From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 4: Tribe


500 years from now, when 26th century archeologists will be slicing through the stratum of the broken remains of Frankfurt or Philadelphia, chips of silicon chips next to bits of Snickers and Big Mac wrappers under mounds of DVD shards, squashed satellite dishes among twisted nipple rings and faded Obama campaign buttons, bases of shattered toilet bowls still bolted to face away from Mecca next to popped air bubble soles still claiming victory for Nike, they will be wandering, what was is that destroyed this civilization?

There will be theories ranging from lead contamination in our water supply to ubiquitous estrogen-mimicking chlorine by-products and other demasculinising chemicals decimating men’s sperm count and virility itself. But looking at it now, in 2008, it looks like a viral disease of the brain, affecting only white people. And for our civilization and the people who carry it to survive, it’s necessary that the healthy part of the population, those not yet turned into Body Snatcher doppelgängers, try to isolate themselves from the sick and their institutions. 

You think this is hyperbole, but it’s an understatement.

Even as this is being written, a U.S. Congressional Committee has just announced an expected “terrorist attack using nuclear or more likely biological weapons before 2013", while the same U.S. Congress is pushing to keep the country’s borders ever wider, and the  terrorists of 2013 probably live fat and happy already on U.S. soil in one of the 115 cities and three whole states that are Official Sanctuaries for illegal aliens, including those apprehended for criminal offenses. 

Even as this is being written, the princes of the Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain are pondering what plumbing fixtures should be installed in Catholic schools to allow their large percentage of Muslim students to Wudhu after breaking wind or using the toilet, as well as to Wudhu relative to their private parts, faces, mouths, hands, arms, feet, the neck, the ears, and the inside of their noses -- all three times a day before Muslim prayer. This is in today’s news, and multiple such items are in the news every day, from every Western European and European diaspora country. 

The funny part is that in most Muslim countries there has always been a shortage of water and a surfeit of sand. So all this “washing” is a brief ritual gesture performed with sand or, like air guitar, empty handed. The only part that’s inviolable is prostrating toward Mecca and saying the prayers. But when idiot dhimmis can be found so easily in the West to provide Roman luxury even in Roman Catholic institutions, why not take whitey for a ride?  

I cannot fault our new Muslim co-citizens. It’s the dhimmi Pods themselves, not jihadi terrorists, who are taking words associated with Christianity and British history out of children's dictionaries “to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society

The white people not yet turned into Pods cannot survive except by separating themselves from the Muslims. It’s just common sense, no vilification is necessary. Simply, the twain shall not mix – and every East European knows it at the age of seven. To their credit, Muslims know this too; only idiot white Pods don’t. Which is one reason why the white Antipods’ need to separate from the voluntary white dhimmis, the footbath contemplators of fart-forfeiting facilities for former Third World slum and desert-dwellers, is equally necessary and urgent. Those are, after all, the custodians of the keys to the kingdom, and they have deliberately broken, bent or given away every single key. They are the Western peoples’ true misfortune.    

It’s probable that nothing else can save Western Civilization but its wise and steadfast application by a dedicated and still Unsnatched(1) minority of its ethnic heirs, exiting Body Snatcher society and willing to sacrifice for this such material advantages as the Pennsylvania “Dutch” (more properly Deutsch) or 2nd -18th century Jews were willing to forego for the sake of their distinctive cultures and creeds. 

The exodus ought to lead to a formation of communities where the still-healthy would be the dominant majority, able and willing to control who is in the City Hall, what is being taught in schools, which channels are available on the local Cable TV system, what people are allowed to wear in public, and how teenagers are to address their elders. Moreover, and that is the difficult part for citizens in Pod nations, such communities ought to be able to define themselves in the same way as the West’s nonwhite minorities do: strength in non-diversity, ethnic kinship, ethnic nepotism, preference for endogamy, high value placed on heterosexuality and on marriage as the basis of group survival. And all that applied with as much zeal as Muslims apply to maintaining their way of life, if with less cruelty. 

Altneuland (The Old-New Land) was a futuristic novel by Theodor Herzl, published in Austria in 1902. Herzl, an Austro-Hungarian Jewish intellectual and journalist, had covered the Dreyfus trial for his newspaper, Neue Freie Presse. The trial, stemming from fabricated charges, resulted in the false conviction of a French-Jewish army captain, Alfred Dreyfus, for espionage, for which he was unjustly cashiered and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island.  

During the trial, Herzl witnessed multiple incidents of deep Antisemitism, including mass rallies in Paris where crowds chanted "Death to the Jews!" So assimilated that he had been deeply involved in a German unity movement, Herzl came to believe that a real assimilation of Jews in Europe would never be possible. Thus Zionism was born. 

Returning to the land of their ancestors, Israel, was not an idea that came immediately to the early Zionists. Altneuland did much to reorient them toward their ancient homeland. 

