Governments vs The People: Replacing The Population By Another One

There are conspiracy theories that hold that Europe’s political establishment is deliberately attempting to replace the continent’s population by an entirely different one. Though conspiracy theories are rarely true, Europe’s political establishment is making it extremely hard for the sceptics to refute them. Take, for instance, the recent Belgian amnesty for illegal aliens.

Last July, the government of Belgium announced a collective amnesty for illegal aliens. It is Belgium’s second general amnesty in barely a decade. When the previous one was approved by the Belgian Parliament in 1999, the government promised Parliament that it would be the final one and that henceforward people who entered the country illegally would be sent back. Nevertheless, there has been no crack-down on illegal immigration in the past ten years and hardly any illegal aliens have been sent back.

Last July, immediately after the parliamentary recess had begun, the government of Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy decided there should be a new amnesty to “regularize” illegal aliens who can demonstrate that they have “integrated sufficiently” into the country, e.g. by having children at school. The government took the decision unilaterally, without approval from the Parliament. This is against the law; the Belgian government cannot unilaterally grant a collective amnesty. Only Parliament has the power to do so.

The parties of Van Rompuy’s government coalition shrugged their shoulders. They refused to react against the usurpation of parliamentary powers because they did not want to open a public debate about immigration. Polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of the Belgians opposes the new round of regularizations. The Vlaams Belang, Belgium’s main opposition party, however, went to court. It requested the Council of State, Belgium’s highest administrative court, to annul the amnesty – which it did on December 11.

The government’s reaction to the annulment is astonishing. It announced that the court ruling would make no difference and that the illegal aliens need not worry. Mr. Melchior Wathelet, the Secretary of State for Immigration, said that, instead of collectively regularizing the 50,000 illegal aliens with one single signature, he will sign 50,000 individual regulations, granting each of them an individual amnesty.

Consequently, the 2009 amnesty will be Herman Van Rompuy’s farewell gift to the Belgians. Mr. Van Rompuy has meanwhile been appointed President of Europe, with an income higher than Mr. Obama’s, while the Belgians are left to foot the bill for thousands of new welfare recipients. Last September, a civil servant of Belgium’s Federal Agency for Aliens, warned: “This amnesty is madness. Our agency expects that one in every three is going to apply for welfare benefits.” Indeed, more than half of the aliens who were regularized in 1999-2000 received benefits as a result. The head of the Antwerp welfare department says that many of them are still on welfare ten years later; she expects the same to happen with those who are being regularized today.

Nevertheless, despite the court’s objections and despite the opposition of the people, the illegal aliens will be regularized. In three years’ time, the regularized aliens will be allowed to apply for Belgian citizenship. Meanwhile, figures indicate that half of the illegal aliens who have applied for regularization in the past months are Moroccans, while Moroccans already make up the largest group of immigrants in Belgium and many of them engage in criminal activities and refuse to integrate into Belgian society.

Conspiracy theorists can easily explain the conduct of the Belgian government. They will say it is an attempt to replace the Belgians by another population. For those who do not believe in this theory, it is harder to explain why Mr. Van Rompuy declared an amnesty which he knew to be unpopular, which will drain the Belgian welfare budget and which is, moreover, unlawful because the government usurped the prerogatives of Parliament. For those who do not believe in the population replacement theory, it is hard to explain why the Belgian government, despite a court ruling, stubbornly sticks to its decision.

For those who do not believe in a conspiracy theory, it is equally hard to explain why on 15 December, George Papandreou, the Prime Minister of Greece, announced that one of the measures to reduce his country’s crushing budget deficit will be to “bring illegal immigrants into the social security system.” It is true that some illegal aliens work in the country illegally and do not pay taxes and contributions, but it is equally true that many others do not and will, if “brought into the system,” be net consumers rather than net contributors.

