From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 11: Mugged by Reality


The Pinocchio regime

The grand Body Snatcher (1) project of erasing race-ethnicity-religion-culture-gender distinctions does not, of course, erase them. It merely, in the manner of a babbling baby, starts calling da-da what was previously doo-doo, as if through this onomatopaeic transfiguration shit could be turned into father.

This would be a joke, were the Snatchers not in control of the West and its destiny.  Because they are, real doo-doo is being packaged as Fatherland’s Wonderful Joy of Diversity, and we eat it. Literally.

There have been several known cases of jihad-by-feces (hat tip Atlas Shrugs). The latest is Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, an Algerian unemployed chemist in England who was given to walking about with a laptop bag concealing a weed sprayer. Daifallah used this contraption to spray a mix of urine and feces on food, wine and books in stores in several British towns. There was a stockpile of this stuff in his home, in plastic bags marked with the names of different British target cities.

Caprophiliac jokes that are all-too-real abound in Snatchland. A man copulates with another, marries him and can get pregnant too. The state, freed from the discipline of the gold standard, prints a perpetual stream of pieces of paper, turning money into watered-down merde. Every Western institution now considers it necessary to consult Muslim authorities with respect to the installation of toilets in public buildings.  

The willful lying about reality, the manipulation of language and images to disguise such lies, the teaching and enforcement of the lies and the persecution of those who challenge the lies is the chief occupation of the regime of Meccania. Through lying, backed by a $750 million promo budget, a life-long socialist with a pronounced anti-white animus and no experience in managing as much as a newsstand was elected to manage the biggest capitalist economy in the world that also has a white majority. His predecessor had been elected on the promise of No Nation Building, yet would proceed to plunge his country into the Sisyphean building of two unbuildable nations, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Immigration to the West is based on lies too. Politicians and their echo chamber in the MSM claim that immigration is necessary because of its putative economic benefits. Yet study after study shows that the public costs of immigration far exceed the alleged economic benefits.

In France, the State spends 71,76 billion euros on the social costs of immigration, and receives back 45,57 billion in the taxes the immigrants pay, for an annual deficit of over 26 billion per year. In Great Britain, an amnesty for illegal immigrants would cost taxpayers £1million per each of such 450,000 foreigners, for a paltry total of £450 billion. Yet politicians and cardinals support the amnesty because it’s “morally right,” and thousand of addled Pods march in London to support the amnesty on grounds of its purported fiscal benefit. In the U.S., amnesty for the (low estimate) 12 million illegal immigrants will cost the taxpayers at least $2.6 trillion, not to speak of social capital depletion, yet U.S. Congress and U.S. Presidents (GWB, BHO) can’t wait to pass the amnesty.

Even the few politicians and journalists who take a principled stand against immigration lie – probably to themselves in the first place. They lie by pretending that their objection to illegal immigration is because of its illegality. But the damage is not a consequence of the illegality but of who the immigrants are. The legal immigrants cause the same social problems as the illegal ones, because they come from the Third World and, in Europe particularly, the Muslim world.

Here a second lie comes into play, for no Western politician would dare to point out that beneficial immigration can be easily separated  from the harmful one not by the criterion of legality but through the shibboleth of culture.

Culture can be reliably correlated with the quartet, and only the full quartet, of race, ethnicity, religion and social class, formal education being a prime component of class in modern times. But to do that would be to commit the dreaded crime of “discrimination.” In Meccania, one cannot discriminate on pain of severe penalties. But the ultimate peril is to Meccania itself.

Reality will continue to discriminate, no matter what Body Snatchers say or do. And a clash between a reality-averse ideology and Reality has the same pre-ordained outcome as a test crash between a knockoff car and a wall. It’s only a question of the speed, acceleration, mass and distance of the lying car from the solid wall.

The finance-driven Western consumer economy is fuelled by lies too, even now when it has hit the Wall of Reality through the issue of phantom money, unrealistic levels of debt and consumption, and lying in the construction and sale of mortgage-backed and other derivative securities.

Until recently, in some Western countries one could buy a home with a loan for 110% of the property’s optimistically assessed value. All through lying autosuggestion backed by a system rigged to reward risk, gambling, irresponsibility, fraud and redundant consumption, while punishing caution, saving, self-reliance and integrity. In the United States, you could get a mortgage with no job, no savings, no education, hence no prospects of a job or savings. But on one condition: that your skin color be within the range of coffees on the menu at Starbucks.

