The Quislings of Eurabia

Last Saturday Tim Blair wrote that so far thirteen papers have been closed down after they published the Danish cartoons. At least twelve journalists face charges and seven are in prison. “Most media organisations have taken a stand by boldly running away,” says Blair. “Journalists can spend entire careers mouthing off about their commitment to free speech without ever having the chance to properly demonstrate it. I once had a theory that the lack of repression in modern democracies drove journalists to invent McCarthyesque threats, so much did they crave an opportunity to stare down those who would silence them. Their ideal imagined foes (I’m guessing): brutish religious fundamentalists opposed to progressive notions on women’s rights, homosexuality, art, and education. Problem is, those imagined foes were always named Falwell or Robertson or Nile (or John Paul II). Faced with fundamentalist religious demands from people bearing less familiar titles, however, the media froze. Missed your chance, journalists!”

Since Saturday the figures need updating. Yesterday a Saudi newspaper was banned after printing some of the cartoons. Some socialist governments in the West are no better than their islamist counterparts. Sweden has already closed two websites for publishing the cartoons, and the Finnish government closed one, and quickly apologized to Muslims worldwide for the drawings.

The fate of the imprisoned journalists, who now linger in cells in Islamic countries for taking the brave decision to show the public what the cartoons are really like, should be a matter for concern amongst their colleagues around the globe. The resounding silence on the part of the latter, however, proves that most journalists are either downright cowards or the Quislings of anti-Western forces. This reminds me of the infamous Brussels journalist Philippe Servaty who last summer deliberately ruined the lives of more than eighty unfortunate Moroccan women (whom he had each wooed, promised to marry and take with him to Belgium) by posting nude pictures of them on the internet. While Servaty walks free, the women in Morocco were killed by their disgraced families, committed suicide or were locked up as whores in Moroccan jails. Today many of these women are still in prison, serving their one-year sentence. I addressed some of the largest and most powerful international women’s organizations and asked them to launch campaigns for their unfortunate sisters in Morocco – to no avail. The feminists are only interested in their own abortion rights, not in the plight of Muslim women in jail.

It is interesting to compare the behaviour of the Quisling governments of Sweden and Finland to that of the Netherlands. Today (Tuesday) Dutch foreign minister Ben Bot sharply rebuked EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana for the way in which the latter grovelled at the feet of radical Muslim regimes last week, when on a tour of Arab nations Mr Solana, a Spanish Socialist, declared that Europe shared the “anguish” of “offended” Muslims over the Danish cartoons. The Dutch Secretary for European Affairs, Atzo Nicolai, is quoted in today’s De Telegraaf, the largest paper of the Netherlands, about Mr Solana: “He has toured around in order to offer apologies. On behalf of whom, I ask. You and me? We did not draw those cartoons.”

Despite its brave stance, however, the Dutch also have their Quislings. Last month the authorities in Amsterdam prohibited the police from patrolling certain areas of the city in uniform after a Moroccan “youth” had died in a traffic accident. This situation was sufficient for the authorities to consider it unwise that the “youths” be “provoked” by the sight of police uniforms.

One of the worst Quisling regimes can be found in neighbouring Belgium. There the government has an entire organisation at its disposal, the so-called Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR). This Centre systematically prosecutes people who oppose “multiculturalism.” Yesterday it decided to take a Belgian company to court. The company, Feryn, in the Flemish town of Londerzeel, 20 kms to the north of Brussels, makes and installs security garage gates. Though Feryn has Moroccan employees working in the factory it never sends Moroccans to clients when the gates have to be installed in their villas and mansions. This is so, the company says, because the clients do not want Moroccans working in their houses. The CEOOR is now charging Feryn with racism and demanding penalties.

The Centre is also prosecuting Father Samuel, a traditionalist priest, on charges of racism and “islamophobia.” The 64-year old priest, whose real name is Charles-Clément Boniface, was born in Turkey. He writes articles and books and has a website, warning against “the islamic invasion of Belgium.” The priest has been brought to court for “incitement to racism” for remarks such as “Every thoroughly islamized Muslim child that is born in Europe is a time bomb for Western children in the future. The latter will be persecuted when they have become a minority,” or “Muslims have no nationality. The only thing that counts is Islam,” or “Islam is the eternal enemy of the West.’’

The Belgian authorities are currently also prosecuting Daniel Féret, the leader of the Belgian Front National, a party which has 8% of the votes in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The public prosecutor is demanding a one-year jail sentence for Mr Féret and the outlawing of his party. Two years ago the CEOOR obtained a conviction of the Vlaams Blok, the largest party in Flanders, Belgium’s Dutch-speaking north, where it polled 25% of the votes. The party was disbanded after having been declared “a criminal organisation.” It has since been reestablished as Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) and is currently the largest party in Belgium. Recently, the CEOOR opened an investigation against it for “islamophobia,” threatening to deprive it of its funding.