In this novel, Herzl told a story of two friends on a long journey, stopping in Palestine and finding it a depopulated, backward and destitute Turkish sand patch, as it was at the end of the 19th century. 20 years later the friends stop in Palestine again, on their way back to Europe. This time they find it a modern industrial state, with thriving industry and commerce and all the democratic freedoms that Europe itself was still struggling to attain. As Wikipedia’s synopsis puts it, ”In the two decades that have passed, European Jews have rediscovered and re-inhabited their Altneuland, reclaiming their own destiny in the Land of Israel.” 

In a way, this is what people have to do who have not yet lost their brains and souls to Podism. Rediscover and re-inhabit their Altneuland, the land where they were born and where their ancestors lived, a land that was snatched from them by their traitorous leaders and Body Snatcher sickos, and handed over to Somalis and Moroccans, Aztecs and Bosnians, militant homosexuals and in-your-face transvestites, Gramscian teachers and Chomskian professors, mentally gelded pacifists and congenitally criminal recidivists, government inspectors and tax collectors, and supra-national EUniks and UNiks with periodical inspections by Doudou Dienne, “UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.”         

Assimilation among the Body Snatchers is no longer possible. The few still-unsnatched remnants have to stop what they are doing, and stop running, and stop praying that the Republican Party win, as its win is worthless, and stop wishing in vain that the European Commission rediscover the meaning of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Self-Determination. Instead, this is where they might start: 

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”  

Who are we? 

This is being published in a Flanders-based conservative webzine that has a significant readership in Western Europe and in the United States. Judging by snippets of biographical detail and names revealed in readers’ posts, significant portions of active readers are Dutch and other Northwest Europeans, and American. All seem to be Christian or post-Christian, with sometimes acrimonious posts of Protestants against Catholics, either one against the Orthodox, and vice versa. A wide range of conservative persuasions seems to be represented.  

In contrast, I am an ex-Eastern European, half-Slav and half-Jew. My character-forming influences have come from a traditional Polish upbringing, from being a 3rd generation victim of Nazism and 2nd generation victim of Socialism, from American paleoconservatism, from pre-1968 France and pre-multiculti California, from pre-1850 Japan and from a long executive career that has taken me to many countries for prolonged periods.  I live mainly in Japan and often look at the West from the Oriental angle. I am a lapsed Catholic and an incomplete practitioner of Zen. This is a C.V. quite deviant from the mean in Western or any other kind of society. So who am I that I should say, “we”?  

The “we” that I use, however, is not a ploy to insinuate myself into the position of opinion leader and spokesman for a willing, let alone unwilling, readership. Rather, it’s a shortcut referring to a heterogeneous stratum of millions of people from all countries of the West who see themselves not only as members of their nations’ ethnies(2) but also as heirs and keepers of the Western tradition and its cultural expression grounded in the Jerusalem –Athens –Rome triangle. I call these people Antipods – the ones who find Pod society abhorrent – and I identify with them. 

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series I listed some additional common denominators of this still-unemerged group. To reprise in digest form, and expand: 

1. Opposition to whites’ disfranchisement, marginalization and impoverishment by the whites’ own ruling elites in government, media, education, culture and business. 

2. Attachment to a racial, ethnic and cultural identity as Europeans or descendants of Europeans. It does not call for disparaging other such identities but does entail assertiveness with respect to protecting the interests of our own ethny in our own lands.  

3. Resistance to mass immigration. Not as xenophobia but as realism that sees the actual marginal utility of “diversity” reach zero at about a 4% -5% ratio of foreign-origin residents, even when they are assimilable.  

4. Unqualified opposition to any immigration by people so dissimilar – e.g. Muslims and all but few outlying Africans -- that there is no possibility of finding and maintaining a true common denominator.  

5. Unqualified opposition to the West’s ruling elites with respect to their importation of tens of millions of Muslims to the West. Awareness that this has been a catastrophic mistake without precedent in history since the fall of the Roman Empire. 

6. Unwillingness to accept PC’s veil of silence about black crime, Muslim terrorisms, and other grave dysfunctions that nonwhite minorities have spread in the West. Anger at the authorities’ cowardice in handling these problems. 

7. A conservative, Burkean disposition, which comprises: 

   7.1. Detestation of high taxes and wealth-transfer programs, and of social and economic “justice” theories and their application by semi-sovereign judges for the benefit of their favored “victim” classes.

   7.2. Rejection of Western governments’ out-of-control public spending, excessive regulations, legal system abuse, suppression of free speech. invasion of personal freedoms and privacy, particularly as this is being done to control social dysfunctions that Body Snatcher state itself has caused through its reality-averse policies.

   7.3.  Rejection of the current form of Conservatism and its two predominant mutations: Texas “hold’em” (i.e. poker) yahoo capitalism and New York Wilsonian neoconservatism. Return to Conservatism’s European roots: Austrian economics, Germanic Protestant work ethic, Roman-Catholic cultural genius, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic concepts of liberty, and more.

  7.4.  Adoption, as part of the definition of true conservatism, of Samuel Francis’s dictum that conservatism is “The survival and enhancement of particular peoples and their institutionalized cultural expressions.”

