From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 12: Swallowed by Leviathan


Basic Russian for crash test dummies

Recently, I was at a boomer backyard barbecue in Boston.The males had Ivy League degrees and high incomes evident in subtle ways.  The wives who were white had the perfect cheekbones and teeth that only generations of breeding and expensive maintenance can produce. The nonwhite wives had PhD’s instead.

The host in a Yes We Can T-shirt sneezed. “Barack you!” said a preppie-looking man, and explained with a broad smile that it’s a new locution replacing “Bless you.”

I walked up to the Obamapod and said, “I like your barackhlo line.” 

“It’s Barack you,” he said, with the typical linguistic obtuseness of the American born-and-bred, of which genus he turned out to be a prize specimen. A Harvard MD, native of North Carolina, smart and personable, he told me how he grew up in a genteel and racist home where only the N-word was used to refer to Afro-Americans. He also said that since Barack Obama’s election he was at last able to breathe.

Come to think of it, the Arabic root of Barack, barakha, does mean blessing, and “barack sie!” is what Europeans will soon be wishing to each other too, instead of Gesundheit! But I did not go into that with my new Boston buddy, nor told him that barackhlo is the Russian word for junk.

In former chapters of “Meccania – Atlantis” I described Podism (1) as a sort of mental chip programmed for white people’s (2) collective guilt and self-loathing, irrational and false assumptions about the superior virtue and moral deservedness of nonwhites, nondiscrimination as the highest value, ahistorical and utopian delusions, and the conviction that the road to universal peace and brotherhood hinges on the unilateral self-disablement of the West’s collective survival mechanism and the disablement of autochthon Westerners’ individual (3) survival mechanisms as well.

Another way of putting it is that after decades of promoting yin (i.e. the cosmic female element) and suppressing yang (i.e. the cosmic male element), the West now suffers from yin toxemia. As per Chinese Taoist precepts, this produces an overabundance of the soft, wet, squishy, sweet, flabby, irrational, diffuse energy that characterizes yin, and a shortage of the hard, dry, salty, muscular, rational and compacting male (i.e. yang) energy that could rectify this imbalance.

The yin-soaked West rests on a foundation of feelings. It feels for the plight of the female trapped in a male body, the Somali who has never seen indoor plumbing, and the abandoned son of a Kenyan exchange student who made good. That all such feelings translate into actions that dismantle the West financially, demographically and culturally no longer registers, for reason no longer registers, nor does survival. This is the age of I feel, therefore I am. The essence of yin.

The West is no longer able to deal with the abundant yang characteristics of the nonwhite, male-dominated ethnic groups – acting as “minorities” on the inside, and rogue and semi-rogue nations on the outside. In particular, gelded Snatchland (4) is unable to perceive, let alone to protect itself, from the main characteristic of the yang groups: Nashism.

Nashism is a neologism derived from the Russian word for "ours."  Nashi is how the Russian refers to the Russian side in a war, dispute, or soccer match, the other side being vashi, "yours." It is a command of the heart, the culture, almost the language itself, that a Russian identify with and support nashi, irrespective of right or wrong, gain or loss, truth or falsehood.

If this is so for the Russian, it's squared for the Chinese, for whom the white person is still laowai, “old outsider,” or gweizi, “foreign devil.”  It's squared as well for the second and third generation Mexican-American, for whom Mexico is the land of the heart, and the US is a depot where idiot gringos hand out massive social entitlement gift packages to foreign invaders with user instructions in the invaders’ own language.

It's squared also for the 10th generation African American, who – a rare and despised 'Oreo' like Thomas Sowell or Ward Connerly excepted – all too-often acquits black murderers if he is on jury duty; takes up reflexively the cause of black hoodlums (the "Jena Six," "Free Mumia" etc); votes for black candidates irrespectively of their qualifications; sees white "racism" where there is only his own racism; and sees only other blacks as "brothers."

Muslim Nashism is the ultimate: it's dar-al-Islam, "the abode of peace," for Muslims, and dar-al-Harb, "the abode of war," for the kuffar – that's you and me, the infidels. A practicing Muslim, be he 4th generation Swiss, cannot be true to his faith unless he treat the Islamic ummah as nashi, in precedence to his civic nation, vashi. Incidentally, Switzerland’s motto being Einer für alle, alle für einen (One for All, All for One), only a ruling elite of Body Snatcher cretins could have thought up the idea of importing 350,000 Muslims (5), 4.5% of the population, to that country.

