Trojan Horse: Ankara Influenced Dutch Election Results

Yesterday evening, the Dutch television program Nova caused considerable embarrassment in the Netherlands by revealing how the Turkish government influenced last months’ Dutch general elections. In an e-mail sent to thousands of ethnic Turks in the Netherlands the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs called on them to vote for Fatma Koser Kaya, a 38-year old woman whose family emigrated to the Netherlands when she was six years old. Koser Kaya is a member of the leftist “social-liberal” Democrats 66 (D66) party. On 22 November, D66 lost three of its previous six seats in Parliament. Koser Kaya, however, though only sixth on the list of D66 candidates, was elected as one of the party’s three parliamentarians thanks to the 34,564 individual votes she got, possibly as a result of the Turkish government’s interference.

Immigrants are known to overwhelmingly vote for candidates of their own ethnic group. Since they have often not integrated in the country where they have settled their loyalties lie with their countries of origin. This has created a situation where the immigrants in Western democracies become Trojan horses of foreign nationalism and religious fanaticism. This phenomenon became apparent in this year’s local elections in the Netherlands and in neighbouring Belgium. It tipped the balance in favour of parties that put forward immigrant candidates. At the same time, however, it worked to the disadvantage of indigenous candidates on these parties’ lists, causing considerable resentment among the latter.

In an e-mail, sent from a government address in Ankara, the Turks in the Netherlands were asked to vote for Koser Kaya. The e-mail was sent by Ali Alaybeyoglu, the advisor to Mehmet Aydin, the Turkish minister of Religious Affairs. The first paragraph reads:

“We all realize that no-one can represent Turks better than Turks. The Turkish community is threatened by assimilation. If we do not unite and vote for a common candidate our position will only worsen in future.”

The e-mail lists five reasons why Turks should vote for Koser Kaya. The most important one is the fact that D66 does not recognize the Turkish genocide of the Armenians in 1915. The four other reasons have to do with D66’s opposition to the policies of Rita Verdonk, the Dutch minister of Integration.
The Armenian issue became a topic in the Dutch general elections when the two leading parties in the country, the Christian-Democrats and Labour, refused to put forward candidates of Turkish origin who did not accept the party line that there was a genocide of the Armenians in 1915. As a reaction Turkish lobby groups initiated a campaign to urge Dutch voters of Turkish ancestry to boycott any party that labels the 1915 mass killing of Armenians a genocide.
The e-mail from the Turkish ministry lists the Dutch parties and points out why, apart from D66, they are not acceptable to Turks. The Christian-Democrats and Labour are excluded because of their position on the genocide, the Liberal Party VVD because it “is the party of Verdonk and Hirsi Ali,” the Animal Rights Party because it considers “animals to be more important than Turks,” and the Calvinist Party because it “is preparing a new crusade.”
Today, the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted Ankara about the affair. The Turkish Minister of Religious Affairs said he knows nothing about an e-mail. Minister Aydin added that if this e-mail had indeed been sent he strongly condemns it. “We do not interfere in the internal politics of our friends,” he said. Aydin’s collaborator Alaybeyoglu, the man who allegedly sent the e-mail, said that several people have access to his e-mail address. According to the Dutch ministry the matter is still under investigation.


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Turks are nothing # 2

It is amazing how these jew-hating conspiracy-addicts keep coming out of the woodwork, sometimes years after the 'facts' (in this case an article from 2006!). They come out of the woodwork and posit irrelevant oneliners that have nothing to do with the subject.

Clearly, there are many problems in the world besides the Turkish government's attitude vis-a-vis Turkish emigrants. 


Turkey and the EU

Turkey doesn't want to open its borders for ships and planes from Cyprus, but at the same time it wants to interfere directly in the democratic process of another country? This is one more reason to keep Turkey out of the EU. They do not seem to grasp the basic rules of democracy.

Turkey has all the rights to lead its own life. So does the EU. Democracy and freedom of religion are part of the EU's life. Having to accept a new member just because it is Islamic, is not part of EU's life.

D-66 is gone for all

D-66 is gone for all purposes so if anything the email had the opposite effect.  Maybe if they could come up with a real platform people would vote for them.  If anything the muslims tipped the balance in favor of SP (Socialist Party).

Kapitein: "the vast majority

Kapitein: "the vast majority of Europeans not only look down on non-Europeans".