8.  Reaction. Conservatism is good when there is much to conserve – but by 2008 Conservatism is not enough anymore, except if it be defined as permanent defeat, forever trying to shore up a once-magnificent edifice that’s now sand, slipping through the fingers. Reaction implies moving toward the past.  How far back is arguable. Some conservatives want to go to pre-Enlightenment days. I merely want to go back to 1955. Popular wisdom notwithstanding, moving back is possible for a self-selected community. It is equally clear that such a move will be castigated by Body Snatcher society with great vehemence, “reactionary” being a term and concept for which one would have lost one’s neck under the French Jacobins, the Bolsheviks, and all of their worldwide spawns in the 20th century. The Comintern, through its useful idiots in the West, has done much to blacken this term in Body Snatchers’ minds. 

9.  Steadfast opposition to and rejection of all supranational bodies and globalism in all of their political and commercial expressions, yet without losing a friendly disposition and intellectual openness to the rest of the world. 

10. Desire to build and sustain an anti-liberal community. Members should be willing to forego the unlimited superficial freedoms that individuals enjoy in Body Snatcher society in order to regain the deeper freedoms that the BS society has nullified. Give up the benefits of “diversity,” i.e. cheap strawberries and a profusion of ethnic restaurants, to gain social capital and mutual trust. Renounce rap, bling, metal, grunge, disco, porno, TV entertainment, footie fandom for the sake of higher Western culture. Give up feminist “empowerment” and sexual promiscuity for the sake of family preservation. Give up abortion for the sake of the community’s survival. Change life’s focus from consumption to productive work and self-development.  

11.  Christianity.  At this time, for the sake of a common denominator  I’ll define it as “Cultural Christianity.” But the subject, given Christianity’s impact on the history of the West, its impact on present-day American Conservatism, and its current retreat before Islam, requires a separate chapter. 

Each time I refer to “we,” the above is my reference point, plus many micro-details that will follow after this wide shot. But some aspects of this aggregation may still be more wishful thinking than a reflection of reality. In a second sense, therefore, I use the “we” as a plea. 

It’s not a plea for myself to be accepted into the “we.”  I am pleading for a “we” because I believe that every person born of European stock owes a great debt to his splendid civilization, to the great gifts it has showered on him, to its cultural giants that have furnished his brain and his soul – or could, if he’d but let them, and to his ancestors that endured over the ages to bring him, or her, to this point. 

This civilization is now being killed by its custodians. For a resurgence to occur, there has to arise a movement spanning the entirety of Europe and of the Anglosphere, asserting the basic unity of the Euro-peoples, and resurrecting pride in their culture and heritage. Pride without arrogance or sense of supremacy but also without the apologizing, groveling, and open, incessant retreat that characterize the mea culpa Body Snatcher society.  


The tribe I imagine is a sort of ethno-conservative and culturally reactionary white ummah stretching from New Zealand to Alaska, the way the Muslim ummah spans from the remotest islands of Indonesia through Bosnia to British Columbia, but without the negative baggage. In each nation, people who have not yet morphed into Body Snatchers already know how to define themselves as a local ethny, but a universal component is needed as well. 

The British National Party’s constitution defines BNP’s constituency as “indigenous Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse folk communities of Britain and those we regard as closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the European race also resident in Britain.” 

Good definition, but one day it will be nice to see a phrase added that asserts solidarity with a list of similar parties in 40 other countries. For now, the vehement Fascism(3) of Body Snatcher society is such that by merely mentioning the BNP I am subjecting this website to criticism and am placing myself on a variety of black lists and white lists maintained in some windowless cubicles by Pod apparatchiks no less fanatical than were the Stasi functionaries rifling through East German population’s letters and underpants [sic] in the basement of the Stasi Headquarters in the Berlin suburb of Lichtenfeld.  

As a past subject of commie commissars, just reading about the sustained persecution that BNP members are subject to in the archPod state of ex-Great ex-Britain makes me angry. So a big portion of the remaining chapters of this essay will be devoted to suggesting ways for avoiding such mistakes as BNP committed at its inception and for repulsing the onslaught of Body Snatcher society on the dissenters of Meccania who hold views roughly similar to those of BNP. 

BNP’s term “European Race” and its stand against miscegenation pose  moral and practical problems that are greater in some countries than in others. Are Jews a European race? There might be sincere and well-informed views that differ on this. No matter the answer, what sense does it make to exclude from the “we” a people that has lived in Europe for 2400 years, in great numbers so since having been brought to Rome as slaves after the Great Revolt’s defeat in 70 CE, and with a considerable mingling of the DNAs over the centuries? Not to mention the origin of the creed that’s inseparable from the “European Race,” Christianity.  

The reason the great majority of Jews would not be in the Antipod community is not their race but their politics. There is a heavy statistical distribution of Jews on the political left, all the way to its extremes.  

The Jewish tendency to want to repair the world runs counter to three principles I believe in, two of which all conservatives ought to believe in. First, the “repair” causes unintended damages worse than the flaw the repairers were trying to fix. Second, a conservative ought to be so busy with conserving what’s worth conserving that he can engage merely in tinkering with society’s edges but not in the wholesale remodeling that the majority of Jews seems to be fond of, from socialism to multiculturalism to Obama. Third, as a practitioner of Zen I believe that just repairing oneself is a lifetime job, far more important and feasible than repairing the world. 