Western-style promotion and advertising exist to instill desires in people for things they don’t need, can’t afford, or can afford but can’t attain anyway. The leggy model reclining on the Humvee in the glossy ad, she don’t come with the Humvee. You can buy a Mercedes but you can’t buy class. But after 60 years of this son et lumière brainwashing, we just salivate on command per media-imbedded cues.

Perhaps the classic tale of Body Snatcher regime’s aversion to reality transpired on 11 March 2005 in Atlanta. A 5'2", 51-year-old grandmother and sheriff's deputy, Cynthia Hall, was escorting a 6’1’, 200-lbs ex-football player and career rapist, Brian Nichols, from the county jail to the Atlanta courtroom. The hiring of Grandma Hall for what an idiot would know is a big-man-only position had been a two-fer for Fulton County, for Grandma Hall was both black and female.

As soon as Officer Hall removed Nichols’s handcuffs before entering the courtroom, the big man assaulted her, inflicting critical injuries. He then seized her gun, shot to death a Superior Court judge, a court reporter and a sheriff’s deputy, escaped the courthouse, and then killed another person in the course of a carjacking.

This tale, if not the deaths involved, would make a good Keystone Cops movie. But under the circumstances, it can serve as a metaphor for the suicidal madness that causes Body Snatcher society to self-terminate.

It’s a spiraling madness too. San Francisco, as we relayed in Part 7, has one-upped Atlanta by appointing a 5’ Chinese lesbian as its Chief of Police. It’s a trifecta that shall remain unequalled until some branch of America’s law and security enforcement apparatus recruits a Samoan lesbian paraplegic to serve as the commander of its elite tactical unit.

America is not alone in this epidemic of spongiform diversititis. We have looked previously at the pregnant Spanish Minister of Defense and evoked Fjordman’s sketches of the Scandinavian dhimmi gyneocracy, and Tiberge’s of France receding before the people it used to push back since Charles Martel. Then there is Lord Ahmed, and Antwerp’s deputy mayor who wants to convert unused churches into mosques, and the Israeli academics who see the lack of rape of Arab women by Jews as proof of Jewish racism.

The virus is pitiless and catholic, though limited to the (previously) white West alone. In Sweden, there is a plague of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants. As Muslim immigrants in Malmö increased to 25% of the population, the number of rapes tripled. The Rosengård area is largely no-go even for the Swedish police.

But the authorities blame the rapes on warm weather, alcohol, Internet dating sites and increase in reporting rape. Fjordman quotes a leading Swedish journalist, Helle Klein, “If the debate is [about] that there are problems caused by refugees and immigrants, we don’t want it.”

Muslims immigrants and their unassimilable descendants are projected to become the majority in Sweden in 40 years. Helle Klein is female and Jewish. By the time Ms. Klein wants to debate problems caused by refugees and immigrants, not only her country but perhaps she personally will have already been crash-tested by Reality. Debate will no longer be an option, only submission.

Male-dominated societies like China and Russia aggressively threaten the West’s vital interest, and Islamic patriarchal primitives ravage it from without and within, but the West is busy feminizing itself further, confusing its genders, importing tribal aliens, pussyfooting with jihad, negotiating in good faith with masters of taquiah, enforcing gender and race quotas to elevate non-deserving and incompetent nonwhites or non-males, lying to itself outrageously about innate group differences, and generally ripping itself apart in pursuit of a profound and delusionary fraud.


E = mv2

The energy released by the impact of Snatcher State’s smashup against the Wall of Reality may or may not be expressible in elegant mathematical formulas, but it’s clearly related to the mass hurling forward toward the “progressive” future, times some order of velocity.

The mass is incalculably enormous. Snatcher State now controls every part of every sphere of activity in every Western country. Through the 50 - 50 scheme (2), it controls directly the livelihood of 50% of its subjects. Through its ability to print paper money for itself and confiscate its subjects’ money, it controls indirectly the livelihood of everyone.

