Wake Me Up When Stephen Pollard Is Gone

A quote from Stephen Pollard at his Spectator blog, 25 January 2008

The Brussels Journal is a site which many American conservatives read about matters European. Unfortunately, [m]any otherwise well informed American conservatives get their information about Europe - specifically, the influence of Islam in Europe - through a site which views Islam itself as a cancer to be fought and which regards  an Islamic takeover of Europe as something which has effectively already happened.

This distorts so many Americans' outlook, seeing Europe as essentially written off to Islam. The Brussels Journal should be seen for what it is: a hard line anti Muslim propaganda sheet. [...] [I]t's one thing dealing with facts and rational analysis. It's quite another when pernicious sites like the Brussels Journal tar all Muslims with the same extremist brush and distort the news to portray Islam itself as destroying our society rather than Islamic extremists. [...]

Yes, we in the West need to be relentless in defending Western values and free speech in the wake of Islamist demands. And it's liberals of all people who ought to be in the front line of that fight, defending those with lifetyles and attitudes which Islamists would kill.

But we need to be just as relentless in remembering what those values are, one of which is tolerating those of a different faith, when their faith does not impinge on our values. And it isn't Muslims who have sought to ban the story of the three pigs - it was 'brain-dead white "liberals" '.
Sentences like Wake me up when the Muslims have gone and the attitudes they reveal are the mirror image of the Islamists' own prejudices, and have no place in a proper defence of Western values.


A remark from Paul Belien:

The piece, Mr. Pollard, was satire, as even American conservatives will understand (though not British brain-dead white liberals). The author has not resigned, has not become a drug addict, is not asleep and, hence, you will not have to wake him up when the Muslims have gone.

By the way: the title of this piece is ironic, too. We wish you all the best.

Satire, indeed...

Islam is indeed a true cancer for all thus afflicted, yet individual Muslims are not necessarily terminal even in-spite of their initial diagnosis.  Any neurologist is aware that individual neurons can remain healthy even when surrounded by a sea of pathologically terminal sister cells. 
(In fact, a sick neuron that has died bodes better for the organism as a whole, than does the continual survival and subsequent dystrophy of a sick one. So much for "nature.")

Muslim people might be individually and essentially quite healthy in-spite of their immediate environment, it is, after all is said and done, the religion of Islam, the Koran, the Prophet of Mohamed, and their entire legalistic-theological ilk that are sick...and no amount of lip-stick is ever going to re-vive this dead pig.  Sorry for the metaphor, but it is entirely appropriate.

Dear Sir, I am an American, who is, unlike Europeans, able to think for himself, being gratefully deprived of a government-sanctioned media, and I can tell you with all confidence that both you and people like you, as well as your beloved continent is already in its death-throes. It is only those few "in-tact" neurons that herald Europe's impending resurrection that will "save-the-day." But, this cannot happen in the absence of the awareness of Europe's Christian Heritage and it's manifest Christian Identity, which she, virtually alone, clearly articulated. And this European-Christian heritage totally demands the unqualified anathema of Islam, on every level of abstraction.

Thus, without recourse to such not-so-esoteric-knowledge, your words are less than meaningless. You invoke a "kind-of-reason, a false-reason," but your invocation is a ghostly phantom, a novelty. True reason is only known as Logos, and this "Logos" you, in shamefully breaking with your own Fathers (and Mothers,) are not even aware, much less verbally acknowledge.

You would haughtily deign to tolerate another faith...without even embracing that of your own Fathers! You are worse than shameful, scandalous, insolent, and ignorant. What you tolerate is not a true faith at all, but only a vehicle for the repudiation of Christian legitamacy...for such people as you are without doubt credibly acknowledged as genuine spiritual bastards. Do you believe that they will spare you? Christianity needs to be spread to Muslim people, but you insure that they continue to languish in their misogynistic/demonic hell. Shall not their fate await the likes of you, as well? (For as you did not do it unto the least of these...neither did thou do it unto me.) If you truly care about people, you will want to Christianize them. That's what you are missing. That is what Europe is missing, and that is the only thing that will save Europe, as well as individual Europeans, of whatever racial, ethnic, or nationalistic background. There is no compromise with error, evil, or the diabolical. Islam is all three. Ainsi soit-il.

Wow, superior Brits are telling us where to get our information

People from the same country that the US govt. identifies as one of the greatest threats of exporting Islamic terrorism is telling us what to think...no thanks...if it makes Mr. Pollard feel better, this US conservative scrubs his brain every time right after reading this site by switching on the BBC and picking up the Guardian, to get the proper 'European' perspective...

Who is Pollard

I sense a mixed message from Mr. Pollard. Who is Pollard? a little investigation might clarify.

I read TBJ every day, regards to all.


bogus conservative

I think Pollard is dishonest:
- he seems to support the muzlim invasion of Europe
- he denounces the BrusselsJournal for being unkind to the Muzlims
- he says the problem is our "brain-dead white liberals"

The internet is full of bogus conservatives like him who specialize in :
1) leftist-bashing
2) supporting mass immigration

But what can the leftists do that is worse than supporting mass immigration?
Nothing, in my opinion. Without muzlim immigration, there wouldn't be a problem.

Marcfrans: "Pollard has a point too, i.e. one should not blame 'muzlimz' for stupid actions of "brain-dead white liberalz"

Commenters of the BJ often say the same thing.
For example:

Shari’a Swim in the UK
Croydon Council has instituted ‘Muzlim only’ swimming times in its public swimming baths [...] and the Shari’a dress code is to be covered from the neck down to the ankle. Have you ever tried swimming wrapped in a sheet?