Postmodern identity politics have made of gender another powerful tribal force, with the feminist “sisterhood” or groups formed according to GLBT sexual practices supplanting traditional civic allegiance. In contrast, Western ethos instills a civic commitment to one's nation, not a tribal commitment to one’s folk or genital affinity group. This disparity, catalyzed by the Pod creed, causes Snatcher State to hobble its majority autochthon people in order to confer advantages on disaffected centrifugal groups who show no reciprocal munificence.

Raymond Kraft, [hat tip, Fjordman] has written that the Islamic movement has turned the civility of the Western peoples into a weapon against them. It has weaponized niceness, compassion and the fundamental decency of Western Civilization. “We have become too civilized to defeat our enemies, perhaps too civilized to survive.”  True, but it applies to much more than just Muslim colonization.

The questions this begs is, first, how could such insanity have taken hold in a civilization based on reason, and second, how could a “mental virus” alone produce this level of collective psychopathology, unmatched in the recorded history of mankind. The answers require that we move on to the next Russian expression, kto kogo.

Kto kogo, which means the same in several Slavic languages is “who whom.” Like in “who is ruling, dominating, doing in, controlling whom.” This was Lenin’s formula for instant clarity in politics.

The good intentions of the squishy West stem from biblical morality so mainstream that a sermon in a random Western church or synagogue sounds like induction into the Body Snatcher creed. There is the shame and sorrow for Nazism and Fascism, Colonialism and Slavery, centuries of poisonous anti-Semitism, copious internecine bloodshed in the name of the loving Jesus or xenophobic nationalism, exploitation of peasants, workers and women.

Contrition and restoration one can understand. But suicide?

After all, any calamity, any atrocity committed in the history of Western civilization was exceeded in non-Western civilizations – and they don’t have the West’s redeeming features on the other side of the ledger either. Both Stalin and Mao murdered more people than Hitler did. The Khmer Rouge murdered 26% of Cambodia’s population in four years (6). In the 1200 years of Arab slave trading, millions more Africans were enslaved by Arabs and treated with far greater cruelty than were ever by white men. As Thomas Sowell, a descendant of slaves himself, has pointed out (7), more Europeans were enslaved and taken to North Africa by Barbary Coast pirates alone than there were African slaves taken to America.

In Japan, a samurai could cut a peasant in half under the pretext of an insult, but really just to test his sword. Besides the hard feudalism, racism and ethnocentrism of the East Asian peoples, there is the cruel gynophobia of the Muslims, the appalling savagery of the Amerindians, and so on. But according to such intellectual luminaries as Susan Sontag -- and I am quoting – it’s the white race that’s the cancer of human history.

That’s where Lenin’s kto kogo comes in. Since the 1920s, hard core Western leftists, under the guidance of the Comintern and the KGB (and KGB’s predecessors, OGPU and NKVD), have fashioned “fascism” and “racism” into a lever with which to upend the West. It’s with the help of this lever that Lenin’s useful idiots were once stamped assembly-line fashion out of Western yin material.  Though the original masters are gone, it’s this lever still that 80 years later activates the hydraulic presses from which issue next generations of Pods.

The Spanish Civil War (1936–39), for instance, due to its "Fighting the Fascists” veneer is to this day a subject of veneration by the “progressive” West. But this hews to the line of Comintern's phony propaganda. For the noble cause that the West sees in the Spanish Republicans was in fact an attempt to create a totalitarian Soviet republic. The International Brigades of idealistic volunteers were led by Soviet commissars under the control of NKVD, and carried out genocidal actions against a civilian population. But for “progressive humanity” (Stalin’s words), facts can never stand in the way of feelings.

There are 80 years of conditioning, hundreds of millions of KGB dollars and dozens of still-extant institutions that have gone into manufacturing this “antifascist” and “antiracist” reflex of the useful idiots. ANSWER for instance, aka Act Now to Stop War and Racism is a peace-and-justice loving organization on whose Steering Committee sit, among others,  IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Partnership for Civil Justice, a few Muslim organizations that dearly love peace and justice, and so on. What could be more rousing for “justice” than, “ANSWER condemns LAPD attack on immigrant rights movement; Stop racist police violence!