The mental exodus required to form the Antipod community is so important that membership ought to be conferred only upon interviewing candidates and having them sign letters of acceptance of the community’s principles, followed by a lengthy process of structured acclimatization. Something between joining a private golf club and becoming a naturalized Swiss citizen -- which is possible only upon the examination and adoption of a particular candidate by a particular community. And typically Jewish – and by now typically European – social attitudes are one shibboleth that should disqualify anyone from joining. 

However, white-supremacist and Antisemitic views should be another shibboleth. The Antipod “we” I propose excludes the holders of such views.  

Many, perhaps most of the pixels in the picture I am painting agree with the platforms of “far right” parties in Europe and private associations in the U.S. But every such organization attracts to its fringes sympathizers who don’t merely dislike Jews or the nonwhite races but traffic in Holocaust denial, grand Jew-conspiracy theories, whitewash of Adolf Hitler, wholesale denigration of the black race, and white supremacy. 

The political inconvenience of such views is obvious – a rabidly racist and hateful ideology serves as useful spotting coordinates for the overwhelmingly superior artillery of Meccania’s white-suppressing institutions. But such artillery will fire on Antipods anyway. The true reason Jew-hating and other white supremacist convictions are objectionable is that, ultimately, falsehood bordering on monomanical madness shall not stand. 

It is demented to cling to Holocaust-denial views merely half a century after the Holocaust, when there are giant warehouses full of evidence, some Holocaust survivors and repentant perpetrators are still alive, and so are many of their children who learned the truth directly from their parents, and not from television documentaries. It is pitifully ludicrous to invoke the authority of Dr. David Duke, when the good Doctor holds a Kandidat Nauk degree from a sixth-rate Ukrainian college situated in a city where the word pogrom may well have been coined and pogrom’s chief practitioner in Eastern European history is immortalized in bronze.  

Yet the current situation among some Body Snatcher resistors is such that a visitor to an otherwise-worthy website like will be transported in a click of the mouse to Holocaust denial, David Duke adulation and Zionist–conspiracy theories. A participant in the conference of such an otherwise-excellent institution as American Renaissance will have to sit next to American Nazis differing little from the original model. Maybe there is a way to shine some light into those brains, so that they can become useful allies rather than an embarrassment.  

That Jews are disproportionately represented among the chief Body Snatchers is one thing, and it calls for a rational critique(4) and repudiation. But to falsify history, to engage in a blanket smear of an ancient people that constitutes 0.25% of the world’s population but has given the world not only Jesus but also 178 Nobel Prize winners and many of its best doctors, most illustrious artists and seminal conservative thinkers(5) –– that is evil. It also condemns to failure any group holding this evil view, as it did the best organized and most powerful group in modern history, the German Nazis. 

The issue of the nonwhite inhabitants of the West is more complicated. In Body Snatcher’s Meccania, the Antipods have only one choice: separation. The news today informs, from Melbourne:  

DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities.” 

In this world-gone-mad, whites must play racial politics, or else they will end up in the cellar of the house they and their ancestors have built. As long as Antipods have to live as a reviled minority in Body Snatcher society, the “we” has to remain a whites-only club, no different in principle from a black college fraternity or an Indian reservation. But this does not imply troglodyte attitudes and wholesale animosity toward other races and nationalities. 

Should the West ever again regain its senses, if a whole country could be run on Antipod principles, there is no just basis for denying a nonwhite minority full participation -- if they and generations of their ancestors were born there, if they are fully assimilated, if they have abandoned tribalism for citizenism, if they cannot become a majority, and if they be judged by the same criteria as whites without multiculti obfuscation, cowardly manipulation of negative data, or racist discrimination for or against them.

It would be a cop out to fail to mention that such a principle of race-blind equitability cannot possibly lead to a multi-racial coexistence on the present scale. There are enormous social problems with blacks as a group, with violent crime rates at least 7 times those of whites, and other antisocial traits such as serial fatherhood, illegitimacy, pimp culture and disdain for work similarly overrepresented.  

At the same time, there are no easy solutions, when most blacks can trace their American lineage farther back than most whites can, but are still unable and unwilling to assimilate in white society after 400 years. Integration is not possible except by hoisting the white flag, as white Body Snatchers do. But separation ought to be possible, and is likely to occur in the future.  

Even a Green-left-utopia such as the cult novel Ecotopia, depicts a future independent state on what’s known as the Left Coast of the United States, with blacks separated in city states such as Oakland. There exist less-friendly separation scenarios, such as in the novel Turner Diaries, but they dip into the kind of demented hate cesspools that I have already rejected here. Anglo-Saxons who believe they are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel cannot help us in shaking off the Body Snatcher yoke. 

There is much to learn in this matter from such black ideologues as the aforementioned Jacob Carruthers , e.g. as per this quote: 

“Western civilization and its most outstanding offspring, American civilization, is, in reality, surrender to white supremacy. Some of us have chosen to reject the culture of our oppressors and recover our disrupted ancestral culture." 