The Belgian authorities, however, deliberately refrain from prosecuting racist speech from Muslims such as Dyab Abu Jahjah. When the latter recently started a judeophobic cartoon series the CEOOR explicitly decided not to prosecute so as not to inflame the situation. Hate crimes against Americans are also tolerated. Indeed, if people would say about Muslims what they say about Americans the CEOOR would long have dragged them to court for hate crimes. As Luc Van Braekel wrote here last year:

Racist or semi-racist expressions are punished when they originate from popular culture or from right-wing politicians and are directed against muslims, Arabs or Africans, but similar expressions remain unpunished when they come from ‘progressive’ artists and leftist intellectuals and are directed against the Americans, the British or the Dutch. In my opinion, the CEOOR and its policies are leading us to a less tolerant society, with more social irritation, distrust and friction. When the state tries to control the thoughts and minds of the people, it will only lose their respect.

The latter, however, does not matter to the Quislings whose only goal it is to sell the people out to dhimmitude in Eurabia.

Unfortunately, the Belgian authorities may not be the only Quislings in Brussels. The Frankfurter Rundschau reports today that the EU is considering increasing aid to the Palestinian Authority in response to Israel’s decision to place financial restrictions on the country. Representatives of Hamas are currently in Tehran, and EU diplomats are worried that if the Palestinian finances collapse the Palestinians will turn to the Iranians for assistance rather than to Europe.

Unfair to Quisling?

Over the past decade, there has been a spate of revisionist history regarding the precise role played by Quisling (Vidkun Qvisling), some of it nonsense, some worth a second look. Whatever the truth, the fact remains that Quisling was a personally liberal man (one who included a wide array of people, including Jews, in his personal friendships and who was married to a Russian), who saw his role as a nationalist one and was personally detested by Hitler (as was Franco). His stalling tactics in carrying out Nazi orders may have saved the lives of many of his fellow-countrymen; because of his summary execution, the whole story can never be known. However, there is little to suggest even this degree of foresightedness and national loyalty (indeed, of loyalty or self-respect of any kind) in your portrayal of those who seem intent on expediting a seamless transition from cultural independence to UN-mandated deference to Islam inside European institutions. A better historical comparison perhaps might be to the liberals of Madrid and Barcelona in the 1920s who paved the way for Soviet Russian and then Nazi German intervention in what became the Spanish Civil War.

re: The literal meaning of Islam

The literal meaning of Islam is peace; surrender of one’s will i.e. losing oneself for the sake of God and surrendering one’s own pleasure for the pleasure of God. The message of Islam was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him) 1, 400 years ago. It was revealed through angel Gabriel (on whom be peace) and was thus preserved in the Holy Quran.

So which is it?  Peace or Submission to God's will?   My understanding is that it is generally accepted as "submission", a very ugly word indeed to the Western mind.  We don't submit.

This definition of Islam is the absolute underpinning of the conflict between Muslims and Westerners.  Once the notion of "submission" is rejected, all things Islamic become foolish and unacceptable.

Is it possibly to detect intelligent life in Islam?


Yesterday evening a Danish TV channel aired a Dutch made programme from a Koran school in

A chilling
account of how backward and oppressing this so-called religion is. These poor
young students are forced to learn by rote the Koran in Arabic which none of
them understands. Instead of gaining useful scholastic skills in e.g. math and science
they are systematically brainwashed into becoming real Muslims - meaning fundamentalists.

scaring to see how non democratic means are praised in these schools – like torching
a cinema or Osama Bin Laden is hailed as a hero and how Imams in the largest Mosque
of Jakarta preach war against the west.

No opposition or questioning Islam is possible and hence its inescapable by-product is brutality
and barbarism.

So the current riots in Asia have nothing to do with
the cartoons. They are just an excuse and a sign of much deeper problems which this
oppressive religion is causing in the Muslim countries.

The good thing is that it is just a matter of time before Islam will cave in on itself.

Islam is the road kill of evolution and is simply not fit to survive in a modern world.<


Re: It is not possible to

It is not possible to detect any intelligent life in Islam. Two 11 year old girls interviewed on palestinian television say rather droningly like robots that they though the greatest thing iin the world was not to live and be happy but to die for islam. Children NOT brainwashed do not make such statements. True Believers in the faith always recite by rote the Koran over and over again until it is memorized. The muslims make a big to do over the fact that any muslim may set down in any mosque and follow and understand the service of worship. But that is not true.. Many do not even understand the words they are reciting in arabic and have no clue as to what they have just said as they can NEITHER speak nor read the language other than prayers.