Those who do not believe that Europe’s ruling establishment has engaged in a conspiracy against it own people will also have a hard time explaining the recent decision of the appeals chamber of the Bar Association’s disciplinary council in the Netherlands. On 12 December, it acquitted a Muslim lawyer of contempt of court. The Muslim lawyer, who wears a Muslim head covering during court sessions, refuses to rise when the judge enters the courtroom. He says that his religion maintains that everyone is equal and that, hence, he cannot rise for the judge. Though everyone is equal, however, the same lawyer refuses to shake hands with women. Nevertheless, the Muslim lawyer is getting away with behavior which the ruling establishment would not tolerate from indigenous Dutch lawyers, and, more importantly, which the majority of the Dutch people does not wish to tolerate from newcomers.

Europe’s ruling establishment is currently engaged in policies which go so radically against what ordinary Europeans want that a dangerous rift is growing between the people and those who govern them. If this situation is not remedied, Europe’s governments risk losing their legitimacy in the eyes of the people. One does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that this can only contribute to the potential for a revolutionary explosion of violence and anger somewhere down the road.

I believe this population

I believe this population replacement plan did indeed start out as a conspiracy created by European political elements of the global vested interests behind the New World Order, but that they no longer fear their plan becoming public knowledge, such is their self-assured arrogance.

The ever-emerging depth of treason and subversion committed by both Far Left and supposed Right Wing elites of the native mainstream political parties against their own indigenous European populations, is becoming increasingly mind-numbing and can only be described as a deliberately constructed agenda of genocide. Remember what the UN Convention says about what constitutes genocide.

Never, in the history of man and civilisations has such acts of hate and betrayal of one's own nation(s), heritage(s) and culture(s) been recorded.

There is only one punishment fit for such a crime against humanity - Hanging, Drawing and Quartering.

Maybe, if the dumbed-down indigenous European masses were to cast aside their collective fear of Political Correctness and Racist labeling while, at the same time, detoxing themselves off bread and circuses, they just might begin developing the back-bone and ruthlessness required to start taking out the System from within.

Karel De Gucht was

Karel De Gucht was complaining today in Ter Zake, about "other" countries in the international scene like China, that they're not democratic. Well.. How about the EU? We don't want the lies, we don't want the Lisbon Treaty! The people who got the chance to vote for it, voted it away. Who's going to give the people lessons about democracy? Karel isn't!

The multi-cutlure will become the mono-culture in a globalist World Government. The New World Order.

It's not a conspiracy theory, they're explaining and promoting it themself on TV, the media, propaganda, every day.

We don't want it!

RE: Population Replacement Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Belien,


The advocates for European population replacement and economic strain have already arrived at a conspiracy to challenge the one you put forth.  It is that crypto-fascists are attempting to foment upheaval in order to seize political power and establish totalitarian states.  Therefore, rather than play into their hands, the only solution is to counter any and all social discord i.e. ethnocentrism, racism and xenophobia.  The answer is love (and higher crime, taxes, etc.), not hate...

RE: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! A toast to Christian freedom and contempt for materialistic slavery!

Merry Christmas to all BJ readers and writers. May the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, "our Help in ages past" as the song by Isaac watts goes, protect those oppressed by the cult of Muhammad, and grant courage, strength and wisdom to those who are defending the truth in this world living under bondage to evil, for ages to come.

Hardly a conspiracy

"The people had forfeited the confidence of the government and could win it back only by redoubled efforts. Wouldn't it be easier to dissolve the people and elect another in their place?" - Bertold Brecht (emphasis mine)

Wars of Independence

Thank you for this good article.  Perhaps Vlaams Belang can start distributing copies of Thomas Jefferson's masterpiece of 1776.  Meanwhile, Europeans should arm themselves.  They have an inalienable natural right to defend themselves and their communities from invaders and oppressors.  The state exists to serve them, not dominate them.

L.T. Hobhouse wrote early in the 20th century that "harmony" had replaced "freedom" as the guiding star of liberalism.  Instead of "harmony" he should have said "socialism," which is nothing other than the application of the factory system to the whole of social life.  Only a socialist, i.e. a materialist cog in the machine, would prefer long life as a slave of the system to a short life in the service of liberty, justice, and truth.

Merry Christmas!  A toast to Christian freedom and contempt for materialistic slavery!