If that were true, why do their elected officials write laws to encourage immigration of non-Europeans, knowing most of them end up unemployed and receive government checks.  Then why do the majority vote for those officials. A logical conclusion would be  they're all so stupid, or they act stupidly to gain temporary benefits as members of parliament.  This is beyond logics.

why our elected officials betray us

" If that were true, why do their elected officials write laws to encourage immigration of non-Europeans "

Whatever the cause, it shows that western "democracies" do not work.


Are there non-western "democracies" that do work? The problem is not that democracy is not working, the point is that democracy works "too well." Liberal democracy, like fascism or socialism, is a poor system for people who want to live in a free society.


democracy works "too well."

It is a complex question !
Personally, I don't want a completely free society for individuals. My priority is to keep European society European.
I know that democracy contains problems within itself. For example, if the United States really gave "democracy" to Iraq, we would be afraid what to expect!
Maybe part of the reason we cannot stop the leftist madness in Europe is democracy itself. In a dictatorship, government can choose a policy and carry it out. In a democracy, we have to look for compromise between several different parties and institutions, and it may end up in deadlock. All reforms become impossible.
But as I see it, our current problems in Europe and America come less from democracy than from the lack of it. Most people want immigration to stop, but we have to vote for politicians who want more of it ! And the media never stop the brainwashing.

Democracy of, by and for a minority

Armor, You are correct in your statements:

"democracy works "too well."

It is a complex question !"

Democracy provides cover for significant and determined minorities to subvert a republican, representative form of government, operating along established legal principles. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press can become "freedom of speech and press for the recognized organs of media", but not for society as a whole, who are not allowed expression through those organs.

See the following article, for an example of manipulation by a minority(established media and press)of items of public interest to give them the spin chosen by the minority. The world relies on these major media outlets for the "news", and the "facts" they disseminate are consumed by the poplace. Until the internet, they went largely unchallenged.

No Logic in Democracy

logicalman ... please don't waste your time looking for logic in western democracy. You will find little, if any.

Instead, if you'd care to search for emotions, self-deceiving beliefs, and false expectations, then you will find those aplenty.

Remember that these days, when a political party goes to the poles, they are only packaging themselves for electability. This is why women tend to vote for handsome men with limp wrists, or for women candidates (i.e., those that offer bags of 'appearance,' and little substance).

Yes, the mainstream parties will have a manifesto, but reality always torpedoes most of that once the reality of government takes over. Recent experience demonstrates that it is what they don't say that the electorate ends up getting as policy.

Furthermore, British and American democracies are dominated by the wants and wishes of special-interest pressure groups, QUANGOs, Charities, et al. It is these that are now setting the agenda AFTER an election. The people (and their wishes) are simply relegated to fodder fit for intellectual abuse.

If you want to understand the malevolent role of so-called charities in the promotion of non-European immigration into Britain, then you need to examine the activities of the Runnymede Trust.

The Runnymede Trust performs the role that (I would expect) other advocate bodies perform in several other western countries for the same ends. Did you or I vote for them? Who appointed their Directors? Who gave them the authority to pursuade our duly elected representatives?

This is all VERY serious stuff my friend. Some of these people may well end up swinging from lamp-posts in the not too distant future; male or female.

True Meaning of Pole

When 'Pole' is used in place of 'Poll,' at least in the present BJ context, it becomes a bone thrown on the ground for the resident Spaniel to sniff out and chew on.

Whose little tail was wagging 13 to a dozen?

Gotch ya! LOL.

Speaking of genocide...

It seems that Europe's Muslim population, especially the Turkish one, is propelling Europe towards a civil war in which the only outcome can be its own elimination either through war, or voluntary or involuntary repatriation. Perhaps 50 years from now Ankara will be demanding that this upcoming event be recognized as a genocide...


In spite of the multiculturalists' and political correctionists' activism, the vast majority of Europeans not only look down on non-Europeans (mainly Muslims and assorted Africans, West Asians, and South Asians) as ignorant criminals and free-riders, but they want them gone. Even those youth who are social democrats at the very least believe the first assumption.


I am unsure as to why Turkey even cares about its diaspora in Europe, as the average Turk in Germany is uneducated, is more religious than the Turk back home, does not speak German or have employable skills, and tends towards criminality.

Since when does...... country influence the outcome of another countries election???.....This is absurd..If the immigrant Turks don't like the selection of Dutch candidates, they can leave the country!...Whatever happened to free elections???....I know there are many within the EU that would love to sabatoge the outcome of our elections here in the U.S....Better think twice and BACK OFF, Mr. and Ms. Euro-weenie....It will NEVER happen......