Just alter it a little, and it reads, “Contemporary Western civilization is, in reality, surrender to black, brown, Muslim and dhimmi supremacy, guided by a cabal of white Body Snatchers. Some of us have chosen to reject the culture of our oppressors and recover our disrupted ancestral culture.” So maybe white Antipods need to learn something from blacks about “community organizing” too, as this specialty of Barack Obama has led him quite far. 

Saving Western Civilization must entail as well separation from Muslims and from Third World Latinos(6), which these groups already practice toward whites. How to separate without cruel and unjust policies is an issue beyond the scope of this discussion, as it requires a fully-informed consideration of the specific circumstances in each Western country separately. 

What is clear is that the fault for the disaster of bringing to the West tens of millions of unassimilable Muslims, tens of millions of subliterate Mestizo laborers, millions of chaos-generating Africans, lies not with such Muslims, Mestizos and Africans but with the crazed Body Snatcher elite that has brought them – by naïve intention and by purposeful inattention, both. The separation therefore, cannot be guided by animus toward such immigrants, who have done what comes naturally, but toward those who have brought them to the West. 

Ultimately, it comes down to unteaching the evil one-world, one humanity, one-God, one-social class, one-gender Body Snatcher propaganda. Compassion, cosmopolitanism, friendliness and tolerance toward others do not have to translate into suicidal moronism. It’s a matter of reversing the order of priorities promoted in Pod society.  

This is the only way a human being, or a group, can gain a hold in life, have a chance at a good life, and not be wiped out from the pages of history: 

Your first duty is to yourself. Your second duty is to your family. Your third duty is to your (real) friends. Your fourth duty is to your nation. If you live in a multicultural society, your fourth duty is to your tribe; your fifth one is to your nation. Your sixth duty is to humanity. Your seventh duty is to Planet Earth. All these duties coexist, and none may be pursued without proportional regard for the others. Proportional is the operative word.  

Situations will arise in your life when the above order does not hold. You will need instinct and wisdom to know when to rearrange this ladder of priorities, why and how. But never follow a teaching that changes this order as its starting premise.  


(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien “Body Snatchers” produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. Here, I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and Antipod as the antithesis of Pod.


(2) ‘Ethny’ is used here to connote the full range from the core meaning of “a descent group bounded socially by inbreeding and spatially by territory” coined by Prof. Pierrre van den Berghe in the early 1980s and elaborated in 2003 by Frank Salter in On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethny, and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration, Peter Lang Publishing, 2003, to a wider concept related to modern, multi-ethnic Western nations and encompassing people born or naturalized in the entire Western World and belonging to it culturally and emotionally. 


(3)  We’ll have more to say on that. Germane also is Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning.


(4) Kevin MacDonald’s is not such a rational critique. MacDonald’s is an Antisemitic theory in search of supporting facts. The facts are there, but they do not necessarily support that particular theory. And then he omits facts pointing in the other direction.


(5) Just a quick mention of a few major Jewish pillars of proper Conservatism would have to include Dr. Ludwig von Mises, Dr. Murray Rothbard, Dr. Milton Friedman, Prof. Mortimer Adler, Prof. Michael Hart, Prof. Michael Levin, Prof. Paul Gottfried, plus a long line of thinkers, writers and politicians starting with Benjamin Disraeli and ending with such as Mark Levin and Lawrence Auster.


(6) A few Latinos have lived in the United States since before there was a United States. These are obviously not meant to be included in this statement.


Post Scriptum: 

From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 4½: Darkness in the Cranium, 14 December 2008. 



See also: From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 1: The March of the Body Snatchers, 28 October 2008. From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 2: From the Clenched Fist to the Raised Middle Finger, 1 November 2008. From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 3: From Encirclement to Breakout, 27 November 2008. 

Christian Heroes

I am touched by KO’s repeated reference to the Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz, because I imagine KO to be English or Flemish, certainly not Polish.


There is much more to say about this, and Poland – to this day – offers a fine example of how to resist and defeat jihad. I’ll have to defer it to the medium future before I can find time to explore it further. For now, I’d like to say that Sienkiewicz offers many such heroic and quintessentially Christian figures in his books. And his fictional heroes are as important as the historical ones.


KO reads the Jeremy Wisniowiecki figure correctly, but other Prince Wisniowiecki were traitors and louts. Aristocrats at that level are a tough bunch to love. I believe that the mid-level figures, the simple country squire-soldier are a better model for us to follow. In the Zbaraz siege, for instance, it would be Colonel Wolodyjowski.


I recommend this book for a fine lesson as to what a Christian warrior ought to be. Ever since I read this book as a child, my life has been a constant struggle to be worthy of such men as are depicted in it. And it’s even more instructive than the Zbaraz example, because it depicts a war of Christians against Christians, where the choices are less clear than in wars against invading Islam.  


As I owe some of my character to “The Teutonic Knights,” I owe some of my Christianity to “Quo Vadis.”  Everyone should read that book; won the Nobel Prize too.


