This Demo Is NOT Being Banned

A far-left group of anti-American conspiracy theorists, calling itself “United for Truth” (UfT), is going to demonstrate in Brussels on 9 September. The group will march from the North Station to the South (Midi) Station in protest against "George Bush’s involvement" with the 9/11/2001 terror attacks in New York and on the Pentagon.
On its website UfT writes:

Recently the French Minister for Housing and the City Mme Christine Boutin expressed her doubts about the official 9/11 report. Before, Michael Meacher, secretary of state in Britain and Andreas Von Bulow, ex Minister from Germany, stated clearly that 9/11 and the war on terror are orchestrated by the Bush administration. Prof. David Ray Griffin held on September 14th, 2006 a lecture (‘Should the truth be revealed or concealed’) in Copenhagen. In this lecture he asked for a European investigation to the facts of September 11, 2001. To make this demand stronger, the United for truth organization in Belgium, is organizing a European protest rally through Brussels, on Sunday September 9th, 2007. [...] The United for truth organization consists of members of various truth, peace and human right movements in Europe.
The 9/9 - United for truth rally will be the first major protest in Europe demanding a serious change and challenge to all politicians in Europe. The protesters [...] agree the 9/11 attacks and other terrorist acts, no matter if they were carried out by some so-called Afghan cavemen or by the governments themselves, inflicted the current policy of fear. [...] The protesters want to show their solidarity with the American people, who are also asking the same questions and demanding the same answers for years to their government.


Unlike the anti-Sharia demonstration, planned to be held next September 11 in Brussels, the “9/9 United for Truth” demonstration of September 9 has been authorized by the Brussels authorities. Last week the Brussels mayor, Freddy Thielemans, banned the anti-Sharia demonstration because he fears it will upset the Muslim inhabitants of Brussels.
Hey Freddy, doesn’t the 9/9 demo upset the Americans living in Brussels? Or have you banned the 9/11 demo because the organisers want to have one minute of silence for the 9/11/2001 victims?

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They do have law enforcement in Belgium to protect it's indigenous citizenry, right?They do have law enforcement in Belgium to protect it's indigenous citizenry, right? WRONG!

As a belgian popular artist sings "La Police Est Debordée"

I would take Greek rationality over Judeo-Christian-Muslim nonse

Your 'Greek Rationality' should be enough to save you. You need to proclaim it from the rooftops. Fortunately I and my Christian ilk won't be needed in your fight against whatever it is that will eventually kill you for not converting. I appreciate the heads-up. Good luck. BTW, there is snark in this statement but also a message.

The real reason for suppressing 9-11 demo:

Islamists would openly show their true face: violence and hatred. These feelings are so strong that they will not be able to resist them if the demonstration would happen. This needs to be avoided at all times in order to save the idea of the peaceful multicultural society. With other words, Islamists and a peaceful multicultural society do not go together. To hide this simple truth, the fake idea of the peaceful multicultural society is suppressing the idea of free speech. Congratulations Belgium.

"The truth,the whole help me God"

Amsterdamsky's edit: "this show how socialism has brought Europe to the past,the pagan past".

Amsterdamsky's opinion:"I would take Greek rationality over JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM nonsense anyday".


Marsouin's unedited comment/opinion:"this show how socialism has brought Europe to the past,the pagan past.AND WHAT COULD BETTER EXPLAIN THEIR AFFINITY TO ISLAM?"


Thomas Jefferson's wisdom:"The moment a person forms a theory,his imagination sees in every object only the traits which favor that theory".


Smart guy that Jefferson.

Smart guy that Jefferson...

Yep! And by today's (lack of) standards, he'd be labled a war monger, a cowboy, and a dunce by the lunacy that is the political left.

Re: Religion in europe

"this show how socialism has brought Europe to the past, the pagan past."


I would take Greek rationality over Judeo-Christian-Muslim nonsense anyday.

Patrick " smells like a PVDA manifestation (Belgian Marxists / Stalinists)."

You forgot to include un-assimilated immigrants now a huge part of the PvDA here.


Just one question:

Why holocaust deniers are prosecuted and 9/11 ones are nearby sublimated by the same ?.

An ad hominem statement!

Don't these idiots believe bin-Laden? He said that he did it and he was surprised at the success. He didn't think that the buildings would come down, only kill the people on the floors that were hit and above. What is so hard about believing the statement of the guy who planned it. Are they saying that bin-Laden was/is a minion of GW Bush? Why the hell would he volunteer to get the entire group blown up just to misdirect the blame? I'm talking bin-Laden here, bin-Laden is the one who had to volunteer to buy the farm for Bush's sake. That's even worse than dumb, that's carrot quality sentience.

"Proditorio" act

To honour the moron who is actually the Prime Minister (not for long thanks God!)my country, that's what I would call the mayor's act. Let us not forget that only a few days ago Romano Prodi said that Italy should help Hamas!! And completely off topic, enjoy this video

Burka Babes

Religion in Europe

Who says religion is dead among the native Europeans? Mysticism and the rejection of Western rationality is alive and well. As for "progress", this show how socialism has brought Europe to the past, the pagan past. And what could better explain their affinity to islam?

Par Toutatis!!!

I suppose that the 9/11

I suppose that the 9/11 manifestation will easy outnumber these conspiracy clowns. Did you notice the counter they put on their website? Only 53 people answered that they will come to the manifestation. The big majority are Belgians. Too me its smells like a PVDA manifestation (Belgian Marxists / Stalinists).

But of course!

Silly Silly People! Doesn't everyone realize by now that if you are a member of the or Anti-American (Marxist) ilk, you automatically are granted freedom of assembly without any questions asked? Also remember, if you disagree with this crowd, you are chastized, ailienated, defamed, or worse. It seems freedom of speech applies only to those who march to the leftist drum beat. And if you dissent, may God help you! The double-standard is deafening!