Through Gramscian education, Snatcher State has controlled the brains of the last three generations of its subjects (3). Through organizations such as G-20 and UN, wiggle room that exists in different forms in most Snatcher states is being eliminated, to bring one Meccania into existence from the Bering Sea to the far reaches of the South Pacific.

The recent G-20 summit, for instance, concluded with a declaration of intention to impose sanctions on tax havens, i.e. the few developed countries that have lower rates of taxation than the confiscatory rates in Meccania. Such brazen potential shelters from Meccania’s tax confiscators were intolerable to the Pod nomenklatura. As Stratfor summarized, “The G-20’s first task was to define which territories need to be brought in line with international tax standards in order to ‘name and shame’ them.”

A similar role is performed by UN with regard to “racism.” Durban 1 sprouted solely to revile, subdue and rob Meccania’s whitey of his remaining means, and to destroy Israel, the single country remaining where a culturally Western majority still struggles to preserve its hold on the rudders of state and weltanschauung.

The same Meccanization process is being carried out through the ‘global warming’ cabal, with international treaties and very rich globalist Über-Pods like Al Gore and Maurice Strong working to bring the entire West under a strict and destructive hobble – a hobble on which they will make a fortune and that will cripple the West and boost its foes.

The velocity is quite dizzying too. In the Eurabian districts of Meccania, one can compute the approximate date of impact by comparing demographic data on immigration and fertility rates of Muslim immigrants versus those of indigenous Europeans. The meeting with The Wall will occur around mid-21st century.

The consequences of the impact are visible now, 40 years in advance. They were visible 90 years in advance, when the process began – but not to leguminous hominid simulacra molded of space materials with an admixture of Marx, Mao, Gramsci, Beauvoir and liberation theology.

The crash may take 100 years to unfold fully, just as the test truck folds in slow-motion upon meeting the wall. But its shape is on display in the once-thriving parts of Christian civilization such as North Africa, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, and in once-peaceful and Buddhist countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s on display now in every country where a minority of another race and faith lives among a Muslim majority.

In the North American districts of Meccania, one can read the writing on the wall now, clearly, though The Wall is still around the corner. If 50% of the babies born in Europe are named Muhammad, 50% of America’s babies are named Manuel. Many are born to Mexican citizens who just hop across the border for the American taxpayer-financed delivery and the ‘anchor-baby’ citizenship that comes with it.

Just like the future of Marseille can be seen in Marrakech, the future of Los Angeles is on display in Mexico City. The future of Los Angeles was perhaps in the cards already in 1847, when the naïve gringo winners in the Mexican – American War failed to rechristen the town then known as El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Angeles del Rio de Porciuncula. Now they have to tiptoe humbly around Aztlan in order to bow to The Race (La Raza) before begging MECHA for the keys to their own house.

Phoenix, Arizona, is already the runner-up to the title of Kidnapping Capital of the World, after Mexico City. Not entirely by coincidence, the value of real estate in Phoenix has halved in the last two years.

Detroit has already met The Wall. Its industry is shattered. It looks like a post-Apocalypse city. It has the highest per-capita crime rate in North America, probably in all of Meccania: 1,220 violent crimes per 100,000.

84% of Detroit’s population is black, voting strictly by racial allegiance and electing criminal, incompetent mayors and a city council of crude, whitey-bashing ignoramuses.  

Only 22% of Detroit’s public school students graduate, and the schools have armed police on permanent duty. Similar situations in civic culture, crime and schools exist in all the large cities with large racial minority populations (4), which means almost all American cities.

These problems are impossible to fix, because the ruling Body Snatchers are racist cowards who tacitly hold black (and mestizo) people to lower standards of conduct than they do Whites. Dr. Walter Williams, a black libertarian and distinguished professor of economics, has blamed Snatcher insanity for this unraveling. He has written about Detroit schools, “Much of what's seen today is a result of harebrained ideas and a tolerance for barbaric behavior”. Williams has diagnosed a similar problem in other cities, e.g. Baltimore.

If America had not deliberately hobbled itself with “diversity” and other Snatcher delusions, the integration problems that no mixed White- Black society has yet solved in history (5) would have probably come to a salutary end by now. It’s enough to read black conservative intellectuals like Williams, Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele to realize how much the social engineering of “redemptive liberalism” has hurt both freedom and the minorities it pretends to uplift.