Moving on elsewhere, a new digital edition of “El Cid” has come out on DVD. Much to think about there, because there are good Muslims there engaged with El Cid in a war against the bad ones. I don’t know if that’s the way it was in history. And next week I’ll have something to say about Egmont.




Christian Heroes 2

Thanks for the recommendation on The Teutonic Knights. I have it and will read it, though I had placed The Deluge and Pan Wolodyowski ahead of it in the queue. Quo Vadis too.

There is a superb sketch of the Christian Soldier in Benet's John Brown's Body. Stonewall Jackson is depicted as a devoted Christian and husband, and an eccentric, impoverished scholar, as well as a courageous battlefield commander. Unfortunately Benet's modernist, kaleidoscopic method prevents the reader from developing a lasting emotional tie to any of his characters. Sienkiewicz better understood how to uplift the heart.

It has been said that Beowulf is an early precursor of the Christian knight. Even if he is really at an ambiguous crossroads of the Christian knight and virtuous pagan, he is a great Western hero (modeled on David, Samson, Hercules, Sigemund, and Bothvar Bjarki), whose destruction of the resentful descendant of Cain, of the monster's mother, and the greedy dragon correlates well with the West's contemporary struggle against internal and external enemies.

This may be your experience too: the most memorable part of the film El Cid is the use of Don Rodrigo's corpse in the end to terrify the Moors. That poses a lasting riddle about the figure of the hero.

@Wheeler, et. al.

To the extent I understand the motley that is Wheeler's message I agree with what is presumably his view that the Catholic Church is the foundation upon which the Western tradition is built. 

That is an historical perspective; traditional Catholicism.

The modern Church, however, has lost its bearings, as have, more recently, most US republicans.  They gave us BO.  The gift of Liberation Theology.

If Wheeler is a true Conservative, I hope bandwith is among the things he wishes to conserve.  As well as prescription regimen.

@et alia

I join others in my admiration of Seiyo's work.  As polemic it is finely crafted, beautifully written and inspirational to persons of like-mind.  I find myself looking forward to future articles in the way I imagine early Americans anticipated the next installment of Dickens serials.


Prince Jeremi

Mr. Seiyo's reference to his own ethnicity moves me to say a few more words about With Fire and Sword. This is pertinent because the West needs to recover its culture from the wilderness of socialism (I think this label is more usable than Podism), which as a form of mental tyranny is as destructive a falling off from civilization--our Western civilization, that is--as lawless savagery.

In Jeremi Winiowiecki, Sienkiewicz created a valuable figure of the hero as Christian warrior. He inspires his men--the best the nation has to offer--by his virtues as a commander, as a ruler, and as a Christian. He is utterly devoted to Christ and utterly ruthless in his service to Him in the war of civilization against savagery. He is a more inspired and inspiring creation than any hero of Tasso's, though Tasso deliberately set out to create Christian heroes who would fortify Westerners in their war with Islam.

The importance of recovering the figure of the Christian warrior--which also means recovering Christianity from socialism--cannot be overemphasized. The West needs heroes to teach its future generations the virtues needed for the West to survive.

(Given the entanglement of the West with its internal enemies, perhaps the heroes of the American civil war will provide the relevant pantheon. Also, if Americans can revere both Grant and Lee, perhaps Russians and Ukrainians as well as Poles can be inspired by Prince Jeremi. Or am I wrong about Jeremi's usefulness as a hero?)

PS. If there is a greater fictional representation of men at war than Sienkiewicz's sequence on the siege of Zbaraj, I would love to hear about it.

A neo/psuedo-freudian analysis of Wheeler

Funny that you should mention 'feminine sentimentality' because I couldn't help but think that there is something about the stridency of your argument and the over the top macho posturing of your prose which reminded me of a certain arguing style in American culture that is in vogue these days, i.e., the uncompromising, militancy of Gay pride in promoting its agenda.

Maybe we need to explore why you are so enamored with the Greeks? There is something in your passionate embrace of the Greeks and dread of the Jews that simply seems, well queer if you forgive me. I know Jewish tradition does not look kindly on the old Sodomites and its traditional position on Homosexuality is in mark contrast with the ancient Greeks. Is that a possible hidden source of your hostility?

As a former Marine, I realize that it almost unthinkable for you to consider what I'm saying,but I really think you need to come to grips with what your postion on the Jews means, not only for your own good but for the good of TBJ.

There's a fundamental impotence in the essence of your stance towards the Jews. You are castrating the very source of Christianity.

Well maybe we can explore this further in another session. I apologize for cutting it short but I'm a flamming heterosexual, it's Saturday night, and with no intention of stirring up the Sturm und Drang within you, my wife is gorgeous.

@Capodistrias: both..