But a former Soviet subject like me can smell the cordite under the candy of peace and justice. General Ion Pacepa, defector from Communist Romania and past acting chief of its foreign intelligence service (i.e. a KGB satellite), says that ANSWER is a front organization of the Workers World Party (WWP), which is a Marxist-Leninist front organization created, financed and trained by the KGB in 1957 “to disseminate Soviet propaganda among the trade unions and ‘colored’ population of the United States.” 

Yuri Bezmenov, another KGB defector, has spoken much about this process, for instance:

“Only about 15% of [the KGB’s] time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare. What it basically means is: to change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”

The glue that holds the WWP together is the same one that holds the entire useful idiot Body Snatcher establishment together, from Austria to Australia. This is the glue – manufactured according to an original NKVD - Comintern formula:

“Workers World has united Black, Latino, Native, Asian, Arab and white in the struggle against racism. It has brought together women and men, lesbian, gay, bi, trans and straight, youth and seniors, workers and the unemployed, native-born and immigrants to fight for better conditions for all.”

Which should remind us: President Barack Obama has just proclaimed June as "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month."

It’s partly through the efforts of Yagoda, Yezhov and Beria (8) that my Barack buddy from Harvard will continue flagellating himself and his country daily because of the N-word he grew up with. His shelves are crammed with books like Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, and he revels in the racial guilt indoctrination program his freshman daughter was compelled to undergo at the University of Delaware.  There, Body Snatcher credo is expressed as follows:

“A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination.”

Meanwhile, quite a number of real (and black) Barack buddies are overt, genocidal racists of the frothing kind. Louis Farrakhan has taught his Black Muslim followers that white people are a race of devils created by the evil black scientist Yakub. American lawyer, Wahabbi activist and Obama mentor, Khalid al-Mansour, makes speeches with statements like this (at the 3:07 mark):

"White people don't feel bad, whatever you do to them, they deserve it, God wants you to do it and that's when you cut out the nose, cut out the ears, take flesh out of their body, don't worry because God wants you to do it."

But as successful as KGB’s destabilizing has been, as devastating as the Frankfurt School’s paving of the way for Hitler’s revenge, as brilliant as the psychological sabotage conceived by leftist tacticians Gramsci and Alinsky, Podism could never have taken over all social, political and cultural institutions of the West on the strength of its false propaganda alone. What has brought this takeover is the opportunism and greed for power and money by the 50-50 State (9) and by global economy’s managerial class.


Leviathan deconstructed

Leviathan is the Hebrew word for a giant sea creature, a whale (e.g. Jonah 1:17-2:10 KJV). Leviathan is also the title of a book by Thomas Hobbes, published in 1651, and the name Hobbes gives to a society based on the social contract. In exchange for security and order, individuals relinquish their native freedoms to a giant aggregate entity that assumes the absolute responsibility for their defense and welfare.

Hobbs’s Leviathan was embodied in the absolute monarch, but the modern democratic state is an even bigger Leviathan. Snatcher State maintains an ornate façade of constitutionality and rule of law, and makes a show of maintaining its side of the social contract. But it maintains that contract not with the signatory population.

Leviathan as manifest in Snatchland – i.e. all of the West -- exists only to perpetuate itself, and it perverts the social contract any way it can in pursuit of that goal. Like the whale sucking in krill for sustenance, it prospers (until the day of reckoning) by sucking in new groups of dependents. Some of these it creates internally, like the single mothers on welfare who increase their income in proportion to the number of fatherless children they breed with a parade of male pollinators passing through the drunken night. Others are imported aliens from all corners of the globe -- the foreigner and more primitive the better.

There is no better way to fatten Leviathan than by importing people useless to the modern economy and hopeless as prospects for melting in Western society. What excitement at the thought of the many more civil servants who will have to be hired per each 1000 newcomers, to administer ever-larger public welfare and wealth-transfer programs!

What joy at the new labor of instruction in 45 different languages in the proper use of the faucet and the fork and the filling out of forms for public housing and welfare subsidies! Innovative P.R. campaigns to discourage female genital mutilation and honor killings!  New, taxpayer-funded clinics for hymen restoration for Muslim brides or dental implants for African refugees whose teeth were extracted or filed to sharp points by tribal custom! 