The fake “strength in diversity” alone costs America $1.1 trillion per year, and that does not include the losses of social capital, which are catastrophically large. The country of noble intentions hijacked by the Snatchers in the 60s has become the country of unintended consequences.

It’s more difficult to know what ultimate shape America’s Wall will take, for its Snatchers (as in the U.K.) come in three flavors: “Progressive,” Liberal and Pseudo-Conservative, whereas in continental Europe they are all from the Left mold. Nevertheless, three things seem solidly in America’s future:

One is the destruction of the dollar and of America’s capitalist model itself – both debauched beyond measure through Pod foolishness of the Left and the putative Right, and greed of no connection to Podism.

The Obama Administration, per the Alinsky playbook, is not letting a serious crisis go to waste. It deals with a crisis created by excessive debt by multiplying the debt as though on steroids, including printing more money – 14 trillions of the stuff, printed or conjured, so far. It’s using a lot of that to grow the public’s dependence on the government, striving to equalize the 50 -50 European formula. This secures a permanent hold on the trough for the Left’s clients and brings a uniform, socialist Meccania closer to consummation.

The second item is the inevitable crash of the global economy. In the West, this will impact the U.S. the most. There will come a time when global pandemics, economic depression and Peak Oil have stopped super-container ships, 24/7 air cargo, and the 24/7 river of cross-continental trucks.  The effect on the country that depends for its produce on Mexico, for its flowers on Colombia, for its fruits on Chile, for its clothing on Vietnam, for its computers on Taiwan, for its electronics on Japan, and for everything else on China, will be profound.

The third item in the crystal ball is the Mestizo-Hispanization of the United States, with all the attendant consequences. Even George Friedman of Stratfor, who sees a future of dominance and prosperity for the United States in The Next 100 Years , forecasts an eventual war with Mexico because of this.

But another word for Hispanization is balkanization. Unless the country manages to shake off its Snatcher elite, which seems unlikely in the next 40 years, it will break up like the Balkans did. In 20 years, Mexicans will have become the majority in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. States like Nevada and Colorado will follow suit.

Pace Dr. Friedman, secession by democratic ballot seems more likely than war. Meccania shies from war against other countries; it makes war only on its own autochthons. The country that has done so much for the self-determination of Kosovo will not deny self-determination to a 90%-Mexican California.

In either case, Americans will have only their White Pod elite to blame, going back to 1965. The matter is particularly intractable because even the pseudo-conservative Pods toil hard in the service of Hispanization. Their horizon simply does not extend 20 years forward, anymore than it extends 200 years backward.

Eurabia will know it has hit The Wall when the muezzin’s call issues from the tower of the Westerkerk, long after the grave of Rembrandt and the statue of Anne Frank have been removed from this church’s premises as offensive to Muslims -- the one as a maker of graven images and the other as a Jew and a symbol of a holocaust that did not happen.

Europe’s secular-socialist feminists will have experienced The Wall when they choose themselves to wear the full body chador rather than suffer spontaneous and frequent street violence. The society that swoons at transvestite politicians, gay marriage, homosexual indoctrination in schools and “empowerment” of men-hating Marxist women will know the test of Reality when its fertility rate is no longer 1.3 but 0.65.


Before the impact

The crash seems inevitable. The momentum is enormous. The steering wheel is in the unprisable grip of crash-test dummies. A large majority of the passengers are altered Pods, happy to be on a ride toward a democratic, “progressive” future -- peaceful, diverse, integrated, free of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, inequality and all things nasty.

Eventually, when the Wall of Reality is so close you can see the seams where its eternal titanium bracings are, all but the chief priests of the Pod cult will want to bail out from the speeding vehicle. There is nothing like imminent pulverization to reprogram a chip in a hurry. But by then, the velocity will be such that staying or jumping will make no difference.

We might speculate as to the full dimensions of the crash, but the purpose of this serial essay is to identify a way to exit the Pod test- vehicle before the crash. This would save those who have exited the “progressive” experiment. It would also provide a shelter for the Pod survivors of the mugging by Reality. Better yet, in areas where the population is less brainwashed, e.g. some parts of the U.S., Australia, Switzerland and Italy, it may avert the crash altogether.

