feminized country whose people no longer resemble their ancestors of just a few generations ago. 

Sowell asked the question that From Meccania to Atlantis has been preoccupied with: How did we get to this point? His answer is similar too: “The dumbing down of our education, the undermining of moral values with the fad of ‘non-judgmental’ affectations, the denigration of our nation through poisonous propaganda from the movies to the universities. The list goes on and on.” 

Sowell ends up on a despondent note, hoping for a miracle. But a commenter named Hosquatch, while not trivializing the external threat, reminds us that the citizen’s concern ought to be, first and foremost, with his own traitorous ruling Body Snatcher elite. 

“My biggest fear,” writes Hosquatch, “is an attack from within. What I fear most is that the men and women we have in Washington, DC, now are not of sufficient moral caliber to guide this nation through troubled waters with a steady hand. Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Murtha, Arlen Specter...does anyone have faith and confidence in these legislators? Furthermore, I have grave doubts about the man now occupying the White House. [snip]. [Perhaps] this nation has ALREADY suffered a coup d'etat, and the man in the Oval Office is a usurper bent on crashing this economy and destroying this society so he can morph it into the socialist entity he envisions, with the financial backing of anti-capitalist George Soros and other such men.”  

It’s the disgust and outrage of the citizen on the periphery of the Union that drives the separation movement in the United States. At its core is the principle of subsidiarity - the citizens’ conviction that their states know better than the remote Federal Government how to govern for the good of the people, and their towns know even better than their states. 

This tension between the periphery and the center, devolution for the sake of greater liberty, has been a theme in America’s history from its founding, and has led as well to America’s greatest national trauma to this day, the Civil War in the 1860s. Lawmakers in eight American states now seek to reclaim state sovereignty under the Ninth and Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, that reserve for the states all powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government.  

Freedom–loving Americans rejoice at this new phenomenon. However, it’s not all it appears to be.  

New Hampshire, for instance, is the state with a “Live Free or Die” motto, no income tax, a love for firearms in the citizenry’s hands etc. New Hampshire's Concurrent Resolution 6 bluntly warns that further erosion of liberties by the Federal Government’s encroachment shall be construed as “a nullification of the Constitution for the United States of America by the government of the United States of America.” In other words, New Hampshire hints at the possibility of secession from the Union. 

But New Hampshire also has a Democrat governor, a Democrat-controlled legislature, and of its four US Congress delegates three are Democrats. It’s the effect of colonization by outsiders, similar to what Part 7  discussed relative to San Francisco. New Hampshire is turning “Blue,” just as do other states previously sane and freedom loving, like Colorado and Nevada.

New Hampshire’s two major universities attract PhD Body Snatchers who teach and release a steady stream of changeling Pods with diplomas. Educated, affluent Pods – is there another kind? – also move to New Hampshire from its neighbor known as Taxachussetts, and from other super-liberal states like New York and Maine. With the typical incongruity of the species, despite of having come to New Hampshire to escape the horrendous problems that Podism has brought onto their original states, e.g. crime, high taxation and depletion of social capital, these Body Snatchers bring their own Podism to their new home, as do New York Jews who retire to Florida. 

Arizona, another state that used to be a paragon of liberty and home to Barry Goldwater, also has a New Hampshire-like Concurrent Resolution HCR 2034, subtitled “Proposing the Dissolution of the Federal Government of the United States of America if Certain Conditions Occur.” But Arizona too is a shadow of its former self. Its twice-elected Governor, Janet Napolitano has, according to Arizona lawyer and conservative blogger Rachel Alexander, turned Arizona into the biggest police state in the nation with auto speed "Janet Cams," circumvented state constitution to run up state debts to fund oversize state expenditures, and vetoed seven bills that would have cracked down on illegal immigration despite of Arizona’s having the highest proportion of illegal immigrants in the country. 

Fittingly, Ms. Napolitano can no longer continue the experiment of turning Arizona into Podtopia, for she has been selected by President Obama to be in charge of what else but the security of the United States of America. Arizona, however, apart from being slowly devoured by Mexico, is still a “conservative state” compared to some other ones asserting their rights vis a vis the Federal Government.  

Both the State of Washington, and the State of Michigan have passed state rights-affirming resolutions, but these two are Body Snatcher domains even more egregious than the Federal Government itself. Washington is as close as America comes to Sweden, and Michigan is as close to being colonized by Muslims and ripped apart by sociopath Blacks (e.g. Detroit) as any area of Europe. 

Up to 20 more states are contemplating measures asserting partial sovereignty against encroachments by the Federal Government. But it’s not freedom from Podisms such as affirmative action, multiculturalism and dilution by aliens that animates this movement but rather a fiscal rebellion against the costs of various unfunded federal mandates imposed on them by Washington. American states are bleeding billions of their taxpayers’ money to pay for social services to an out-of-control flood of illegal immigrants, various harebrained federal “education initiatives” and welfare programs. They are getting increasingly sick of it. 

The problem is that there is a lot more to make one sick. A few American “Red” states such as Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are closer to the old America and its Constitution than the rest of the country is. They are weary of the Obama regime’s planned encroachments into freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Bear Arms, and Freedom from unreasonable Searchs and Seizure. But even they do not challenge the Body Snatchers’ most powerful Taboos. 

There is no recourse for people who merely want to live in freedom, including freedom from Lies Enforced from Above, freedom from anti-White ethnic and religious discrimination by their own ruling elites, freedom from dispossession and uprooting. The American states’ separation movement does not seem to offer any more hope in this regard than the European ethno-separation movement does. 

Something is missing. We have to go looking farther, now into “Separationism,” to see if the answers lie there. But this is clear: Pod misgovernment is now acutely felt, and the people are fuming.




(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien “Body Snatchers” produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and Antipod as the antithesis of Pod.

(2) This is an outsider’s account, for I am not privy to the most au courant information about Belgian politics. However, the view of an outsider is relevant as such.


The comments section on this page has been closed. European readers in particular will find it irksome, what with their Freedom of Speech having been abrogated by Snatcher State and, with it, their ability to protest the misdeeds and tools of the regime that’s destroying them. My sincere apologies are, therefore, extended. 

In my view, however, it’s not Freedom of Speech that’s the most important one but the Freedom of Inequality. There are people whose speech ought not to be heard. Not just because of an intellectual judgment as to its substance, but a moral judgment as to its form. 

True conservatism, as opposed to the prevalent Lite version, entails retrieving and reinstalling values and features of life we once had, but have foolishly discarded. Among them is the notion of good manners, of savoir vivre, of breeding. A corollary notion is that unless you meet this standard, you are not fit to be in the company of those who do, nor fit to do what they do. William Buckley had another way of putting this, Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi

A few people have been hogging the comments page here to trade mutual jibes, lame jokes, inside references, gratuitous and jejune insults of me and of other commenters, expressions of contempt for opinions far more sound than their own from people more sound too, macho preening and the like. After the resulting closing of the comments section, they moved to pollute the parallel section of George Handlery’s column with matters irrelevant to that column. I find such conduct revolting personally and off-putting to other readers who might want to read this magazine. Hence the closing. 

When you purchase a print magazine, it comes to you new, without beer and pizza stains and traces of the drunken vomit of its previous readers. Alas, when you read a Web magazine, the beer, the pizza and the vomit show in the comments section. One day we may have the technological means to sanitize it before it passes from one reader to another. Until that day, this comments section will remain closed.  

Being a conservative is not reading or writing conservative articles but living a conservative life, every day. The very first step in that action is learning to discriminate, to discard the unworthy in opposition to the liberals’ notion of ever-expanding inclusiveness. So this is my conservative act for today.