New buildings with new roomfuls of new mid-level bureaucrats to requisition and dispense public funds for the building of mosques and multi-bedroom council housing for polygamous residents!  Massive spending for a million new TV cameras in public places and for surveillance centers where new crime by the new people and by their descendants unto the nth generation (10) can be monitored by new state employees live on TV!

Not to mention that TV surveillance is useful for monitoring everyone. Leviathan never sleeps.

Thus doth the giant beast keep busy and growing. No matter that all this activity, the humongous and ultimately bankrupting fiscal and social cost, the diversion of attention and resources, do not generate a single penny in added economic surplus or social value, or elevate the standard of living, culture, or international competiveness of Snatchland.

There is plenty of work for Leviathan when, say, Sikh followers of Shri Guru Ravidas attack with knives and guns a temple of the “untouchable” Sikh followers of the Dera Sach Kand, as happened on May 25, 2009.

In Vienna. An der schönen blauen Donau.      

Another method Leviathan uses to gorge and grow is to find an ineradicable fault in its subject population, which Podism accepts a priori. Leviathan then proceeds to requisition ever more funds and build ever-new programs to atone for that fault.

"Solving our racial problems in this country will require concrete steps, significant investment," speaketh Messiah. "We have a lot of work to do to overcome the long legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. It can't be purchased on the cheap.”

Taking under consideration the relative conditions of life in America and Africa, this racial shakedown gobbledygook is akin to a Grand Prize lottery winner who keeps complaining how all that money has wrecked his life, and demanding compensation. It’s a brazen shearing of a cowed sheeple.

But the fault is with the cowed sheeple. Imagine a Ukrainian leader dare to tell his people that they have a long and expensive way ahead of them to atone for the long legacy of genocidal anti-Semitism. Or a Hutu leader so addressing his people about the Tutsis.

The law and the judicial apparatus are the grinding surface of Leviathan’s teeth. Laws are passed to promote Leviathan’s preferred client groups, and new bureaucracies are established to enforce the preferential treatment. The judicial apparatus is turned from being the preserver of the original social contract to a Grand Inquisition Tribunal charged with promoting and multiplying Snatcher State’s client base, and identifying, branding, harassing, punishing and eliminating the infidels who resist this scheme.

Leviathan’s enemies are no longer those who do violence to its citizens or invade its territory but those, like Geert Wilders, who “sow hatred and insult [the invading] part of the population” (11). European laws proliferate to restrict criticism of Leviathan’s Eurabian gambit.

“Britain appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state,” writes Hal Colebatch in The Australian. “The Government is pushing ahead with legislation that will criminalise politically incorrect jokes, with a maximum punishment of up to seven years prison.”

Colebatch cites a 14-year-old girl arrested for "racism" because she wanted to do her science project with a group of girls who could speak English, a 10-year-old arrested for calling a schoolmate “Paki”, and a hate crime investigation against a TV fox puppet, Basil Brush, for making a joke about Gypsies. Cases like this occur weekly in the UK.

The Belgian Anti-Racism Act (12) defines racial discrimination so broadly as to allow Leviathan to prosecute anyone who has anything negative to say about the demolition of that country through immigration. Under this law, the Belgian State ruled the ethno-conservative party Vlaams Blok a racist, therefore criminal organization, and forced it to disband in 2005. The state continues to persecute Vlaams Blok’s successor party, including stripping its leaders of their civic rights, ruining them financially and imprisoning them.

In Canada, the Human Rights Tribunal destroys people under the flimsiest allegations of “racism” or “discrimination”, with Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn the two better known cases among hundreds. But no country can hold a candle to the demolition derby that Snatcher Law wreaks in the United States.

American Leviathan has passed “civil rights” laws, then turned them into racial quotas, then encouraged the spread of nonwhite racial spite and victimology, then unleashed an army of prosecutors to enforce not merely the same starting line for everyone but to sue for race and gender discrimination if there are unequal results at the finish line.

Since the finish line results cannot be equal, because Reality decreed that most women are not as strong and fast as men, and most Blacks have a lower mean IQ than most Whites, and Muslims don’t make good employees in ham sandwich shops, and 200-kg. gluttons don’t make suitable fitness and beauty consultants, there is no end to Leviathan’s Reality-improving work, all done by well-paid employees with fringe benefits unheard of in the private sector.  The result is the systematic wrecking of the United States.