Hey @capo,



Would you kindly stop beating me to the punch? I was about to write something about ranting choirboys, but you got there first ;-)

I was hoping to get back to the article by Seiyo, because I'm not sure just how the author would envision things to happen in situ, I mean: how would his proposals fare under "real life" testing? Is this about creating enclaves of "anti-Pods"? How exactly?
Or is it about going underground, resorting to esoteric measures for the "loyals". Or is it about something less spectacular and is he just urging people of good will to return to their Western homelands (he would be going back to Poland, I guess, or perhaps Israel) and start renouncing the facile freedoms of consumer society or otherwise help civilization to survive the onslaught of moral relativism and decay?

Sometimes, parts of it bear even some (distant, I admit) resemblance to the thoughts of Benedict XVI, i.e. about the Latin Church perhaps going through a phase of being a "creative minority" (Toynbee) in the West.*

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

* "Without Roots: the West, Relativism, Christianity and Islam". By Joseph Ratzinger and Marcello Pera (2006). A wonderful book with also some thoughts on the idea of "cultural Christianity". But I understand that Seiyo will get to that topic in due time.

Mr. Wheeler:

You are not giving Takuan Seiyo credit for the level of literary effort in which he is engaged. If you have been following these essays, you have seen that he pays due heed to race, affirming that the West is predominantly white and recognizing that to sustain itself, it must sustain itself as it is. Yet the West has also carried its blessings to every corner of the earth and has won allies and adherents everywhere. It need not show contempt for its admirers and would-be supporters, only for its foes, white and non-white. An open and flexible ethnocentrism is what Mr. Seiyo advocates, if I am not mistaken. That is true to the history and essence of the West, which specializes in complex and subtle balances of opposing thoughts and dimensions.

Likewise when Mr. Seiyo praises Mises and Rothbard, he is not signing up to make libertarianism the measure of all things, but only of those things where it is appropriate, the efficient allocation of resources and the liberty to own your own property and labor. Did you miss his expression of contempt for the current breed of capitalism?

You also seem to be unaware of Mr. Seiyo's warnings regarding the danger posed by Jews' thoughtless, reflexive anti-Western, anti-white liberalism.

In short, Mr. Seiyo addresses all your own concerns and is patching together an eclectic thought from a wide range of thinkers and ideologies. You are trying to make him an ideologue and are sniping at him from the vantage of your own ideology with its pre-designated targets. Try setting aside ideology for a moment. Consider that he is an intelligent loyalist who is trying to describe afresh how things are now, and what the faithful need to do about it. Think of the experimental quality of Augustine's writing, when he was addressing the controversies of his day. See if there is genuine inspiration in Mr. Seiyo's writing and make constructive comments. Do you agree that loyalists to the West must unite and secede? Or do you think only Catholic monarchists should do so?


Wheeler: Takuan Seiyo has just written an excellent series of essays, and if your only response to that is to post some incoherent anti-Semitic drivel then you are not contributing to the debate. Go stalk some other website.


Wheeler, if you look at this link you will find that America's White Catholics voted for Obama, not McCain. Stop defending an organization that is destroying America. I don't want to live in a new Dark Age because of idiots like you.

The best solution for the Catholic hierarchy's behavior is expulsion, the same solution that England under Elizabeth the first used.

Ronduck's cheap shot or ignorance?

Ronduck, disingenuous or stupid? If you are familiar with the situation within the American Catholic Church, you know Wheeler does not reflect the 'social justice' contagion that afflicts those within the Church who voted for Obama. You also know that church going Catholics did vote for McCain, though only slightly more than O.

Wheeler reflects another sick strain among some American Catholics, the anti-semite strain. It is no more 'kosher, (WLW :-)' with Church teaching than the sick commie pinkos who prefer to wallow in social justice muck while the American state carries out it own version of Herod's the slaughter of innocents.

If you didn't realize that then I suggest you become more familiar with the civil war that has been ongoing within the American Catholic Church since Vactican II and Humanae Vitae.

Or? Simply join Wheeler in the loon Choir on TBJ. The anti-semite Catholic and the anti Catholic bigot should make for a delightful little duet.

BTW, Elizabeth? Not just expulsion. Torture and execution of Catholic clergy was also an Elizabethan favorite.

A thousand thanks

A thousand thanks to Takuan Seiyo for persevering in this great exposition of the current state of affairs and how to respond to it. Most of us reading this essay instinctively believe in the reality of the tribe described, the loyalists of the West. But we just as quickly see how few of us will stand up for it, surrounded as we all are by friends, colleagues, superiors, spouses, and kinfolk who believe just as instinctively that the soul of the West is universal liberal egalitarianism. Before there are enough of us to live as a separate tribe, we have to spread a pro-Western sentiment, an acceptance of a legitimate sphere of majority rights, and a loathing of anti-white policies. We have to show enough strength for people to join us. Otherwise the candle Mr. Seiyo has lit will just expire.