The way to exit the Pod vehicle is to separate from the Body Snatchers and their clients as completely as the law of the land and human ingenuity allow, now. Walking out, retreating from the Pod domain is the only way to bring Reality to bear on its deniers. Persuasion, rhetoric, political propaganda, electoral politics cannot do it. A chip that has been molded to oscillate only at one frequency cannot be made to vibrate to another.

General Kutuzov, meet John Galt. Withdrawal, retreat, physical separation. Exodus.

As Kutuzov’s retreat forced Napoleon to fight the inexorable Russian winter, an exodus of the anti-Pods well before the crash will remove the buffer between the Snatchers and cold reality. As John Galt’s (inter alia) withdrawal from the machine of socialist exploitation removed the Atlas that was supporting the world in Ayn Rand’s novel, so will the withdrawal of anti-Pods leave Snatcher State with all the looters, but far fewer subjects to loot.

Who are the anti-Pods? The “simple folks” who study and work and pay their bills and go through life under their own steam. It’s people who give their own money to charity rather than confiscate others’ money to redistribute for political gain. Who volunteer for military service rather than attend pacifist demonstrations under a security umbrella provided by the soldiering of others. Who own guns and are ready to defend their families, because they know that Podism breeds crime and the police are always too late. Who marry only those with whom nature has made breeding possible, and who go through the tribulations of raising and providing for their brood.

It’s the cops on patrol (but not in the Chief’s office) and the firefighters, the tradesmen and small businessmen, the middle-class married women with children. It’s a minority of professionals and intellectuals who had enough inner strength to go through years of Pod indoctrination and peer pressure at university and on the job without losing their hold on Reality’s compass.

Above all, anti-Pods are net tax payers. The Pod establishment and its clients are net tax eaters. Anti-Pods pay with money and blood for the social services that the Pods administer and their clients consume.

Now, imagine that anti-Pods were to disappear from Snatchland. No police standing between the Snatcher elite and the stone-throwing segment of Muslim colonizers. No firefighters to mitigate for the Snatchers the effects of the Molotov-cocktail throwing segment of Muslim colonizers. No tactical units and gun-owning rednecks standing between the armed ethnic gangs and the Pod population. No pilots to guide global economy’s super tankers into Snatchland’s harbors. No well brought-up children around whom to stitch the sham classrooms of Meccania. Far fewer taxpayers to fund Snatchland’s madness.

Consider the Jews, probably the West’s most Podism-prone ethnic group (6). The Jewish CEJI  (Centre Européen Juif d’Information), headquartered in Brussels, is “Working toward a democratic, inclusive and integrated Europe to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of its people.” As if peaceful integration, particularly with Jews, was the purpose of Belgium’s or Eurabia’s Muslims too.

The Vlaams Belang party, which may be the only thing standing between Flemish Jews and future pogroms, “doesn't convince Jewish people” per the voting ballots they cast. Elie Weisel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Auschwitz survivor, says, “Jews have no place in the xenophobic parties.”

In the United States, ADL, a Jewish organization existing ostensibly to combat anti-Semitic defamation, has a Hispanic section, though for The Race, or La Raza as it calls itself, this is the only reciprocal, Jewish section. ADL has also issued a public condemnation of the “anti-Islam remarks” of Geert Wilders, perhaps the greatest friend Jews have among all European politicians.

HIAS, a Jewish organization existing ostensibly to aid Jewish immigrants, imports refugees and “refugees”, including Jew-hating Somalis, from every corner of the world, and vilifies immigration opponents, particularly if they are Jewish. But consider the effects of aiding and sponsoring the immigration of Muslims to the West.

Besides the “Death-to-the Jews” marching crowds in Europe’s cities, political choices have faces on them too. In March 1994, Rashid Baz, a Lebanese immigrant cab driver in New York, looking for Jews to kill, fired at a van full of Hassidic boys, killing one. In February 1997, Ali Hasan Abu Kamal, a Palestinian immigrant, shot seven people and killed one on top of the Empire State building, because he objected to U.S. support for Israel. In July 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian immigrant, murdered two people and wounded four at Los Angeles Airport’s El-Al Israeli Airlines terminal. In November, 2003, in Paris, Adel Boumedienne, an Algerian “jeune” born in France, cut the throat of his longtime friendly Jewish neighbor Sébastien Selam, gouged his eyes out and then boasted, “I killed my Jew.” In January 2006, a gang of 20 mostly African Muslim immigrants led by Youssef Fofana, kidnapped and tortured to death Ilan Halimi, 23, a French-Morrocan Jew, in Paris. In July 2006, Naveed Afzal Haq, a Pakistani-American, shot up the Jewish Federation of Seattle, murdering two and wounding four while screaming, "I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel." This is just a quick snapshot, and a preview of things to come.