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To Gorm re: expulsion of the mullah

Would it be possible to expel him after .. he burns his Danish Passport! surely, that signals a crime against the Danish government or at least an ending to teh allegiance that he SUPPOSEDLY once had in order to acquire such a document!Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To New Believer:expulsion of the mullah

We Danes have been WAY too naïve for many years, assuming these Muslims came here because they wanted to enjoy the benefits of living in a free open and modern democratic society, which obviously isn’t the case.

Immigrants in USA applying for an American citizenship must first learn a lot about American history etc. before they can obtain a citizenship.
In the Netherlands there currently is a draft legislation, suggesting that immigrants from Arabic countries must have 350 hours education in Dutch culture before residence permit can be granted and similar things happens in Germany right now.

I’m pretty sure something similar will be introduced here in Denmark within a foreseeable future maybe in the form of an oath of allegiance. These Muslims with their ancient primitive tribal culture and their oppressive fascistic religion clearly aren’t fit to live in a modern secular democracy.

So I don’t think they can expel him for deliberately burnings his Danish passport, but it might well have some interesting legal consequences. If you lose your passport or if it gets stolen you’re of course entitled to a new one, but I’m not sure you legally are entitled to a new one if you deliberately burn it.

Hi Poul,

If you go to "Comment viewing options" and set it to "threaded list - expanded" you'll see that it was a comment to codyomega :)


Re: Danish Muslims burning

Re: Danish Muslims burning their Danish Passports!. That Is Excellent! Then they have no papers.. Might I suggest to the good people of Denmark that the immigrations services stand ready. The miscreants taken into custody, Danish citizenship stripped from them. After all burning their passport says to me they no longer wish to be DANISH. Transport them to a holdiing facility. The Danish government nationalize their bank accounts, business holdings etc. And send their tired asses home to whatever heap of filth and offal they came from in the middle east in the first place. Plane trips may cost a lot. so I suggest one of the incredibly shoddy middle eastern airlines with their rickety dangerous planes to do the shuttling out. After all a western airliners might be seen as not being muslameen enough. Howevcer, one of the fine craft engineered and maintained by stellar middle eastern ground crews and pilots, interested only in prayer and islam..should serve their needs quite nicely! Encourage them, justy make sure that there is a stricly tight cordon around the ungrateful little children of mohammed so that they do not escape. To the Danish police I advise.."Officers, Do not feel afraid to use those batons..liberally when wailing into the crowd of muslim terrorists their within your midst! Lastly to the Danish People.. HURRAH! This means they want to go home.. help them. Sending them packing will cost FAR LESS in social welfare payments that continue on and on that a one shot infusion of funds into a Repatriation Fund. For those that remain..some lovely green and white armbands in the prophets colours ..of course! Need to know where your enemy is at all times. Might I also suggest the electronic ankle bracelets used usually for rapists and child molesters in some western countries so the police may moniter their movements. Those for their IMAMS and MULLAHS and their families remaining. A strict policy of house arrest. The searching of anyone entering or leaving a mullah or imams house as well as any higher members in their mosque. The end of telephone, television or cable serves to same. You cannot call out or send out.. you cannot start too much trouble.If they need a doktor I am sure the police outside, can call an ambulance for them. Just a few suggestions.

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

I love everybody = Eurabia

To all you lovers of the multicultural societies who claims that Denmark is not doing enough to integrate Muslims into our society and we have to though immigration laws, have you noticed how many Muslims who have declared lately that they love their Prophet more than their own families and that we should all respect their customs and rules. How will you integrate people that will always put religion over democracy and laws? These people you have been letting in and for whom you have changed customs and rules so they did not feel offended and still are so willing to let into our country, they will stab us in our backs if they get the chance, they will even kill their own if they see a Muslim who actually believes in democracy, just look at Ayaan Hirsi Ali from NL, Naser Khader from DK, both have 24 hour police protection because of threats from Muslims inside NL and DK, because they dare to stand up and say that they believe in democracy and freedom of expression.
I personally fear the day that one of you I-love-everybody-do-gooders gets to be Prime Minister, because that will be the day when Eurabia will be happening and when it does you better be prepared to convert to Islam because you will not be Prime Minister for long, you will be replaced by a cleric.

To grumpy (and administrators) on spam

I agree entirely. I think this is a shame. This is a brilliant website with some of the most intelligent articles on various subjects concerning conflicts with the Muslim World, Islam and the Western World's response.

But the comments as they are now ruin any possibility of intelligent discussion. Better with no comments :(


This article was posted not 12 hours ago. And we already have 4 "pages" of islam-spam (for and against). Some of it was already posted last week. Most of it is copied from other sources, where a link would do. There are many ways of killing off freedom of speech, but this is one of them. The 4000-words constraint only means that some of you split there "contributions" up in smaller chunks. I would suggest to the editor to suspend the "right" of the worst offenders to post their rubbish for say a week or so.