The flexibility Mr. Seiyo shows in who may join and live with and fight for the tribe is true to the spirit of the West, though Mr. Wheeler objects strenuously. The Jews are the archetypal nation. Our other nations understand their origins, nature, growth, and destiny through the models set forth in Hebrew revelation. That does not mean they need not defend themselves from Jewish ethnocentrism, on the contrary. Jews have an ambivalent relationship towards Western nations, but to some extent such ambivalence is inherent to the structure of the Western nations themselves as founded on Hebrew models. God mediates all social relations, and there is thus always a higher value than any other worldly value. Because of the West's possibly unique commitment to a transcendent deity, every social unity is qualified or limited in the authority with which it can impose itself. It is thus Western faith that is the real driver of Western skepticism and liberty, and the Western preference for truth over social harmony. This opening up of social structure and mental structure that is uniquely Western in its depth and extent if not in its specific formal character has been the source of the West's success.

A thousand thanks 2

It is also a source of our current weakness. Liberalism (in its contemporary, socialistic sense) did not come out of nowhere. The universalism that irritates patriots is basic to Christianity and to Greek philosophy, though it is a deadly simplication of those when it is allowed to exterminate the kinds of communities that human nature requires to thrive. The effort to treat all equally and the effort to meet everyone's basic needs are also deeply rooted Judeo-Christian values, though barbarized when used to justify the totalitarian state of the coming Meccania. Thus our ruin is a hypertrophy of certain virtues, accompanied by a barbaric contempt for the more subtle balancing of the virtues in the light of a truer understanding of how they are ordered in a civilized soul.

I look forward to further discussion of this essay and especially to traveller's practical reflections. My practical reflection is that members of the tribe must cultivate their love for truth and their contempt for lies, and spread these virtues to other potential loyalists. When an idea, a work of art, or a policy is faithful to the soul of the West, we should say so. Likewise, if it is anti-Western or anti-white, we should say so.

I will also try the experiment of pointing out to my clergy anti-Western and anti-white sentiments they utter. We will see how that goes.

@traveller: Dutchmen keep flying..

;-) @traveller,


And I transmit the message to my fellow Dutchies by clacking two wooden shoes together, like sort of a swamp telegraph.

In another thread, I noticed that Peter vdH, also from Flanders, was scolded a "Dutchman". Oh well..



@ Takuan Seiyo

First a small practical hint: Sagunto refers to the Dutch part of this readership while you consider the Dutch and Flemish readership as the same group. Sagunto is right that he is one of the few Dutch on this site, he is probably that rare Dutchman who learned to read and write!!!:)


Jokes aside, I love the push you have given myself to really study your texts and try to put it in a more  practical application. People who know me here by my comments and some articles on are aware that I don't really spend much time on theory, I am too practical and pragmatic with a hands on approach.

Your texts though have triggered in me the desire to formulate your thoughts into practical applications because what you write is eminently true and divinely complex, actually reflecting the complexity of real life.

I also must admit that I don't really agree with the comment by Mr. Sagunto when he refers to Rothbard as against your standpoints. Although I appreciate the intellect which goes in the writings of those theoretical thinkers, they miss the points of real life by a couple of thousand miles, trying to encapsulate the global historical economical development in a few major theoretical chapters: catholicism, protestantism and all other -isms.

Sorry this is far too simple and is the main reason why we are in our economical mess today, the theoretical economists really have no clue to the main drives of the world's economy. They are patchwork applicators hiding behind lofty theories which cover only 5%, if at that, of the complex structure of the world economy.


With all my admiration for your work, I will try to find the time to write you my perspectives on your magnificent texts, and I really mean that. You are that rare breed of a polish/jewish/japanese new renaissance man.


I can't promise anything soon, my workload doesn't allow it, but I will try my utmost to make it in as short a time as possible.

Jewish support

How many Jews are for -- or even not against -- a White Christian Europe or a predominantly White Christian USA? Probably there are few. It would be great to hear more from them.

At the moment one could get the (certainly false) impression there are only left-wing Jews who are for internationalism and immigrationism and right-wing Jews who are for internationalism and immigrationism minus Islamic anti-semitism.

Tribal post-Christian work ethic and Rothbard

Since Murray Rothbard is quickly mentioned in this article, it is perhaps nice to see what he had to say about "Weberian" thoughts on the history of economics. I like the fact that Rothbard is mentioned (and Von Mises!), but I'm not entirely sure that he'd agree with those parts where the author touches upon economics and liberty.


Here's the Rothbard article

The article by Seiyo seems to be gravitating towards some sort of "labour theory of value". That would indeed concur with Weber's (faulty) opinions on the "German" protestant (and socialist) work ethic, but not with Rothbard's ideas, or other "Austrians".

Below are just a few "Weberian" quotes by Seiyo (the first one, a beautiful contrast between Weber's "thesis" and Austrian Economics):

"Return to Conservatism’s European roots: Austrian economics, Germanic Protestant work ethic,.."

"Steadfast opposition to and rejection of [..] globalism in all of its political and commercial expressions.."

"Members should be willing to forego the unlimited superficial freedoms that individuals enjoy [..] Change life’s focus from consumption to productive work.."

This all sounds familiar for sure, but not really what Rothbard or indeed Von Mises would have written.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

I often have the impression that I'm about the only Dutchman commenting on Seiyo, but apparently, that's not the case:

"..Judging by snippets of biographical detail and names revealed in readers’ posts, significant portions of active readers are Dutch.."

Must have missed them then ;-)