A Jewish politician for the Labour Party in Birmingham just had her own preview. She was denied the opportunity to vie for a ward councilor post because of being “White and Jewish.” But why would there even be a Jewish Labour politician, let alone in a city whose ex-lord mayor, incidentally the one who found her unacceptably Jewish, is a Mahmood Hussain? Such a level of madness cannot be cured through persuasion. The patient can recover only through eating copiously of the bitter fruits of her own derangement.

What would happen if anti-Pods were to leave Birmingham and let its Labour-voting Jews deal on their own with the consequences of the Labour–Muslim alliance? What would happen if Irish and other Euro-origin anti-Pod cops and firefighters, all suffering from racist discrimination, quit their jobs in New York City and Los Angeles, and left the Jewish populations of those cities, not to mention Wall Street and Hollywood, to face the unalloyed consequences of the leftist, “diversity”-promoting policies they supports with votes and donations?

The Jews are a convenient example in this case, because of the near-surreal role of canary-in-the-coal-mine that Providence (or the homeostasis of cosmic forces in Western history, for those secularly inclined) has chosen for this group. But this is a large phenomenon, encompassing the entire West, in all its autochthon demographic sectors, in all spheres of life.

The slicing of Western population by a different criterion, that of gender, would show women, by far, as the Podism-prone segment (7). Imagine that the put-upon Swedish-Swedish male decided to exit Pod society. Out of Sweden’s Muslim immigrant-“enriched” cities and into the northern countryside, or away, to countries of lesser subservience to feminist-socialist dhimmi dogma. Sweden’s feminist-and-feminized oligarchy would then begin to experience the reality of Muslim immigration quite a bit more directly.

But for Scandinavia, such a scenario is hypothetical only. For there aren’t enough anti-Pods there for an Exodus to make a difference in the pre-crash trajectory of that society. Which brings us to a few generalizations that can be usefully made at this point.


Exodus fundamentals

First, singularity. Podism is a single viral pathogen that knows no boundary of territory, culture, language or religion, except it’s limited, as though by a genetic mutation, to people of European origin alone. Although the particulars of the situation in Australia may be entirely different from Belgium’s, the same force animates the decay of both societies. The cure, Exodus, also has a single principle, but it has many possible manifestations, depending on personal circumstances and the differences in the character and situation of each country.

Second, survival. Exodus is necessary not only to put the Pods in direct contact with Reality, but also to save the anti-Pods from Meccania’s persecution. Snatchland detests such Westerners as have not yet lost their minds and their spines. We’ll have more to say about that.

Third, commitment. You combat oppression by implacable fanatics with disciplined radicalism. One for all -- all for one. There is much to learn from the history of persecuted minorities and from the defensive tactics they used. There is much to learn from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals too (8). After all, Alinsky has taken a Chicago community organizer to the White House, and a Pod Wellesley student to the White House (albeit as a wife/consigliere), the U.S. Senate, and the top of the U.S. State Department (9).

Fourth, civilization. Exodus is not simply a flight from high taxes, street crime or ethnic discrimination. When the totem of faked, forced equality hovers like a giant Moloch over Western Civilization, there remains only one option for cultural survival: construct a new civilization. Or, as we glimpsed in Part 4, an Altneuland – a new civilization that restores and reinvigorates the old one. It will be described hereafter as Atlantis.

Fifth, action. Doing and being over talking. Combining principles 2, 3 and 4 means that, at the least, anti-Pods in each town ought to strive to live next to each other, on the same street, in close proximity. When more move in, more contiguous streets. A neighborhood.