Under the “Disparate Impact” doctrine, American employers are prevented from hiring based on competence, because minorities often cannot pass competence tests. Regardless of merit, if members of a “protected class” are selected at a rate less than four fifths (80%) of that of another group [read “white males”], the employer is subject to harassment and legal proceedings by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, currently employing 2200 persons, soon to go up to 3,000.

An employer cannot refuse to hire convicted felons, because a disproportionate ratio (13) of them is black, hence the refusal would have “disparate impact.” Customer Service employees of major American companies talk incomprehensibly, because a suitable screening policy would have a “disparate impact” on the protected class of nonwhite immigrants. And since requiring a down payment and a good credit score would have a “disparate impact” on black and brown minorities, American banks were forced to waive such requirements. Thus was the sub-prime mortgage born, leading to the unraveling of the American banking industry, and of America itself.

Moreover, Leviathan does all it can to transfer the levers of power to the clients themselves, particularly in jurisprudence, so that the punishment Body Snatchers yearn for in their erotic dreams can proceed ever more directly, by Nashist minorities in black robes, determined to avenge colonialism, “racism”, “inequality” or God’s stinginess with their own modest intellectual gifts that made them feel inferior at Yale or Oxford.

President Obama, a former constitutional law professor who has never published a single page about the law, singled out, as U.S. senator, empathy  as the quality most desirable in judges. Fittingly, he has just nominated a racial spoils empathy queen (14) to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s main qualification for that position at the pinnacle of America’s power hierarchy seems to be her activist background as a fanatic Latina partisan using the judicial bench to sock it to whitey. According to her, policy is made [i.e. “empathy” applied] at the courts of appeal, and “A wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

As an appeals judge, Sotomayor has been a champion of the “disparate impact” doctrine. In Hayden v. Pataki, she wrote that felons doing time in prison should be allowed to vote because, Blacks and Latinos constituting a disproportionate share of the prison population, the denial of felons’ voting rights would be “race-based.” In Ricci v. DeStefano, she dismissed with one paragraph the racial discrimination lawsuit of 20 white firefighters against the city of New Haven, Conn. The city had thrown out the results of two Fire Department promotion tests that the plaintiffs had passed, because no black applicants had passed.

According to a dissenting judge, “The single-paragraph order issued by Sotomayor and her colleagues ignored over 1,800 pages of testimony and more than an hour of argument -- ignoring the facts of the case.”  But a Washington Times editorial pinned the ruinous swindle on a higher figure:

“Barack Obama's legacy is coming sharply into focus,” wrote Wesley Pruden. “He's out to transform ‘a nation of laws,’ once the pride of the Anglo-Saxon heritage and exemplar to the world, into ‘a nation of feelings.’ We won't need judges, just social workers damp with empathy”.


The looters’ coalition

The way it works, the looters build up the Body Snatchers, and the Body Snatchers reward the looters with access to the spoils of power. Thus, Harry Reid, one of the biggest looters in the US Senate (e.g. here and here) has recently praised President Obama with the words, “Obama’s heart is bigger than any heart in the world.” This may well be true, and one shudders for America.

Built on the defining lameness of the Western soul, Leviathan’s forward thrust is fueled by the emotion Body Snatchers invest in the idea of the state as a dispenser of empathy, equality and protection from the white people’s wickedness. This allows Snatcher State to foray ever forward in the search for more krill, i.e. more aliens, more Muslims to import, more African refugees to save, more taxpayer-financed transgender post-ops, more oppressive laws, more racial revanchist judges, more salaried positions for Pod social engineers, more growth of the monstrous blimp, and more taxes to pay for it all.

“The Obama administration has a $3.6 trillion 2010 budget. Its 2009 deficit will be $1.841 trillion,” writes Declan McCullagh at CBS News. “A recent poll asked Americans how many million are in a trillion. 21% knew.” 

In 1992, the U.S. federal, state and local government had 18.75 million (civilian) employees with a payroll of $43.1 billion. Just 14 years later, by 2006, the number of employees had grown by over 21%, to 22.75 million, and the payroll had grown by 73%, to $74.6 billion.

The average compensation per federal worker will go up by 3.5% to $75,419 in 2009, versus average compensation about 30% lower in the private sector and mounting unemployment.