To Emeda30

I took the time to read the links that you provided. One qoute was being highlighted:

"I meet many university students in the UK and other European states and I find some students, for instance, of Pakistani origin telling me, 'we have never been to Pakistan but we are thrilled with what happened in 9/11'; they say, 'we are Muslims before being European citizens.'"

Do you understand then when many people ask:

"Then why are you here?"

And please dont forget that Europe fought internal wars with enourmous losses, in order to break the "iron grip" of the Church, or rather their leaders. Do you really think that they will bow to the same kind of people holding a different banner? You must be dreaming.

To Emeda30

Yes, the cartoon battle is turning ugly. But you should try to look into who is on the receiving end.

First of all the Danish exports to the ME is less than 1.3 Billion US. Compare that against 2 Billion US is foreing aid. There is a source to cover the losses.

Second, Danish tourists spend more than 1.3 Billion on holidays in Muslim countries. The news that I get from Denmark is that they have opted to go to other destinations.

Third, a big part of the exports to the me is food and pharmaceuticals. As that is commodities that are in demand in this world, it wont be long before they are into new, non-muslims, markets.

Fourth, the remaining export is hi-tech machinery. That is also the reason for Iran to excempt "certain machinery" from the boycut. They have 3 cement plants to be delivered in the near future and have already made most of the payments. But such machinery is also in big demand in other parts of the world.

Fifth, the whole case has shifted the focus in Danish politics to the "right-wing" or rather the "nationalists". What that will mean is that expulsions of non-nationals will start one day. Based on the laws that allow expulsion of residents that commit crimes or are considered a danger to national security.

The sad thing is that the ME is not importants to Denmark, and they can severe ties without any economic damages and even with savings.

So who is in the receiving end?

Think about it

I think all of those anti-racist organisations and pro-multicultural P C politicians should think about this: How come that every time an Islamic rule comes into conflict with a western rule/law/tradition, they demand that we change our ways of life and if we do not agree to this we are infidels/racists/enemies of Islam. If these Muslims who protest and live in the western world don’t like that people can criticize or question Islam, if they don’t like that women have equal rights, companies having x-mas parties or is serving pork in the canteen and etc. then what are they doing in countries that allow this? There are plenty of Muslim dictatorships that have all the values they are looking for, could it be that they plan to turn your country into an Islamic state governed by old clerics that still belive they are in the dark ages, think about it.

We have all got to stand up now and say to the Islamic world, NO we will not have your Dark Age rules imposed on our free societies, Islamic taboos applies to Muslims only.


It All Sounds So Familiar.

Here in the USA we have the same thing. Our MSM and Hollywood hoi-palloi run around insulting the traditions, beliefs, and ordinary folk of the USA and then go around congratulating themselves for being so "brave".

Of course, they dare not show the Mohd Cartoons because that takes real bravery not their faux bravery.

The history repeats itself.

The situation was the same in the Danish press in the years up to second world war. Editors were fired if they critized the Nazi crimes that was known to the press. In some cases they were called to conversations with the Danish goverment (social demokrats and the social liberals). The goverment managed to impose selfcensurship in the Danish press.

Well spoken

Yes Balder you are very right it seems when the political establishment is confronted with an ruthless aggressor they fear the reaction is crawling and cowardice.

It is so hard to comprehend for me, why can't a free people not stand for it's own. I sincerely believe that the time is coming that resitance against islam imperialism has to come from a crassroots level.

Isn't it so that when the governments betray their country and people the loose their legitimacy and it becomes up to the people to resist. I even ask myself if it would not be legitimate under those circumstances for the special forces to stage a coup d'etat for the sake of their countrie they have sworn loyalty to.

These are just thought on my part nevertheless I wonder whether in fact I am not right

Its really odd ...

I understand that the "cartoon affair" is about islam and all that but .. ok lets set this aside a moment.

I think what some in the press are thinking is ... UMM hello!!! this is a big big story and deserves space as well as feedback.

To suddenly find that they are constrained by their respective papers, their governments and what have you is the big frustration.

While publishing the cartoons may not always be the best course of action they should atleast be able to write about the whole thing.

I think that's what frustrates many of them the most and is why way more outspoken ones in the press say it's trampling on freedom of speech. (not the cartoons themselves but the whole damn story!)


Thank for your reply and information, I would like to learn mor about ways in which to organize militias in other countries in Europe. After reading your reply I checked out the Texas Militia Papers.

In a European context there is of course one constitutional problem, the lack of a second amendment. Nevertheless with some adjustments to local circumstances a lot would become possible provided the people have the courage and determination to actual resist. The beauty of your constitution is that it provides for popular resistance when the Federal Government acts counter to the provisoons of the Constitution. Which in the case of what is currently taking place in Eurabia would in fact be the case.

Yes I have followed the port issue in utter amazement and digust, how on earth is it possiblle, after 9-11, that a Government would turn US ports over to the Islamo-Fascists.