A neighborhood with anti-Pod bookstores selling books from the Antipod Press. Anti-Pod food stores and restaurants selling food produced by anti-Pods, with young anti-Pod dishwashers learning the value of hard work. Anti-Pod café-salons. Anti-Pod clothing stores selling (only high-quality) clothing made by anti-Pods on patterns from the 50s. An anti-Pod radio station and Community-TV channel and an anti-Pod film theatre running only films free of Snatcher propaganda. A security patrol of anti-Pods who live among and know the other anti-Pods. Anti-Pod schools and kindergartens and an anti-Pod governing council.

Right there you see the problem. For Meccania has laws that constrain its citizens’ freedom in many of these areas. In Germany, they’ll throw you in jail for home-schooling your child. In the U.S., some Snatcher judge will find a way to coerce you to accept Pod residents and employees, and rehab clinics or mosques for Pod clients, and Pod media content, and Pod schooling.

True self-government for anti-Pods will not be possible in any of the major cities of the West – except after the crash. Hence, for anti-Pods for whom it’s possible, the goal should be to move away from all centers where Snatchers dominate, to populate villages, towns and provinces that have the fewest Pods and Pod-clients.

The ultimate step would be secession. As we saw in Part 9, a secessionist movement already exists. But in Europe, it’s on an ethnic/linguistic basis whereas in the U.S. it’s on the basis of regional economic interests. Exodus would be on the basis of anti-Pod beliefs that include ethnic, linguistic and economic interests but go far beyond them. This has profound implications.

Sixth, Quality. Quality over Quantity.

Much can be read into what has been stated here. But a few hundred words cannot suffice to analyze complex phenomena. It would behoove the reader, therefore, to wait for an elaboration in future segments of “Meccania –Atlantis” instead of attributing imagined intent now.

If the remedy proposed here seems radical, so is the rapid progress of the lethal pathology it seeks to address. The governments and supra-government of all Western nations, and all of their institutions, are in the hands of Body Snatchers. Remote controls to the brains of 2/3 of the West’s autochthon population have been distributed among Black Messiahs, Mexican colonizers with American passports and seats in American legislatures, Muslim colonizers with seats in parliaments and  mayoral chambers, women with key powers over the West’s military and strategic future, influential media barons who sprouted in the Pod hothouses of HarvardYaleOxford, Gramscian billionaires who fund the decay while making a profit on the decay, Marxist professors with cult following, Hollywood and TV celebrities and rock-stars with pea-brains and melon-sized emotional seed-pods.

All that seems like overwrought hyperbole, but it’s just a shortcut metaphor of considerable appositeness, judging by the daily, almost hourly, news.

Exodus is amply warranted. But first, one has to reckon with Leviathan.

We’ll go there next time.



(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien “Body Snatchers” produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and anti-Pod as the antithesis of Pod.

(2) We explored this concept in The 50-50 solution chapter of Part 3

(3)  E.g. Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire – a book of Marxist gibberish that has achieved, since 1970, a “near-iconic status in America’s teacher-training programs. The book derides the imparting of any academic content in schools as “official knowledge” that serves to maintain inequality in capitalist society. This and other books like it serve to produce the Body Snatcher teachers who in turn mold generations of verisimilar Pods throughout Snatchland.

(4) As always in my writings, attributions of social, cognitive and psychological qualities to a group are never valid with respect to the entirety of the group but only its statistical average, numerical majority, or saliently outsized share in the phenomenon under discussion.

(5) I thought the unappealing example of Castro’s Cuba an exception, but this begs to disagree.

(6) An attribution of a characteristic to a group is not an assertion that all members of the group possess that trait, or possess it in equal measure. In fact, some of the most effective polemicists against Podism or critics of Jewish Podism are Jews themselves, e.g. (in no particular order) Paul Gottfried, Mark Levin, Alain Finkielkraut, Lawrence Auster, Michael Savage, Ezra Levant, Michael Levin, Michael Hart, Dan Stein, Ilana Mercer, Nicholas Stix and many others. This in no way invalidates the group trait attribution.

(7) An attribution of a characteristic to a group is not an assertion that all members of the group possess that trait, or possess it in equal measure. In this authors’ opinion, the greatest major anti-Pod politician of recent times was Margaret Thatcher. There are too many great anti-Pod fighting women to name here, but just from those working in the media one would have to mention Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Diana West, Heather MacDonald and Caroline Glick. Alas, the group characteristic still stands.

(8) Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky.



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