On the local level, it’s the state and municipal employees’ unions whose sweetheart deals with Leviathan are the primary cause of bankruptcy for states like California and cities like New York. Even as both are raising taxes to match (with federal taxes added) the highest in Europe, the number of state employees in California has increased by more than a third since 1990, and public school janitors in New York make over $100,000 a year.

When looting by legal means is not viable, there are other means.

“Our democracy's going down the plughole with the Home Secretary's dirty bathwater”, writes Melanie Phillips. “Getting the taxpayer to reimburse them for eyeliner, plastic bags, nappies, mock Tudor beams, Maltesers, nail polish, plasma TVs, Christmas tree decorations, horse manure, bath plugs; and on and surreally on.”

Our favorite in this series, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who never saw a jihadi immigrant she didn’t like, claimed tax deductions for her husband's porn movies expenses. Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been a serial 'flipper', i.e. a practitioner of renovating one’s country estate and claiming it as the expense of maintaining one’s official little flat. MP Margaret Moran claimed £22,500 of taxpayers' money for treating dry rot in a house in Southampton, a long way from her constituency in Westminster. Communities Secretary Hazel Blears failed to pay capital gains tax on the sale of two properties -- the list is long and amusing, if it were not so indicative.

When the borders can no longer contain so much doing of good, Leviathan copulates with other Leviathans to spawn supranational super-whales, such as the European Union, or aggregates with groups of smaller whales like the UN and its mainspring, the 56-state Organization of the Islamic Conference.  Together, they form an impregnable ring around the Western autochthons trapped within, in Meccania (15). 

Each supranational tier requires the hiring of more people doing useless work, but useful because their handsome livelihood depends on Meccania. The European Commission alone has 54,000 employees (29,000 off the books) of whom 10,000 earn over 80,000 euro annually. The 745 members of the European Parliament earn up to €176,000 in salary and allowances, and do not overwork themselves.

It’s impossible to find out how many are employed at the United Nations, where a culture of impunity reigns. Claudia Rosett, who has done more than anyone to expose the degeneracy of that institution, estimates the number of UN’s employees at “somewhere in the six figures,” even though the official figure is 29,000. She pegs the UN’s annual expenditures at $30 billion, or more than 15 times its official “core budget” of $1.9 billion.

As to the grand looting at the UN that Rosett has been exposing layer by layer since the Oil-for-Food scandal, she has asked How Corrupt Is the United Nations?, and answered it memorably.

Ultimately, there is no whale. There is a class of people who make a splendid living by pulling levers behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz in Emerald City. And like that bamboozling impostor, they too come and go by a hot air balloon.

But between the useful Pod idiots, the replacement electorate of “minorities”, and the leftist parties and labor unions, this fake wizard does rule by the consent of the majority of the governed. And that is the central and terminal dilemma of modern democracy.

The Pods want to repair Reality so it be “fair.” Resident ethnic tribes want social services and a lifestyle unachievable in their original countries. The socialist parties want more power. The unions want more loot. Hateful groups ranging from radical feminists to communists to Greens to Salafist Muslims just want to destroy the West. The coalition they form has the same shape in every Western country.  They support Leviathan, and Leviathan supports them. As they grow, so does the beast.

In every Western country a coalitions of looters has seized power as a majority that preys on the autochthon minority under the pretext of being a minority standing up to a bigoted majority. In Europe, where there are ethno-nationalist (and mostly conservative) parties, all other parties and all MSM form a cordon sanitaire around them. Reduced to public protests, the untouchables are then subject to beatings and drowning in Antifa noise by fascist “youths” of the Muslim or socialist persuasion. This takes place inside a cordon policiaire of indifferent police. Snatcher State then picks off the leaders who survived the pogrom, like it has done repeatedly with the leaders of Vlaams Belang, for show trials. In a brilliant touch that the master himself, Lenin, would applaud, the fascists succeed by painting their victims as fascists.

Here we need another Russian word, kotiol, literally a cauldron but actually a strategic military concept employed by the Russians in battles such as Stalingrad. You surround them and then you pound them. While keeping a tight lid on the cauldron, you bring in more artillery to increase the crushing pressure to pulverizing and inescapable levels.

That is why Western ruling elites push constantly to enlarge the voting franchise not just to any clients, but to low-discernment, easily manipulable clients, e.g. teenagers and low-education resident and illegal aliens, who want the taxpayers’ money and have no ability to comprehend the long term consequences of their votes.

Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Register to Vote in Georgia, reads the official communiqué of the stunned State of Georgia (USA). Obama’s people have simply forbidden verification of the citizenship status of anyone who registers to vote in Georgia, citing the “disparate impact” doctrine. To translate this into kto kogo language, the BHO administration is willing to bus in voters straight from Guatemala, Jalisco, Yemen or Sudan to increase the number of Leviathan clients guaranteed to vote for the looters’ agenda. No wonder James Carville, one of the Democratic Party’s major tacticians, says, Democrats Will Dominate for 40 Years.

The Brussels Journal has documented a similar process going on in Belgium, and it’s the reason for the Government - Socialist – Muslim – Third World Immigrant alliance throughout the West.

But that’s just the beginning. Once you have this double enfilade set up, you crank up the pressure in the kotiol. For whatever share of the electorate remains that’s not clients old or new, you dumb down through content-free education full of self esteem, race, class and gender gibberish, revisionist History for Dummies, praising the glories of diversity, ceaseless condemnation of “racists”, compulsory introduction to the Religion of Peace, and audio-visual classes on the joys of the GLBT sex life. The dumb are easy to rule.

Then you wreck the economy through socialist policies, so that the headlines can read, “1 of every 6 dollars of Americans' income is government check or voucher.” Bingo; the cauldron is now a hermetic pressure cooker.

But even as Leviathan has swallowed its citizenry, willing and unwilling alike, its main enthusiasts will themselves be swallowed. Once the process of population replacement results in a majority of nonwhites, their inevitable Nashism will lead to a purge of the white Body Snatcher ruling elite. Like in the Bolshevik Revolution, Leviathan fattened on a diet of demographic change ultimately feeds on itself.


By then, Western Europe and United States will have already turned into a post-postmodern theme park. In erstwhile Fox and Hounds pubs renamed Salaam Aleikum, Britons who once formed a thin red line against barbarity will be serving halal root beer to throngs of thirsty Muslim colonizers coming out of gold-plated mosques after Dhuhr on sunny weekend afternoons. The Normans will be jousting in faux medieval armor for the benefit of Chinese tourists, and eight-generation American WASPs will be running the Mexican flag up the pole at the Alamo (17) in Davey Crockett costume.

For true prosperity is dependent not on the shuffling of phantom money but on technology and industry. To maintain the mirage of prosperity through global money shuffling you need 1000 men with an IQ of 140 and a black hole for a heart. We are now visiting the periphery of that black hole. But to do technology and industry, you need a population with a mean IQ of 100; universal, real high school education with math, science, language skills, history and geography; discipline, work ethic, ambition, faith and patriotism.

A very thin layer from the Indian subcontinent and Northeast Asia excepted, these conditions are not met by the new Western replacement population. Increasingly, that holds true also for the younger generations of autochthon Westerners -- shiftless socialist morons released from K-12 Snatcher farms oozing with self-esteem but with ambitions and capabilities no greater than enlarging the diameter of the plugholes in their earlobes and mastering the latest spastic move by some vertically integrated tycoon rapper with jeweled teeth.


When reality becomes taboo

It is fun to ridicule the sheer lunacy of the Body Snatchers. But in fact, the yin legumes are part of a motivated and cunning coalition phalanx. That phalanx has a masterly grasp of tactics, the morals of a wolverine and the size of Leviathan.

The Looter Coalition can run circles around its opposition because of its multiple, interlocking rings. The opposition is comprised of single-issue groups: counter-jihad, anti-socialists, traditionalists, anti-secularists etc. This is like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon trying to beat the evil Han in the hall of mirrors. Until the mirrors are broken, the underlying unity of the foe cannot be seen. The foe therefore cannot be defeated.

Those who are counter-jihad are pummeled not by jihadis but by socialists. Those who are anti-socialist are pummeled not by socialists but by immigrant demographics.  Those who are traditionalists are pummeled not by nihilists but by global capitalists. Those who are social conservatives are pummeled not by libertines but by the very symbol of rectitude, the Law. Those who are declining fertility activists will be defeated even if they succeed, for any number of Western children would still be compelled to spend 12 – 18 years turning into Pods in the Snatchers’ zombie farms. It’s in light of all this that I see the tactical retreat of Exodus.