My comment at the time: "It is unlikely that many muzlims were asking for 2 hours every week so they could take a swim with their clothes on. The problem comes from the extreme left in the European administration."

To Market, to Market, to Buy a Fine Fox
Norway's largest independent weblog, reports that in Norwegian kindergartens, pigs in traditional fairy tales are now quietly being replaced with other animals.

A commentor: "The insanity of European political correctness is that it demands self-imposed restrictions that are not required of anybody in the immigrants countries of origin, it panders to the most extreme end of the radical fringe."

"I don't believe it!" #2

Is Atlanticist the only one here who seems to realise that The Spectator and Victor Mildrew are British?  What has all this got to do with "American conservatives"? 

Who is Stephen Pollard? Is he a Brit or an American?  Is he "conservative" or a "braindead white liberal"?  Is he related to the particular 'Pollard' who is now serving a life sentence for treason in the US (i.e. for having given away state secrets to Israel) in the most damaging spy case of the past quarter century?

The 'truth' is multifaceted or multifactorial.  Armor has a point that immigration, and muslim immigration in particular, should be subject to criticism.  But Pollard has a point too, i.e. one should not blame 'muslims' for stupid actions of "brain-dead white liberals".  The latter are primarily responsible for their own actions.  But the former can 'contribute' to these actions.  Thus, the questions at hand are: (1) Did TBJ blame muslims for the stupid actions of white liberals? And (2) How do muslims 'contribute' to such actions?  

@Marcfrans, re: Pollard

Stephen Pollard is a British journalist. He used to be affiliated with the Fabian Society, the Labour think tank, but has moved to the right, which makes him a "neo-conservative": a former liberal mugged by reality. He is currently the president of the Centre for the New Europe (CNE), a Brussels think tank founded in 1993 by... Paul Belien.

I think there is a little bit of jealousy involved here: TBJ is more influential among American conservatives than CNE. 


Pollard: " we in the West need to be relentless in defending Western values and free speech in the wake of Islamist demands "

We in the West should defend our existence rather than Pollard's values. It means that we have to stop immigration and expel the immigrants.

" But we need to be just as relentless in remembering what those values are, one of which is tolerating those of a different faith "

Pollard says he defends "western values" when what he really defends is the displacement of Europeans by immigrants. Unless he means we must be tolerant with Europeans who convert to islam?

How come there are millions of third-worlders in Britain in the first place? Is their presence something natural? Not preventable? Beyond discussion?

I don't think our ancestors would've had any tolerance for Pollard and for muslim colonization of their countries. I guess their values were not European.

Congrats are in order.

What the article ultimately  communicates is that  Pollard recognizes The Brussels Journal's   effectiveness  in  getting the word out and that  it  must be discredited  and smeared lest the pro-islamization forces lose control of the narrative . 

Congrats to the TBJ staff!  Keep up the good work.

P.S. 'the proper defense of Western Values does not include throwing open the gates to an ideology diametrically opposed to Western values (as is well documented in the koran - Mr Pollard should give it a look). But then again, he would not be alone in ignorantly introducing evil into a good situation for the sake of 'diversity'.

Perncious Site?

Mr. Pollard. The incidents that are reported here are readily verifiable by clicking on the links to valid newspapers from all over Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

The Journal didn't invent the story of Anne Lorraine Schmidt's attempted rape and subsequent murder by a Turkish Muslim. It didn't invent the stories of Theo Van Gogh's murder and mutilation by Muslims nor the gang rapes of indigenous women in Holland, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy and Australia by perpetrators of Middle Eastern, Pakistani or Sub -Saharan African origin followed by the approbation of Imams who declare from their "pulpit" that the victims are whores and deserve to be raped, the immolation of a young Turkish girl by her own father because she was wearing shorts, the murder of  two teenage Muslim girls in Texas by their own father and the honor killings that are perpetrated in Europe, USA and Canada.

To characterize this site with the adjective "pernicious" is at the very least, irresponsible and defamatory.  The Journal is merely a clearing house for information that the major media is reluctant to disseminate and is also a forum for people to express their opinions freely while they still can.  That right is being abrogated incrementally.

There may be "moderate" Muslims but a lot of evidence is lacking to support the case for a "moderate Islam".

Their goal is to conquer and to subjugate everyone under the Sharia. Theirs is a religion that tolerates neither dissent nor debate in matters of dogma and demands the total submission of the faithful. Christianity has come a long way since the days of Torquemada and any incidents of extremism such as the handful of shootings and bombings at abortion centers does not represent the norm nor is it publicly praised by Christian or Jewish clergy.

Islam is completely alien to a free thinking Democratic society and we need to remain separated by our natural boundaries. The Saudis are pleased to do business with us but they don't want us living in their realm. Why shouldn't we be accorded the same right by our governments?

Your Muzlims vs. Our Muzlims

Well, BJ, I suppose that will tell you! Shame on you for saying nasty things about your European muzlims. You make them out to be just as bad as those muzlims in America. What slander! Everyone should know that European muzlims are much more refined, more cultured (oh, have they got culture!), closer to the source of pure izlam than those rag-tag muzlims over in America.


It is just a scandal that you would compare European muzlims to American muzlims. What do they have in common? There is their absolutely rigid attitude about the crummy koran, sharia law, the joy of stoning, the fanatical screaming "death to ......!" at the target de jour, their skill with matches and other incendiary devices, their bomb making skills, etc. Oh, and let us not over look their eternal victim mentality, their endless list of grievances.


Actually, I'd say the only significant difference between American muzlims and European muzlims is which side of the pond they are found on.