When Reality becomes taboo, and fiction becomes an official totem, civilization has driven itself into a swamp. From then on, it’s the flotation coefficient of the lying totem versus the suction force of Reality’s swamp. That is a contest with only one possible outcome, as gravity and entropy work for the swamp. Unless the lie be smashed and the taboo repealed, that civilization must be sucked under.

The lying totem of equality and the taboo on discrimination cannot be smashed or repealed in time to save the West from its own folly. For they are not merely the Snatchers’ mental chip but are the engine of Leviathan itself.

What sort of awakening can still save Rotterdam, with 40% of its population foreign born and procreating at triple the rate of whites, one in eight a Muslim, 30 mosques and a Moroccan as mayor of the city? Nor will the U.S. that Barack and Rahm found in 2009 be the same in 2014.

Those who refuse to be sucked under have only one option: step outside the swamp and construct a new civilization. Or, as we glimpsed in Part 4, an Altneuland – a new civilization that restores and reinvigorates the old one.





(1) The basic analogy reverts to Part 1, where we cited the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the film, alien “Body Snatchers” produce giant legume Pods that replace living people while appearing to be identical to them. From the Pods develop the new Body Snatchers who cultivate further Pods etc. I use these terms interchangeably, usually preferring Pods as a catchall term, and anti-Pod as the antithesis of Pod.

(2) To avoid my meaning being snatched by fools and racial provocateurs, it’s necessary to restate that I use terms like “whites,” “white people,” “Euro-people” etc. to denote anyone descended from a people living in Europe for at least the last 1200 years.

(3) E.g., Laurence Auster’s website has frequent postings about rapes and murders of young white women in the U.S., whom feminist and multiculti dogmas prevent from seeing Reality with respect to risky behavior versus males in general, and rape-prone “minorities” in particular. Recent case here.

(4) I use the terms “Snatchland” and “Snatcher State” to denote all contemporary nations founded and inhabited by people of Western-European origin. All of them have ruling elites following a multicultural, self-erasing dogma of such obvious madness that only the horror fiction of Invasion of the Body Snatchers seems adequate for interpreting this phenomenon.

(5) There were 310,807 legal Muslims in Switzerland according to a 2001 census.

(6) Cambodia’s population in 1975 was between 7.1 and 7.2 million. There are several different estimates of the number of the Khmer Rouge’s victims, with the highest being 3 million and the lowest being 800,000. Taking a middle figure of 1.9 million as a basis, between 1975 and 1979 Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge murdered 26% of the Cambodian population.

(7) Recently, Fjordman delved into this issue in detail here.

(8) Heads of the dreaded Soviet NKVD, predecessor of KGB, in the 1930s and 1940s.

(9) We explored this concept in The 50-50- solution chapter of Part 3

(10) E.g. the sociologists Alejandro Portes and Rubén G. Rumbaut found out [in a Nashism-inspired pro-immigration report at that] that the crime rate of Hispanic perpetrators in the US is eight times higher among the second generation than the first one. A look at any TV news footage of rioting “youth” in Europe, and personal data of apprehended resident Muslim terrorist make for a similar conclusion as to inter-generational immigrant crime patterns in Europe. Some academic confirmations of the universality of this phenomenon have been published.

(11) These, minus my bracketed comment, are the words of the Dutch judicial powers in justifying their decision to prosecute Geert Wilders

(12) Racism is defined as "each form of distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, which has or may have as its aim or consequence that the recognition, the enjoyment or exercise on an equal footing of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social or cultural sphere or in other areas of social life, is destroyed, affected or restricted."

(13) The ratio ranges from 18% to 41%, depending on the type of felony. Blacks are 13% of America’s population.

(14) Not all female or female minority judges are like that, but when they are not, they are invisible to the Body Snatcher elite. President Bush’s nomination of a black conservative female judge, Janice Rogers Brown, was stalled by US Senate Democrats for two years until her confirmation in 2005.

(15) I defined Meccania in Part 1 as “Eurabia and Multimerica [merged] into one ideological superstate.”  The name is taken from Gregory Owen’s 1918 sci-fi book,  Meccania, the Super-State, though 90 years later is has the Islamic connotation too that was irrelevant then.

(16) At a recent Tea Party transmitted by Fox TV from the Alamo in San Antonio, a large Mexican flag was undulating in the breeze right in front of the host, Glenn Beck. Neither the “extreme right wing” Mr. Beck nor any of his “conservative” guests voiced any objection.

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